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The Greatest List Of GoSick Quotes For Fans Of The Anime

GoSick anime quotes taken from characters:

  • Kazuya Kujo.
  • Victorique de Blois.

GoSick is a psychological series produced by Studio Bones. The same studio behind My Hero Academia and Scrapped Princess.

GoSick has a similar character to Death Note in the “intelligence” department. Like a female version of L who plays a similar role.

If you want quotes from the anime, this is the best list you’ll find.

Here they are.


1. Kazuya Kujo Quotes

“I’ve never seen such a creative hairstyle!” – Kazuya Kujo


“You’ve really got to hold on to what’s important to you.” – Kazuya Kujo


2. Victorique De Blois Quotes

“I’ll take fragments from the chaos of this world… and using the fountain of wisdom inside me, will reconstruct them into truth.” – Victorique De Blois


“He’s the owner of the oddest hair in all of Sauville.” – Victorique De Blois


“On the one hand, humans seek out new stimuli with insatiable desire. On the other, they’re also odd creatures that value old and very rare things.” – Victorique De Blois


“The gush from my fountain of wisdom told me.” – Victorique De Blois


“You were chosen as a single fragment with which I will fill up my boredom.” – Victorique De Blois

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