7 Tough Life Lessons You Can Learn From Hinamatsuri

Anzu Crying And Smiling Hinamatsuri

How is it possible for an anime to blend comedy with sadness, without killing itself in the process?

This is one of the best elements of Hinamatsuri, a slice of life that focuses on 2 sets of characters simultaneously.

When the comedy takes a back seat every now and then, what you get is raw emotions that go deep enough to teach you something important.

That’s what I’ll focus on: the life lessons we can all learn from Hinamatsuri, regardless of the context of how you decide to use these life lessons.


Hinamatsuri Life Lessons:


1. You WILL make mistakes. Just make sure you learn from them

When Anzu arrives on earth she has no idea what the value of money even means. But after being homeless for a good while, she starts to learn about the importance of money.

More so than the average person even understands, actually.

Later on she spends it gambling on horse racing.

The high of “winning it all” gets to her head and she loses everything.

Anazu Thinking About Her Mistakes Hinamatsuri

But the important part is: she learns from her mistakes, and carries it with pride. Knowing she won’t ever do it again, and swearing to herself that she never will.

This is self-awareness at its finest. If you’re not self aware of your actions, you’ll never learn from your mistakes. Because you’ll always overlook it.


2. Homelessness is the equivalent of being worth less than sh**

Anzu Homeless Hinamatsuri
Anzu’s digging through garbage to find cans to sell.

One thing that bothers me (in real life) is the way society treats homeless people.

You’d think instead of criticizing and detesting homeless people, that your average person would at least be more encouraging.

But nope, instead people look down on the homeless as if they’re any better than they are.

This couldn’t be more true in the anime: Hinamatsuri.

Anzu (and the old homeless people who take her in) get the same treatment. And it only gets worse the more you watch.

It makes you question why people choose to belittle instead of show kindness. But then you realize not everybody is kind in the first place anyway. And if you’re on the receiving end, life isn’t fair at all.

It’s easier to kick someone down when they’re already at their worst, than it is to help them up.


3. It’s easier to look down on others than it is to help them

Hitomi From Hinamatsuri

Continuing from the last point, you see this theme play out a lot. More so in the first half of Hinamatsuri.

Even Hitomi, the girl who everybody seems obsessed with, looks down on Anzu in disgust. And only helps her out of pity to “keep up with appearances”.

Anzu is too naïve to see it, but Hitomi looks down on her a lot because of her circumstances.

Life is the same way. And Hinamatsuri is a ruthless reminder.


4. Having people you can call “family” is important

Hina And Nitta Together Hinamatsuri

Hina learns this from the moment she starts living with Nitta. A Yakuza (and main character).

The episode where Nitta gets sick of Hina and kicks her out of his apartment is tough to watch. You can see how much Hina is affected by it, despite not crying her eyes out.

The same is true for Anzu, when she’s adopted by an old couple and taken off the streets. Anzu’s gratitude is so powerful you get to see it in the form of tears and raw emotion.

Family matters, and it matters a LOT. Whether by blood or by bond. Family is family either way.

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5. Everybody’s circumstances are different, but what you do with it is important

Anzu With Her Homeless Friends Hinamatsuri

Anzu is hardworking and dedicated, driven by her overwhelming gratitude for those who’ve helped her. She could have easily gave up, given the circumstances, but she’s not that kind of person.

Compare that to people in everyday life, who give up just because they failed once or twice at something basic (like a job interview).

Or how they’ll complain over the tiniest things, but won’t do anything to change it.

Hinamatsuri teaches you this: It’s not your circumstances, it’s your attitude towards it.


6. Even the toughest, most dangerous people have a “soft” side

Nitta And Hina Hinamatsuri Anime

Hinamatsuri is full of Yakuza members. They’re not the most “dangerous” criminal gangs in the world, but that’s besides the point.

Even though this is only an anime, the main character (Nitta) has a soft side to his personality. Regardless of his lifestyle and the types of people he associates with.

In the end: all humans have a soft side, no matter how tough or “gangster” your lifestyles is.

Unless you’re a psychopath of course.


7. You can either work hard for it or make excuses. You can’t do both

Hitomi Working In The Bar Hinamatsuri
Hitomi working in the bar.

Hitomi seems overrated given her sly personality, but if there’s one thing I love about Hitomi? It’s her work ethic.

Hitomi works her ass off without making excuses.

Yeah she might complain sometimes (she’s only 13+ years old anyway), but her drive to put in the work and stay committed is fun to watch.

Few people work hard in the “truest” sense of the word. And when it comes to working for what you want, it’s too easy to make excuses.

But you can’t do both.


Can you add more Hinamatsuri life lessons you’ve learned?

Maybe we’ll get to see a second season based on its success so far.

If it happens, I’m sure there will be more to learn as well. 😉


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