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9+ Anime Shows Like Redo Of Healer With Gore, Horror, And Fantasy

Redo Of Healer is an anime that caused controversy when it was announced. With Anime News Network being the first to start it publicly.

With a story focusing on revenge in the forms of rape, abuse, torture, and other inhumane acts, it’s bound to rub people the wrong way.

That said, if you have context or are watching this anime, this list is for you.

Let’s get started.


Anime like Redo Of Healer:


1. The Rising Of The Shield Hero

Naofumi Iwatani s the protagonist of this Isekai series. And he has a similar situation to the main character of Redo Of Healer.

Naofumi is innocent and not a bad person at all. But that changes when Myne, one of the most hated characters of all time, decides to pin a false rape allegation against Naofumi.

This causes the whole kingdom to turn against him because they believe her false allegation at face value without evidence.

This makes Shield Hero a unique anime, highlighting a real-life issue in the west. And the story and plot that follows from this point are well laid out.

Naofumi gets revenge and becomes a colder person as a result of his painful experiences.


2. Akame Ga Kill

Akame Ga Kill shares a lot of similarities to Redo Of Healer. It’s dark world where everything is messed up after all.

In Akame Ga Kill, an assassin group called Night Raid forms to take down the corrupt government, murder all of its political members, and bring about a revolution.

Along the way, you see vengeance take place, people being experimented on like animals, abuse, serial killings and more.

It’s the perfect anime for anyone watching Redo Of Healer. And is a good transition from the anime.


3. World’s End Harem

World’s End Harem is another controversial anime series for 2021, besides Redo Of Healer. And they share a few similarities because of it.

In this anime, the plot is simple. One man remains and is the only man to survive after the population started dying off. And his mission is to Impregnate women for humanity’s survival.

You can already see the controversy here and where the story goes.

“Harem” defines this anime. And sexual themes is what connects this show to Redo Of Healer.

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4. Claymore

Claymore is an underrated anime series, by Madhouse studios. It’s about claymore’s, female warriors who are half human, half demon (yoma).

They’re designed to kill full-blooded demons to protect humans, and that’s all there is to their existence.

It’s a depressing anime when you look at the actual theme under the surface.

In one scene – a human tries to “rape” one of the main characters… Because Claymores are forbidden from attacking humans. Even if they try to harm Claymore’s.

Savage and brutal with some similarities to Redo Of Healer.

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5. The Legend Of The Legendary Heroes

The Legend Of The Legendary Heroes is an adventure/historical type of series. Especially with its designs and timeline.

The main character is lazy and laid back but smart and cunning. He’d rather not work and take it easy and tends to question a lot of things.

The timeline and setting are like Redo Of Healer. There’s magic, brutality, savagery, and violence on another level. That’s laid out from the very first episode.


6. Goblin Slayer

YouTube video

Goblin Slayer is an obvious choice for a similar anime series. All you’ve got to do is remember or look at the 1st episode.

The controversial 1st episode of Goblin Slayer involves goblin’s taking a woman to a cave and, well, trying to rape her. Those kinds of extremes.

The type of extreme that’s bound to provoke a negative reaction.

After the dramatic 1st episode, the anime tones down the violence a lot, and it becomes more of a violent-ish adventure series. With guilds and all that good stuff.

The main character is a lot different to Redo Of Healers though.

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7. Fate Zero

Fate Zero is nothing like any other fate series. It’s the most violent, brutal, and disturbed of all fate anime ever created.

Serial killers on the loose, child abductions and murders, and other equally dark themes appear in the anime. But it’s more than just that.

The plot is about a holy grail war where the winner gets to make whatever wish they want But only after fighting other challengers and beating or killing them.

It’s a good transition anime for anyone interested in magic anime and Redo Of Healer in particular.



GATE is an Isekai anime with a strong military focus and action. Romance isn’t a big thing here.

After a gate opens up in Japan, the military, after being at war with those defending it, decides to go through it. And are transported to another world.

Elves, mages, and other types of people exist in this world. And it’s eventually followed by violence, murder, and a desire to take over this new world.

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9. Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied is a classic anime series in the horror genre, and it even has some romance. The messed up kind of romance.

Lucy, the main character, is a Diclonius. A human invention with vectors that can rip apart anything it touches.

Lucy escapes the laboratory she’s held captive in, and slaughters almost everyone who tries to get in her way. And that kicks off the anime’s plot.

The humans who created her are now trying to hunt down and kill her. The anime highlights the hypocrisy and evil that humans are able to commit.

There’s also themes of child abuse and other strong themes throughout this anime. With nudity and strong language thrown into it.


Other Similar Anime:

  • Berserk.
  • Higurashi.
  • Btooom!
  • Log Horizon.



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Redo of Healer Characters, And The Role They Play In The Controversial Plot!

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