11+ Problematic Anime Ships That Are Toxic, Fan Made, Or Canon (1)

11+ Problematic Anime Ships That Are Toxic, Fan-Made, Or Canon

Problematic anime ships, or ships that are just toxic are common in the anime community. Though they’re more common among fanart than anime itself.

Sometimes it’s a result of:

  • Bad behavior.
  • Conflict of personalities.
  • Characters being evil.
  • one character abusing the other.
  • Manipulation and toxic relationships.

Or in the case of fanart, outright questionable and f*cked up ships mirroring child abuse or child-adult relationships.

Fanart is the worst for this when it comes to ships and it doesn’t help when it’s on Twitter from time to time.

Here’s a list of SHIPS that reflect these points.


1. Eri x Overhaul (My Hero Academia)

eri x overhaul ship 1

I used normal pictures instead, because the fanart is sickening.

You can already see how disgusting this ship is. And this is a result of nutjobs who make fanart of both of these characters.

This has nothing to do with the anime itself.

Eri is literally a kid not even 10 years old. Overhaul is a Yakuza villain old enough to be her brother.

These types of ships are nasty, problematic, and it’s why the My Hero Academia fandom can be so toxic.


2. Yuno x Amano (Future Diary)

amano x yuno future diary

Yuno Gasai has a battered past. Growing up she’s abused, verbally and physically by parents. Even locked inside a cage for being seen as a pest.

Naturally, Yuno Gasai becomes a violent disturbed, and mentally unhealthy person.

It’s why she stalks Amano Yuki.

It’s also why she forces Amano to be in a relationship with her, because Yuno is starved for love, attention and validation.

Stockholm Syndrome kicks in on Amano’s part, and their relationship unsurprisingly becomes one no one should admire.

It’s problematic from the start, and it finishes that way as well because of how broken these characters are.

Yuno especially.

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3. Light x Misa (Death Note)

Light x Misa death note

Light Yagami, aka Kira is the main anti-hero of the series. After receiving the Death Note his seemingly boring life starts to get interesting.

He becomes arrogant, forms a god complex, and becomes society’s judge. Playing the role of God, literally.

Later on this personality and twisted sense of justice inspires a cult of followers. One of them being Misa Amane.

Misa becomes Light Yagami’s girlfriend and she does anything he tells her to. Even if it’s to her own detriment.

It’s a case of blind loyalty with love at the center, and of course – Light Yagami pulling her strings like a puppet and using her for his selfish benefit.

Entertaining to watch, but not the role model type of couples you’d look up to.


4. Makoto x Katsura (School Days)

Makoto x Katsura romance

Makoto Itou from School Days is basically the opposite of Yuki Amano. He’s vile, cunning, savage, selfish, and doesn’t give a flying fuck.

With all the attention he gets from girls, the long and short of it is he manipulates situations to his advantage, and even cheats on his girlfriend callously.

Most of all, he doesn’t have a lick of empathy. He enjoys it and essentially brags about his position and the choices he makes.

Unsurprisingly it’s easy to see why Makoto x Katsura, or any other girl close to Makoto is toxic and problematic.

Given how this anime ends and what goes down in between, it’s not surprising from a Karma point of view. And is only expected.

Poking a lion will eventually get you what you’re asking for.

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5. Saito x Louise (The Familiar Of Zero)

Saito x Louise the familiar of zero

Saito is a seemingly normal guy in unfortunate circumstances. He’s summoned into a world he has no idea about, let alone how it works.

He’s summoned against his will by Louise, a princess in this new world. And is then forced to do whatever she expects of him.

In the early stages of this anime, Louise’s Tsundere trope is driven to the extreme. Not surprising since she’s one of the original 4 Tsundere Wonders.

Saito is:

  • Beaten.
  • Abused.
  • Whipped (literally).
  • Controlled.

And the beatings are to the point of leaving marks on his body.

Later on they suddenly become a couple, a genuine ship that’s canon, and all is well in the world and the romance between them.

It’s one of the craziest ships ever made in anime, and one that shows a disturbed double standard as well.

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6. Sakura x Sasuke (Naruto)

Sakura x Sasuke naruto

Sakura x Sasuke shouldn’t be a surprise, even in 2021. This ship is one of the most famous, and is still talked about to this day.

Let’s start with Sakura. She’s a naive girl in the early stages of Naruto, and this is during the time fans hate her guts the most.

She runs after Sasuke like a lapdog, and even takes all the abuse Sasuke dishes out to her on a plate.

All Sakura see’s is love, and it’s blind to a toxic, self depreciating degree. She’s not a Yandere, but it goes so far beyond that trope it’s in its own universe.

And then you have Sasuke of course. He’s my favorite character from Naruto, but that doesn’t change their relationship in general.

Sasuke settled for Sakura even though he tried killing her in Naruto.

The writers of Naruto threw them together for the sake of it, and the aftermath of that decision speaks for itself as far as problematic.

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7. Deku x All Might (My Hero Academia)

deku x all might mha wtf 1

Unsurprisingly we have My Hero Academia on the list again. In fact there’s so many messed up ships in this series I could do an article on it.

Deku doesn’t need an introduction, we know who he is and we know his age, and his interests.

All Might is his teacher, his mentor, the guy who gave Deku a chance at living his dreams and becoming the hero he always wanted to be.

Pairing these 2 up is akin to pairing up a father and their child. It’s disgusting in more ways than one.

An unfortunate result of the most toxic parts of the MHA and anime fandom.


8. Keyaru x Freya (Redo Of Healer)

Keyaru x Freya redo of healer

Keyaru s Freya is one of the worst and most toxic ships for obvious reasons.

Redo Of Healer is an anime about:

  • R*pe.
  • Abuse.
  • Colonialism.
  • Pillaging.

And some of the worst crimes and actions a human being could ever take part in.

The main character Keyaru is r*ped, abused, chained, drugged, and more multiple times against his will. This drives him to do the same, and then WIPES the memory of the woman who did it to him.

Then he makes that woman his girlfriend, pretty much. And that’s how the “ship” came to be.

The anime does a good job of exposing double standards, but the ship in particular is obviously questionable.


9. Satou x Shio (Happy Sugar Life)

Satou x Shio happy sugar life

Satou Matsuzaka is a girl who’s been denied love, affection, and the “normal” way of being treated growing up as a child.

Her auntie’s version of love is twisted, and so Satou internalizes it.

As a result, Satou falls in love with a child called Shio after giving her a home to stay since she was homeless.

That’s how Satou x Shio exists as a ship.

Fundamentally it’s messed up, we’re talking about a 6-7 year old child. And overall it’s an unhealthy relationship based on characters with an unhealthy way of growing up as children.


10. Levi x Eren (Attack On Titan)

levi x eren attack on titan 1

Levi x Eren is more popular than I’d like to believe, but that’s because of how famous Attack On Titan is as an anime.

Eren is the “kill all titans” guy, at least in the beginning. And he’s aggressive towards that goal. Sometimes to the point of stupidity.

Levi Ackerman on the other hand while cold and aloof, is one of the most competent characters. And in some ways, sadistic and violent (towards Eren at first).

However this ship came to be it’s already questionable, weird, and for the majority who pair them up – outright twisted.

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11. Esdeath x Tatsumi (Akame Ga Kill)

Esdeath x Tatsumi akame ga kill e1637678095863

Esdeath x Tatsumi is an obvious ship for many reasons. Esdeath is a hottie, and people love her character and design despite her sadistic, war-driven lifestyle.

She’s cruel, a savage, and one with enough bloodshed to kill, murder, and steal if it means being paid to do it. Or even out of sheer pleasure for fighting.

Tatsumi runs into Esdeath in the anime, legitimately, and she tries to force him to be in a relationship with her.

This ship isn’t problematic for the typical reasons, but more for how Esdeath is as a person, especially in comparison to Tatsumi.


Honorable Mentions:

  • Bakugo x Deku (My Hero Academia).
  • Pico x Tamotsu (Boku No Pico).
  • Gon x Hisoka (Huner x Hunter).
  • Misaki x Akihiko (Junjou Romantica).


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