Here Are Some Of The Ugliest Anime Characters You’ll Ever See!

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I’ve already covered beautiful anime characters before.

That kind of thing is expected in the anime industry, and your average anime series because anime is fiction.

And fiction is an exaggeration of the real world a lot of the time.

Especially when it comes to anime designs, beauty, body shapes and everything in between.

ugly anime woman

But then there are ugly anime characters who are more realistic, accurate, and somewhat “relatable” for their physical flaws.

The types of flaws we actually have in real life.

Let’s talk about that, and highlight some of the “best” characters that fit that profile.

Regardless of personal opinions.


13 Of The Ugliest Anime Characters:


1. Tomoko Kuroki (It’s You Guys Fault I’m Not Popular!)

tomoko kuroki on the phone

Tomoko Kuroki is a character with low self-esteem. She feels ugly, acts ugly, and doesn’t dress in a way that would make you think she’s “not” ugly.

Her sense of fashion and the way she takes care of herself, physically, is also another reason to believe she’s “ugly”. On top of the “tired” eyes she always has.

The thing about Tomoko Kuroki is: she’s realistic and believable.

tomoko kuroki eyes

The support character, Tomoko’s best friend, is the complete opposite in the “beauty” department. And the contrast is what makes this show unique for a slice of life series.

It’s slightly dark and depressing from the perspective of Tomoko, seeing as she lacks confidence and has so many flaws. But that’s the beauty of her character.

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2. Marechiyo Ōmaeda (Bleach)

marechiyo omaeda bleach

Marechiyo is a pitiful character. He’s a coward, talks too much sh** that he can never back up, and isn’t the most confident guy in Bleach.

For someone who’s a soul reaper, and the lieutenant of Soi Fon, Marechiyo is a character you feel sorry for.

And because of his weight – he’s judged and picked on, even by his opponents like Baraggan later into the series.

When all is said and done though – a character like Marechiyo is more realistic, because not every guy has a so-called “perfect body” in real life.


3. Petelgeuse Romanee-Conti (Re:Zero)

petelgeuse romanee conti re zero

Petelgeuse is just weird. He’s the kind of character who’s creepy and will make you cringe no matter what your perspective is.

As a follower of the witches cult in Re:Zero, he’s about as weird as it gets when it comes to his personality, body language, and the way he speaks.

petelgeuse romanee conti face

His appearance matches his ugly intentions, warped way of thinking, and detestable view of the world and his idea of right vs wrong.

But again – these flaws are why he’s more true to life and realistic. As is the case with an anime like Re:Zero in the first place.


4. Sakura Oogami (Danganronpa)

sakura oogami danganronpa

Sakura Oogami is intentionally drawn and designed this way.

That’s why one of the characters from Danganronpa is designed as a “trap” character. Male with female characteristics (the opposite of Sakura).

Beyond Sakura’s appearance and obvious “male-like” design, she has a big heart and is kinder than she looks.

In fact I’d go as far as saying she has one of the best personalities and roles in Danganronpa’s anime series. Even if it’s short-lived and not as in-depth as other characters.

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5. Gluttony (Fullmetal Alchemist)

gluttony fullmetal alchemist anime

Gluttony is a nasty character for a lot of different reasons. It’s just like his name implies, really.

He’s a big overgrown character who eats and devours anyone or anything he can get his hands on… In cold blood.

And his appearance in itself is menacing and too unsettling to be pleasant.


6. Ryuk (Death Note)

ryuk face death note

Ryuk is a Shinigami (death god) and as you’d expect from this type of creature: there’s nothing pleasant about him.

His appearance reeks of death, ugliness, and generally an uncomfortable atmosphere that will give you chills. And nothing good comes from being in his prescience for too long.

ryuk death note scene

If the grim reaper was real, Ryuk is probably an accurate description of what the grim reaper would look like.


7. Masao Murasako (Shiki)

masao murasako shiki anime

Masao Murasako is rotten to the core. It’s almost like he’s the reincarnation of a devil, but in human form.

His ugly, creepy appearance is a reflection of how he feels about the world AND people on the inside.

An example is when a character dies in Shiki, early on, and he celebrates that person’s death and mocks them during a funeral.

masao murasako ugly

He’s the type of guy who will complain about everything, point fingers at everyone other than himself, and kill you for the sake of it. If he ever had the chance to get away with it.

Because he’s a hateful teenager from the inside out.

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8. Rem (Death Note)

rem death note shinigami

Rem is another Shinigami from Death Note. But she’s the “female” Shinigami you’re introduced to later into the series.

Rem is the opposite of Ryuk in a lot of ways.

As a Death God – while she might not “look” attractive, Rem has a beautiful heart that’s non-judgmental, and caring for those she loves. Which is “odd” for a Shinigami.

And that contrast to me is what makes Rem from Death Note a perfect example of beautiful on the inside, even if not on the outside.


9. Hollows (Bleach)

hollow mask bleach anime

Hollows are vile deformed creatures that represent “hatred” in Bleach.

After a person dies, if they’re unable to move on or be at peace, Hollows take over and they end up “stuck” in limbo.

That’s what Soul Reapers are for. They “cleanse” the Hollows and send them to the soul society.

hollow bleach

Anything that represents hatred is naturally ugly and vile. So it’s no surprise when you think about what a hollow represents.


10. Dodoria (Dragon Ball Z)

dodo dragon ball z

Dodoria was always a nasty-looking guy. Mostly for his attitude, facial expressions and the way he mercilessly slaughters Namekians.

And even Bardock’s men in the movie: “Father Of Goku”.

He’s the pure definition of evil, even if he’s a puppet for Frieza. And just like his appearance – the way he’s killed off is just as grimy and gritty.


11. Prime Minister Honest (Akame Ga Kill)

prime minister honest akame ga kill

The Prime Minister in Akame Ga Kill is anything but honest (it’s a comical name). The whole purpose of the plot in Akame Ga Kill is to overthrow the government and create a revolution.

Prime Minister Honest is the main reason the assassination group: Night Raid is created in the first place.

honest akame ga kill minister eating

Just like his ugly appearance, this man has no heart, empathy or even a shred of decency to his character.

The disgusting levels of selfishness, greed and disrespect makes me sick thinking about it.


12. Titans (Attack On Titan)

titans ugly aot

The Titans are grim as it is, when you take into account the size of them, those chilling smiles that send shivers down your spine, and how they terrorize what’s left of human society in AOT.

There’s no debate when it comes to the ugliness of these creatures in the world of anime.

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13. Ichiya Vandalay (Fairy Tail)

ichiya vandalay fairy tail funny

Ichiya Vandalay is clearly designed to be a “troll”. Almost every scene in Fairy Tail he shows up in, he’s being a nuisance to Erza Scarlet, or whoever else is around.

And of course – anime character when you weigh up his characteristics.

At the least, he’s a comical character but it’s sometimes a bit much to swallow.


Honorable Mentions:

  • Cui (Dragon Ball Z).
  • Awakened Being (Claymore).
  • Shigaraki Tomura (My Hero Academia).
  • Frieza’s 1st, 2nd, 3rd form (Dragon Ball Z).



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