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13 Quotes From The Ancient Magus Bride That Will Motivate You Today

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The Ancient Magus Bride is a sweet, slow paced series first aired in late 2017.

As far as romance goes, it takes a completely different turn. And is more “subtle” than it is blatant or lovey-dovey like other anime in its genre.

If you loved this slice of life/fantasy series, not to mention Hatori  Chise’s emotional moments… And many more from other characters, then here are some of the best quotes to remember The Ancient Magus Bride by.

Quotes that will motivate you, make you nostalgic and bring you back to the best moments this anime had to offer!


The Ancient Magus Bride Quotes:


1. Hatori Chise Quotes

Hatori Chise Quotes 2

“I can forget all of my problems when I’m reading.” – Hatori Chise


Hatori Chise Quotes 3

“I love reading the last page of a book more than anything.” – Hatori Chise


Hatori Chise Quotes 4

“I don’t care if he thinks of me as a toy, and throws me out when he’s bored. It’s because he… even though it was only one time, he said to me that I am his family.” – Hatori Chise


Hatori Chise Quotes 1

“Do you want people to understand? Or do you just want to believe you’re the only one suffering?” – Hatori Chise


Hatori Chise Quotes 5

“I won’t forgive you. I won’t forget you yet, but I’m going to leave you and move on.” – Hatori Chise


2. Stella Barklem Quotes

Stella Barklam Quotes

“Words aren’t for understanding each other. They exist for the sake of talking to each other.” – Stella Barklem


3. Nevin Quotes

Nevin Quotes

“Some words ripen with age, but some also lose their color.” – Nevin


4. Elias Ainsworth Quotes

Elias Ainsworth Quotes 1

“Acquiring knowledge is good, but you need experience as well.” – Elias Ainsworth


Elias Ainsworth Quotes 2

“If you were to disappear, life without you would be truly dreadful.” – Elias Ainsworth


Elias Ainsworth Quotes 3

“Whatever happened is in your past and doesn’t change the fact that you’re here now.” – Elias Ainsworth


5. Redcurrant Quotes

Redcurrant Quotes

“We love by consuming and giving.” – Redcurrant


6. Joseph Quotes

Joseph Quotes The Ancient Magus Bride

“It is the instinct of the weak to be afraid of the strange.” – Joseph


7. Miura Riichi Quotes

Miura Riichi Quotes

“I hope I have a book you might like. Or should I say, a book that likes you?” – Miura Riichi


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