Top 30 Countries For Anime Fans Who Use YouTube The Most (2020)

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Anime fans flock to YouTube because of the visuals you can’t get from reading articles.

Some people like videos more, and some people prefer anime youtubers compared to bloggers or news sites.

Sometimes both.

Whichever bracket you fit into, this article will highlight:

  • Top 30 countries where anime fans use YouTube.
  • Data is taken from January 2020 to today.

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If your country made it to the list, leave it in the comments.

Let’s get to it.


Countries Where Anime Fans Prefer YouTube:


1. Vietnam




2. Madagascar

Flag of Madagascar



3. Philippines

philippines flags



4. Jamaica

Flag of Jamaica



5. Mongolia

mongolia flag



6. Singapore

singapore flag



7. Malaysia

malaysia flag



8. Bolivia

bolivia flag red yellow green



9. Indonesia




10. Peru




11. New Zealand

new zealand logo



12. Venezuela

Venezuela flag



13. Canada

canada flag logo



14. Chile

chile flag



15. Laos

Flag of Laos



16. Australia

Australia Flag



17. United States

Flag of the United States



18. Uruguay

uruguay flag



19. Puerto Rico

Country Flag of Puerto Rico



20. Nepal

nepal flag



21. Myanmar (Burma)

Flag of Myanmar



22. Finland

Finland Flag



23. Panama

flag of panama



24. France

France flag



25. Argentina

flag of argentina



26. Costa Rica

costa rica flag



27. Ecuador

Ecuador flag



28. Sweden




29. South Africa

Flag of South Africa



30. Morocco

morocco flag


Honorable Mentions:

  • Denmark (31)
  • United Kingdom (32)
  • El Salvador (33)
  • Ireland (34)
  • Brazil (35)

youtube anime map google trends

If your country made it to the list, leave a comment.

If it didn’t? May as well leave a comment anyway!



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