Uzaki Chan Haters And How This Anime Girl Is STILL Causing Controversy |
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Uzaki Chan Haters, And How This Anime Girl Is STILL Causing Controversy

Uzaki Chan Wants To Hang Out. This anime was controversial from the beginning.

Well, what I should say is the manga was controversial from the beginning.

That’s where the Uzaki Chan haters stem from.

It all started back October 2019, when a known account started crying about Uzaki Chan’s bloodrive donation campaign.

This is a campaign The Japanese Red Cross runs every few years…. To SAVE lives.

An American who moved to Japan tried to “preach” about how other cultures should follow the western rhetoric.

That was the gist of the controversy at first.

This continued into January 2020 where lives were put at risk, all for the sake of trying to force Japan to “change” Uzaki Chan, despite the fact it was saving lives.

The manga then got adapted later into an anime as a “middle finger” to the toxic feminists on Twitter.


And now Uzaki Chan has “new” haters during lockdown

uzaki chan haters twitter | uzaki chan haters twitter 1 |

“F*ck this b*tch i hate her she looks like a stupid f*cking grandma what r u gonna do b*tch? Make me cookies? Hope uzaki chan gets dementia i hate her so much. I DONT want to hang out i want to MURDER YOU.” – Random guy on Twitter

The sad, toxic thing about it is this is actually for real. And it’s far from the only person who’s saying these types of things.

It’s just another example of how toxic the anime community can be, more so because of culture vultures and SJW’S.


Why Uzaki Chan has so many haters:

uzaki chan funny meme |

Source: Reddit.

This is the reason why Uzaki Chan is hated so much in a nutshell.

For some reason, when an anime character has “big boobs”, a feature that’s VERY true to real life, the loud minority comes crashing down on the anime community.

They then go out of their way to put others down and make false accusations to feel better about their own “hidden” insecurities and life issues.

Anime these days is used as a diversion from these people’s problems, and so it’s criticized to the point of insanity. By the same people who spend no time solving issues in the “real” world.


uzaki chan SUGOI DEKAI |

Another one of the reasons for the Uzaki Chan haters is how she behaves towards Sakurai Shinichi.

In the anime – Uzaki Chan is seen being a “pest” to Sakurai, and he even says it himself in one scene.

sakurai shinichi uzaki chan |

But for some reason – this is driving some people so mad they’re poisoning anime Twitter with their toxic comments.

This is part of the plot, and it’s “supposed” to evolve into both main characters warming to each other… But not to the point of the anime being a full on romance.

Uzaki’s “teasing” is an indirect indicator of her romantic interest in Sakurai.

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Uzaki Chan from an “artist’s” point of view

uzaki chan from an artists perspective 2 |

An artist on Twitter went out of their way to point out the proportions of Uzaki Chan’s design.

Turns out it’s realistic (you don’t say), even though “realism” was never the point to begin with… Because it’s anime.

It’s a productive point on the artist’s part.


A real life comparison

yuna twitter uzaki comparison anime |

Another live example that shutdown haters irrational, hateful and toxic viewpoints in the west.

Westerners of this kind act like the world revolves around them, which is false equivalence at its finest.


Anime is a source of “insecurity” for a minority of women

In the last couple of years I’ve observed it for myself.

In the USA more than any other country, a loud minority of women compare themselves to anime girls.

It’s the reason there’s only outrage when a female character has “big boobs”, and never when the character is smaller than a double D.

Also – when anime like Shield Hero portray truths relating to double standards, this same loud minority (and #metoo soldiers) attack anime in droves.

Not all female fans are this way, but the loud minority makes it “seem” as if it’s true.

Does Uzaki Chan deserve the hate?

Speak your mind if you have something to say.



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