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The Greatest List Of GoSick Quotes For Fans Of The Anime

gosick anime wallpaper
Avatar of Theo J Ellis

GoSick anime quotes taken from characters:

  • Kazuya Kujo.
  • Victorique de Blois.

GoSick is a psychological series produced by Studio Bones. The same studio behind My Hero Academia and Scrapped Princess.

GoSick has a similar character to Death Note in the “intelligence” department. Like a female version of L who plays a similar role.

If you want quotes from the anime, this is the best list you’ll find.

Here they are.


1. Kazuya Kujo Quotes

kazuya kujo quotes

“I’ve never seen such a creative hairstyle!” – Kazuya Kujo


kazuya kujo quotes 1

“You’ve really got to hold on to what’s important to you.” – Kazuya Kujo


2. Victorique De Blois Quotes

victorique De Blois quotes

“I’ll take fragments from the chaos of this world… and using the fountain of wisdom inside me, will reconstruct them into truth.” – Victorique De Blois


victorique De Blois quotes 1

“He’s the owner of the oddest hair in all of Sauville.” – Victorique De Blois


victorique De Blois quotes 2

“On the one hand, humans seek out new stimuli with insatiable desire. On the other, they’re also odd creatures that value old and very rare things.” – Victorique De Blois


victorique De Blois quotes 3

“The gush from my fountain of wisdom told me.” – Victorique De Blois


victorique De Blois quotes 4

“You were chosen as a single fragment with which I will fill up my boredom.” – Victorique De Blois

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