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The 13+ Best Mondaiji Tachi Quotes That Stand Out

Mondaiji Tachi quotes taken from characters:

  • Izayoi Sakamaki.
  • Leticia Draculea.
  • Azi Dahaka.
  • Saigou Homura.

Problem Children Are Coming From Another World Aren’t They? Also known as Mondaiji Tachi is an Isekai with a long title, an OP main character, and elements similar to One Punch Man.

Produced by Diomedea.

Whether you’re a fan or looking for quotes from characters you liked, this list will do it.

Here’s the best lines from Mondaiji Tachi.


1. Leticia Draculea Quotes

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“New experiences are what make life worth living.” – Leticia Draculea


leticia draculea quotes

“You shouldn’t judge something without trying it first. Having a variety of experiences is what makes life worth living.” – Leticia Draculea


2. Azi Dahaka Quotes

Azi Dahaka quotes

“There’s nothing to be ashamed of… If you don’t know, learn from now on… The tremble you are having now, is in fact… Fear.” – Azi Dahaka


Azi Dahaka quotes 1

“Give your all, It’s been hundred of years, hero! Exhaust all your strength!!! Muster all your resourcefulness! Show me your reckless courage — become a glorious sword that will pierce my heart!” – Azi Dahaka


Azi Dahaka quotes 2

“This body has crushed everything its eyes beheld ever since its birth. Life, cities, cultures. Societies, achievements, order, crime, public evil, proud justice and hideous depravities. Like a storm, like a tsunami, like a rain of thunder, this body has bared its fangs against everything in existence equally. But I…….am not a “natural disaster”. I am a being that wields the destruction’s that only a natural disaster should be able to wield, with a single will, and destroy anything by his impulses.” – Azi Dahaka


3. Izayoi Sakamaki Quotes

Izayoi Sakamaki quotes

“I’m bored, so bored, If I could sell my boredom I’m confident I could make a living.” – Izayoi Sakamaki


Izayoi Sakamaki quotes 1

“A fight isn’t won once a victor is decided, it’s won when someone loses.” – Izayoi Sakamaki


Izayoi Sakamaki quotes 2

“I’m not only allowing my comrade to continue to their deaths but I will also follow her footsteps. It’s clearly a show of irresponsibility… But those that did not even intend to take the responsibility in the first place can only be called cowardly and despicable.” – Izayoi Sakamaki


Izayoi Sakamaki quotes 3

“Not taking the initiative to secure your future but just waiting for luck to come your way, wasn’t that just the definition of being lazy?” – Izayoi Sakamaki


Izayoi Sakamaki quotes 4

“Hah… I give up. I give up. I was the one that was supposed to be condemning, but I ended up being the one condemned. Sh*t, even losing in a battle of speech, how lame can I get?” – Izayoi Sakamaki


4. Saigou Homura Quotes

Saigou Homura quotes

“My life…I give it to you Ayato-san!” – Saigou Homura


Saigou Homura quotes 1

“Eh? You are not denying that this is a man-made event?” – Saigou Homura


Saigou Homura quotes 2

“I see. Thank you for your kindness, Her Royal Majesty.” – Saigou Homura

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