10+ Anime Shows That May Disgust Fans And Especially Outsiders

Setsuna Blushing Redo Of Healer

Not all anime shows are gonna please everyone, and not all anime are meant to be watched and enjoyed by the majority of people.

That can be because of its content, its ratings, a mix of both, or some other themes that repulse people.

Some shows will give you fan service, nothing wrong with that. Some will go deep, be a little disturbing, and whatever else where relevant.

But the anime shows in this post are the ones that are:

  • Extremely uncomfortable.
  • Dark.
  • Controversial.
  • May spark outrage.
  • Challenge conventional beliefs.
  • And have shock value for the sake of it.

Let’s talk about these anime.


1. Dog & Scissors

dog and scissors weird anime

Dog & Scissors is one of the strangest anime shows I’ve ever seen. I ended up finding it by accident.

The main character dies and is reborn as a dog within the same world, so it’s no Isekai. But as a dog he’s not able to communicate as normal.

One girl, the other protagonist learns of this and falls in love with him knowing he’s a human in a dogs body.

She has a fetish for it.

She’s also a sadist and the anime is basically a so called “comedy” that expresses her deranged affection for the dog.

Easy to see why some would take issue with it.


2. Berserk (1997)

YouTube video

Berserk is like an old school version of Redo Of Healer (for its extreme content). It’s a classic that plenty of fans hold close to their heart.

While the quality in the manga has always been best, the anime does highlight uncomfortable topics.

  • R*pe
  • Abuse
  • Extreme violence
  • Pain

And it does it in a way a lot of anime can’t speak of. Especially considering it’s not made for shock value or to fill out a checklist.

Berserk is likely to offend outsiders more than anything. If it originally came out today, the Twitter mob would go…. berserk.


3. Happy Sugar Life

satou chan and shio

Happy Sugar Life isn’t a trashy anime with a clickbait style of writing. That makes it different to some anime on this list.

It’s about Satou Matsuzaki, and her twisted love for a 6-7 year old child who makes her life “complete”.

Weirdos, perversion on a whole new level, r*pe, sexual assault, being abandoned…. This anime explores some f*cked up shit on a deep level.

It’s a psychological anime after all.

Not everyone feels this anime is disturbed or whatever, but the fact is the main character falls in love with a child.

Though that’s NOT even the worst of what makes parts of this series “disgusting”.

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4. Boku No Pico

boku no pico disgusting anime

This anime is undisputed. So many anime fans wouldn’t be caught dead watching this, or being associated with it.

Boku No Pico is legendary for all the wrong reasons. I mean, It’s basically “little boy” hentai, or close to it.

The awful ratings are well deserved, but the disgusting content (and memes) are undeniable.


5. Redo Of Healer

flare redo of healer revenge evil

There are obviously many who think it’s f*cked up and most of all uncomfortable. Redo Of Healer is that kind of revenge anime.

I’m a neutral kinda guy in general, so I see both ends of the stick without being bias. Meaning the main male character is raped, drugged, abused, and the girl who puts the MC through that trauma gets her karma.

But both are wrong, immoral and unethical. Even barbaric. So it’s no surprise why this anime is on the list.

It’s hands down one of the more controversial, daring anime the industry has ever seen.

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6. Pupa

anime gif pupa horror

This horror series is all kinds of wrong.

Pupa is the type of series that does everything in its power to make you sick, disgusted, and horrified by what’s happening.

It takes shock value to a new level. But that’s why the anime is one of the worst rated of all time.

May as well have been made in a back alley and pretty much everyone agrees with that. Which shows how bad it is.

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7. Goblin Slayer

goblin slayer anime episode 1

I hesitate to say Goblin Slayer since it was non anime fans outraging about it. SJW’S, feminists, etc. They were pissed and didn’t shy away from showing it.

But…. For the 1st episode at least, I’d say there’s a small portion of anime fans who are disgusted by it.

I can’t say how many or that it’s too many. Other than the first episode, Goblin Slayer is pretty light weight though.

The 1st episode gives off the wrong impression by how dramatic it is.

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8. Kissxsis

kissxsis photo

Kissxsis is incest anime. That by itself speaks for me without needing to say much.

It’s not just an incest anime though, it’s an Ecchi series with incest between brothers and sisters.

The very first episode doesn’t shy away from that or pretend to be anything else. And neither does any of the following episodes throughout the series.

Some fans swear by it, and it’s one of their “guilty pleasure” anime.


9. An Angel Flew Down On Me

an angel flew down on me anime series

An Angel Flew Down On Me is an anime with a female pedo as a main character. The plot is dressed up as comedy to make a joke out of it.

We all know what would happen if the shoe was on the other foot in terms of double standards.

The plot and how it plays out is straightforward, and it’s easy to see why some fans or people will take issue with it.

It’s surprisingly rated highly, at least when you consider the context.


10. Eromanga Sensei

eromanga sensei siblings

Eromanga Sensei is one of the trashiest anime shows to release in the last decade.

It’s like KissxSis in a way, but it has a different-ish style to it.

Basically it’s about a sibling relationship and the fan service, jokes, comedy, and Ecchi that comes with it.

The dialogue being a “diet” version of what you’d see with Shimoneta or Seitokai.


What other anime might put someone off?

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