9 Likable Anime Characters Who Struggle In Their Social Life

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Not everyone has it easy in their social life.

Some of us are introverts. And the world in general is in favor of extroverts, not introverts.

And some of us just struggle with socializing regardless.

People who can “socialize” easy are praised, loved and considered “cool” by the average person.

But the guy or girl struggling in their social life, or those who are quiet and reserved? They’re the types of people who have it worst, even if you have the best personality in the world.

And the world of anime is no different.

So let’s talk about that and help you relate if you know how that feels!


9 Anime characters who struggle in their social life:


1. Tomoko Kuroki

Likable Anime Characters Who Struggle In Their Social Life
Imagine being a high school student who struggles to communicate with anybody.

Or worse: you find it hard to make friends and let people into your world.

And you’re anxious in social situations.

Tomoko Kuroki goes through this exact experience throughout the anime: Watamote.

But despite struggling in her social life, she tries her best and makes a good effort.

And that’s what makes Tomoko Kuroki such a likable, interesting character.

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2. Sanae Kouzuki

Likable Anime Characters Who Struggle In Their Social Life

Before being recruited to bring life to Manoyama, a rural town, Sanae is a hardcore introvert.

She never steps outside of her house unnecessarily. And goes for weeks without socializing with anybody.

She prefers to spend her time running her online business, with helps her live the way she does.

As the anime: Sakura Quest progresses, she starts to change and comes out of her shell a lot more.


3. Chizuru Hishiro

Likable Anime Characters Who Struggle In Their Social Life

For most of Chizuru’s life she’s moved in and out of different schools.

So eventually it takes its toll and affects her social skills.

Because well, what’s the point in socializing and making friends if it won’t last long?

It’s this idea plus other ways of thinking that affects Chizuru’s social life.

And it doesn’t help that she’s “odd” in comparison to your average person. Making it more difficult to make friends.

Anime Series: ReLife


4. Ririko Oribe

Likable Anime Characters Who Struggle In Their Social Life

Similar to Chizuru Hishiro, Ririko is the “odd” girl who stands out and is different from others.

And for most of her life this has made things difficult in social situations.

Most of the time Ririko is alone and loves to read and research interesting topics.

But as the anime progresses she starts to crawl out of her shell and open up a bit.

And gains self confidence in her social life.

Anime Series: Sakura Quest.


5. Hifumi Takimoto

Likable Anime Characters Who Struggle In Their Social Life
Hifumi Takimoto’s a character designer who works at: Eagle Jump.

Despite working their for some years, she’s quiet and doesn’t speak to most of her employees.

Not because she doesn’t want to… But because she’s anxious and not good at socializing.

As with other anime’s, this slightly changes the more you get into the series: New Game!

It’s also worth noting: Hifumi’s most confident when she’s cos-playing in public.

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6. Kai Von Granzreich

Likable Anime Characters Who Struggle In Their Social Life
Kai Von Granzreich is a tall character with piercing eyes.

Because of this most people are afraid of his appearance, and judge him for the wrong reasons.

This makes Kai quiet, reserved, and pushes him to say few words instead of many.

After some character development, Kai learns how to communicate better which boosts his social skills.

And of course – his self confidence.

Anime Series: The Royal Tutor!


7. Kirika Yuumura

Likable Anime Characters Who Struggle In Their Social Life
Imagine growing up around murder, violence and assassination?

As well as being taught how to become assassin at an age so young you have no control over it?

This is the life and backstory of Kirika. She’s a freelance assassin from the anime: Noir.

And because of her upbringing, socializing is the one thing she’s awful at doing.

It takes a lot to get her talking, and it takes a lot for Kirika to attempt to befriend others.


8. Shigure Kosaka

Likable Anime Characters Who Struggle In Their Social Life

You’ve met people who are so reserved and “cold” that you’re hesitant to make an effort with them, right?

This is how Shigure Kosaka appears in the anime: Kenichi The Mightiest Disciple.

Shigure opens up to no one, and doesn’t say much of anything.

Yet she’s intelligent, sharp, witty, and has no problem talking when there’s a need to.

And that’s why she tends to struggle in social situations.

This starts to change as the anime makes major progress.


9. Nine

Likable Anime Characters Who Struggle In Their Social Life
Nine from the anime: Terror In Resonance struggles in social situations.

To most people he appears to be an asshole, mean, moody and bad tempered.

But that’s just because of his upbringing.

You only start to see small changes as the anime progresses with Nine’s social skills.

Overall he’s a likable character with an interesting background and story.


Which anime character would you add with poor social skills?


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