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The Psychological Effects Of Anime, And How Fans Are Impacted

The Psychological Effects Of Anime can be compared to other forms of entertainment.

The effects depend on a lot of things:

  • The person.
  • The type of anime fan.
  • Your mind state.
  • Your upbringing.
  • Your emotions.
  • Your self esteem.
  • How you interpret information.

And even more.

The psychological effects can be bad or good based on that. Especially when it comes to self esteem and interpretation.

I’m no scientist or psychologist obviously, but I can talk about:

  • How anime has effected me psychologically.
  • How it’s affected others from observation.
  • How anime fans “think” in general.

And things along those lines.

The mindset of each anime fan is different, but there are similarities that make us the same.

Let’s talk about it.


The Psychological Effects Of Anime:


1. Morals and ethics

kunikida bungou stray dogs glasses |
A man with high moral standards.

Morals and ethics are a big part of anime. You won’t find too many anime shows that don’t highlight this element.

More so in the:

  • Psychological
  • Shounen
  • Supernatural
  • Horror

And genres of that nature.

Ethics and morals play a big role in these types of stories, plots and sometimes contribute to character development and personal progress.

  • Doing things for selfish gain vs selfless reasons.
  • Standing for something vs standing for nothing.
  • Stealing from others vs sharing with others.
  • Stepping over others to get what you want vs being a better person.
  • Self respect vs looking for validation, even if it means hurting others.

Anime touches on all these types of moral issues. The same morals that can sway us in one direction over another, depending on the situation and the excuses we make.

Or in other circumstances – where we have no other choice. Gaara from Naruto is a solid example.

gaara kid naruto anime |

He’s someone who’s grown up without “love”, and so only hate fills up in his heart. And he goes down the wrong path. But starts to change later on.

Anime might not have an extreme impact psychologically, but it makes us think about these things.

It can even make us better people.

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2. Personal development

deku and all might training scene |

Anime encourages personal development. It has that type of psychological impact on its fans.

I know when I watch an anime, or even when I started watching anime as a kid – shows like DBZ taught me plenty. A lot of it being related to personal development.

The way Goku never gives up as a kid, even when the battle seems impossible. And how he matures, gets stronger, and then starts to train. And commits to it.

And the journey and progress that comes from that. Personal development is one of the ways anime can impact us.

Or put another way: It impacts our personal development.

shounen anime naruto bleach one piece |

This stretches to Shounen shows across the board, but it goes beyond that.

Shounen s the main contributor to the “personal development” effect of anime though. It’s part of why these types of anime are so popular at all.

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3. Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is your ability to manage your emotions. And to understand your emotions as well as other people’s emotions.

The average anime fan knows how powerful emotions can be in anime. And how often “emotional” elements show up in so many shows.

Let’s use Violet Evergarden as an example, since it’s my personal favorite AND it’s relevant to this topic.

violet evergarden eyes gif |

Violet is the kind of character who’s been through a lot. She played a role in the war prior to the anime’s story. And was used as a child soldier (she knew no better).

She was an orphan.

Violet has regrets from this point in her life, and is a seemingly cold, doll-like person with no life to her facial expressions. Or her personality.

Overtime though this grows and she gets better at expressing herself.

One thing about Violet is she learns how to understand other people’s emotions as she develops. And better yet – she starts to understand her own emotions.

violet emotional violet evergarden |

The reason this is necessary to mention is because the anime teaches you about emotional intelligence, every step of the way.

It’s one of many anime that teaches you about emotional intelligence.

From Violet’s journey, to the people she helps with their own personal issues or tragedies. And the way each episode tells an emotional story that has an impact by the end of every episode.

It gives you blatant hints about managing your emotions, how to let them out to free yourself from your pain, and other things.

So many anime shows do this.

It’s only if you pay attention (even if a little) that you can apply it to real life. And your own situation.

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4. Friendship

anime friends another pa works studio |

Friendship is a BIG part of anime. And one of the most powerful mental building blocks anime has.

The psychology of many anime characters, especially in Shounen style shows or “school” highlights everything connected to friendship.

Friends are to be treasured. Respected. They’re the people you can rely on when you need them most.

Friends are loyal , forgiving under the right circumstances, and they’re people that “add” to your life in ways you can experience alone.

Anime psychologically tells us how important friendship can be and why it’s something to be valued. And it does it in ways that are positive.

Sometimes it’s done in ways that are negative, too. But it always comes with a life lesson so you can take something from it.

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5. Motivation

deku eyes determination mha |

Anime shows like My Hero Academia can impact your motivation, give you purpose, fuel your “why” for doing things, and more.

Anime can impact your reasons for wanting to push yourself and pursue your goals to achieve them.

That’s what motivation is, after all. It s your reasons, your why.

In anime shows like Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple there’s plenty of Anime Motivation.

kenichi shirahama bruised e1591995371982 |

Kenichi starts training in the martial arts to get stronger. His reason is so he can defend himself, toughen up and stop letting bullies manipulate and take the piss out of him.

He gets stronger so he can grow a backbone and take charge of his life. Instead of letting things happen to him and living life with a victim mentality.

This motivation not only helps anime fans relate, but it pushes you to do more (inspiration) and gives you a good reason (motivation).


6. Gratitude

Anime shows you the good and the bad. The gorgeous and the ugly.

It packages these experiences in a way that makes you appreciate life. And makes you look at the bigger picture.

This goes back to point #5 about Motivation. To appreciate the good you need motivation to get through the bad. And many anime highlight this element enough for it to be drilled into the heads of anime fans.

Even if you’re unaware of it.


7. Open-mindedness

Have you ever noticed how open minded a lot of anime characters tend to be? And how the protagonists don’t have “fixed” ways of seeing the world?

Whether you realize it or not. anime “may” have opened your mind a little. Especially when it comes to different cultures or people who are different to you.

madoka kaname hero pink hair |

A good example is Madoka Kaname from Madoka Magica. She’s thoughtful, selfless, and more than anything – kind and open minded.

She’s not the type to judge a person or see the worst in them. If anything she looks beyond the surface and looks for the best in them.

fairy tail main protagonists |

A lot of characters from The Fairy Tail guild are the same way.

They’re open minded and welcoming. Not in a way that’s exaggerated, cliché or unrealistic. But in a way that’s genuine.

Natsu Dragneel is just one of the many characters who view the world this way. And don’t discriminate or choose to be ignorant just because it’s easy to.

Anime can affect your mindset in this way. It can help you become a better person similar to point #2.


8. Love

naruto smiling kid |

Anime is big on “Love”. Even when it’s comical, comedic or done in a parody style.

Love is the source of many things and can be interpreted in a lot of ways. But the love I’m talking about is:

  • Being loved.
  • Being treated well by others.
  • Having good people around you who inspire you.
  • And having people who care about you (most of all).

The last part is where anime shines. And where anime impacts your mindset.

Even when hate is a part of the story (like Gaara from Naruto), it’s balanced with love. Or the comparison is made and this is what sets a character on the right path.

gaara naruto black eyes |

This is relatable and realistic. And it shows you the importance of who you’re surrounded by and how that can effect your mindset.

And why it’s important to choose who you associate with wisely. As well as what you choose to believe and how it’s impossible to love yourself. Even if you’ve grown up doing the opposite.

What other ways can anime effect your mindset?



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