15 Quirky Quotes From My Neighbor Totoro For Studio Ghibli Fans

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  • Yasuko Kusakabe.
  • Tatsuo Kusakabe.
  • Nanny (Kanta’s Grandma).

My Neighbor Totoro is a classic anime movie by Studio Ghilbi. A legend in the industry.

As a family orientated anime, there’s a lot of heartwarming, meaningful quotes between the Kusakabe family of characters.

Let’s share some of those and start off this post.


The Best List Of My Neighbor Totoro Quotes:


1. Mei Kusakabe Quotes

Mei Kusakabe quotes

“To-to-ro? You’re Totoro!… I bet you’re Totoro…” – Mei Kusakabe


Mei Kusakabe quotes 1

“Can some ghosts live upstairs?” – Mei Kusakabe


Mei Kusakabe quotes 2

“Do you like spirits, mommy? Even fuzzy ones?” – Mei Kusakabe


2. Tatsuo Kusakabe Quotes

tatsuo kusakabe quotes

“Everybody, try laughing. Then whatever scares you will go away!” – Tatsuo Kusakabe


tatsuo kusakabe quotes 1

“Trees and people used to be good friends. I saw that tree and decided to buy the house. Hope Mom likes it too.” – Tatsuo Kusakabe


tatsuo kusakabe quotes 2

“I also believe that you met the King of the Forest, Mei, and meeting him is a sign of good luck. But there’s no guarantee that you’ll see him all the time.” – Tatsuo Kusakabe


tatsuo Kusakabe quotes 5

“That’s wonderful. Good for you! I’ve always wanted to have a haunted house. It’s been my lifelong dream!” – Tatsuo Kusakabe


tatsuo kusakabe quotes 4

“Well, ghosts are a lot harder to see. But when you suddenly move from a lighted room to a dark one, you can’t see for a second, and that’s when the dust bunnies come out.” – Tatsuo Kusakabe

3. Satsuki Kusakabe Quotes

satsuki kusakabe quotes

“Totoro, I beg you, please protect Mei. She’ll be lost, and probably scared. Please believe me, I’ll be good for the rest of my life if I can just see her again.” – Satsuki Kusakabe


satsuki kusakabe quotes 1

“I hate boys! But I love Nanny’s food better than anything else in the whole wide world.” – Satsuki Kusakabe


satsuki kusakabe quotes 2

“We thought you might not be too happy about the house being filled with spooks.” – Satsuki Kusakabe


4. Nanny (Kanta’s Grandma)

Nanny quotes my neighbor totoro

“It isn’t the end of the world. Your old Nanny’s here to help. Let’s see that beautiful smile.” – Kanta’s Grandma


Nanny quotes my neighbor totoro 1

“If we all keep smiling, the sprites may gradually go away and leave this place alone. Yes, I’m sure that somewhere up in that ceiling, they’re busily discussing plans for leaving the house.” – Kanta’s Grandma


5. Yasuko Kusakabe Quotes

yasuko kusakabe quotes

“Well, I’m not sure, but I could’ve sworn that I saw both of the girls up in the treetop, laughing.” – Yasuko Kusakabe


yasuko kusakabe quotes 1

“You’d better be careful after I get home, because I intend to spoil them rotten for a while.” – Yasuko Kusakabe


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