7 Anime Shows That Will Make You Laugh Until Your Stomach Hurts

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What makes an anime show funny anyway?

The truth is: What makes an anime show funny to me is different for some people.

Because it’s all subjective and based on our own opinions.

While keeping that in mind, there’s something else you should keep in mind too…

Which is: You won’t find typical comedy anime’s within this post. So don’t expect obvious anime shows like Gintama, Nozaki Kun or The Devil Is A Part Timer.

Endless amounts of anime blogs have covered it to death, and we intend to do things different here.

So let’s get to it!


7 Anime Shows That Will Make You Laugh Until Your Stomach Hurts


1. Lucky Star

Anime Shows That Will Make You Laugh Until Your Stomach Hurts
All 4 main Lucky star characters. – Wallpaperup.com

Lucky Star is one of the first of many anime shows I’ve watched. Especially in the “comedy” genre of anime.

It’s an anime I heard a handful of fans mention, and so I gave it a try.

At first I didn’t know what to make of it, but I was hooked in no time at all.

Lucky Star is a comedy/slice of life series focused on Konata (an Otaku) and her 3 class mates.

Believe it or not they’re all in their late teens.

Unlike other anime’s Lucky Star has no real plot or story to follow. But that’s what makes it so refreshing.

And when the humor hits it hits pretty damn hard. Most of it is focused around Otaku/gaming culture.

And just, well… Random events that are full of surprises which makes it so hilarious.

I also love the comedic references to other anime’s (and real life things) mentioned in Lucky Star that add to the humor.

Even after watching so many more comedy anime’s, there’s not many I’d rate above Lucky Star for humor.

It had me laughing until my stomach hurt (literally).


2. Masamune Kun No Revenge

Anime Shows That Will Make You Laugh Until Your Stomach Hurts
Masamune and Aki Adagaki.

Released in 2017, Masamune Kun No Revenge is about exactly that: Revenge.

It’s an anime series within the comedy/school/romance genre.

The story focuses on Masamune, the main character who wants revenge against a girl that hurt his feelings.

This happened when he was fat and overweight as a kid.

The funniest thing about this anime series for me is the inner-dialogue. Meaning that “inner voice” you hear when an anime character is thinking.

At first I wasn’t sure of what to make of Masamune Kun No Revenge. And the last 2 episodes disappointed a little.

But not enough for me to not LOVE this anime series.

I laughed all the way through and still smile at the thought of this anime series. And it’s by far on my top list of comedy anime shows I’d recommend to anyone.

Especially if you’re into school/romance types of anime’s with a twist.


3. Nodame Cantabile

Anime Shows That Will Make You Laugh Until Your Stomach Hurts

Nodame Cantabile is a music/slice of life anime mixed in with comedy and romance.

And was released before the likes of music anime’s like Your Lie In April. 2007 to be exact.

I always say if an anime series can draw me in from the first episode, it’s worth watching till the end.

And most of the time I’m not wrong when this happens.

This anime focuses on two main characters: Megumi Noda and Shinichi Chiaki. So the story/plot and names are easy to follow and remember.

Both characters are super passionate about music. And almost each episode gives you something to laugh at along their musical journey.

It’s pretty unconventional as far as what you see in the average slice of life anime. Or even comedy anime’s these days.

And the realistic lifestyle’s, bad habits and such are showcased pretty damn well.

To me that’s what makes so many moments in Nodame Cantabile so hilarious and powerful at the same time.

If you’re up for a good laugh packed with a great story, I can’t recommend this anime enough.

It’s almost perfect.


4. Full Metal Panic Fumoffu

Anime Shows That Will Make You Laugh Until Your Stomach Hurts

This side-story of Full Metal Panic caught me by surprise like a birthday present.

Full Metal Panic Fumoffu is a “comedy” version of the original Full Metal Panic series.

Which is in the mecha/military genre.

It’s not often I watch Mecha anime’s, but Full Metal Panic has sparked my interest.

The humor in this show is almost perfect for me. And I can’t believe how hilarious the show turned out to be.

It’s focused on the two main characters: Kaname Chidori and Sousuke Sagara.

Kaname is a student council president in danger of being kidnapped. And Sousuke is a trained assassin who s goal is to protect Kaname Chidori.

If you decide to watch this anime, i should warn you: It’s best to watch Full Metal Panic season 1 and 2 first.

Fumoffu is an “extra” add on to the series. And won’t make any sense unless you’ve watched the originals.

Watch it in that order and the humor in “Fumoffu” will make sense.

And you’ll no doubt be laughing your ass off from start to finish.


5. K-On

Anime Shows That Will Make You Laugh Until Your Stomach Hurts

Just a silly anime show filled with MOE girls who are too Kawaii for their own good, right?

A skeptical anime fan might think that… And I guess I wouldn’t blame you. But hear me out.

K-On is a slice of life/music anime show featuring 4 main characters (eventually 5).

They form their own after school music club to pursue their musical interests while studying in college.

The story may not be original, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s all about how well planned out it is.

K-On is one of the funniest anime shows I’ve seen and one of few I’ve rated 10/10.

You don’t just get to laugh until your stomach hurts (or until you choke). K-On is more than that.

You get to see the lives of 5 college students, their personalities, dreams, hopes and work ethic.

Alongside their interests, challenges and so much more that makes K-On such a classic show.

And even emotional at certain points of the series.

If you want a “cute” version of Nodame Cantabile or Your Lie In April, I’d recommend K-On.

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6. Hyperdimension Neptunia

Anime Shows That Will Make You Laugh Until Your Stomach Hurts

Hyperdimension Neptunia is originally based off a Sony Play-station video game. Adapted into an anime back in 2013.

It’s in the comedy/parody genre mixed in with Sci-Fi and supernatural.

As I’ve mentioned in another post, Hyperdimension Neptunia isn’t my favorite anime series.

So why mention it in this list? Because while it’s not the BEST, it’s one of the funniest anime’s I’ve seen.

The dialogue had me laughing out loud like I was an insane person. And some of the lines the characters come out with are genius.

It’s hard for me to NOT think of Hyperdimension when I think about comedy anime’s.

Humor is Hyperdimension’s strongest trait besides it’s strong visuals and English dubbing.

And that’s why It would be wrong of me to not recommend Hyperdimension Neptunia on this list.

Don’t expect the greatest of story-lines, but DO expect to laugh from start to finish.

You might find this anime more appealing if you’re a gamer in particular.

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7. Chuunibyou

Anime Shows That Will Make You Laugh Until Your Stomach Hurts

Chuunibyou definition:

Chuunibyou describes a delusional person who thinks they have special powers that no one else has.

And that definition describes the main focus behind Chuunibyou. A slice of life/comedy anime series.

The two main characters started out believing they have supernatural powers. 

And one of the main characters: Rika Takanashi still acts out this embarrassing behavior.

Even in public, school, and daily life.

I’ll admit after a few episodes of watching, I didn’t know what to think.

I thought this anime show was ridiculous, over-the-top, and I almost couldn’t take it seriously.

In fact I almost dropped Chuunibyou and had it on hold for a while.

But something brought me back to it. And that “something” was it’s comedy aspects.

And the fact that it’s “ridiculous” in every sense of the word.

I’m glad I finished this show and discovered how hilarious and enjoyable it is.

Season 1 in particular has a level of humor I can’t even describe.

And that’s why It’s the kind of anime you’ll either hate and cringe at, or love and find entertaining.

Either way, I recommend Chuunibyou if it’s humor you’re looking for. And if you’re looking for a comedy series unlike what’s typical these days.

If you decide to watch season 2, there’s plenty comedy there too. But a little more romance than season 1.



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