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These Monthly Girls Nozaki Kun Quotes Will Bring Back Memories!

chiyo sakura anime wallpaper
Avatar of Theo J Ellis

Monthly Girls Nozaki Kun quotes taken from the following characters:

  • Chiyo Sakura.
  • Nozaki Umetarou.
  • Mikoto Mikoshiba.
  • Masayuki Hori.
  • Yuu Kashima.
  • Hirotaka Wakamatsu.
  • Yuzuki Seo.

Monthly Girls Nozaki Kun  is an anime I watched because of a comedy recommendation. And when I seen people downplaying it, that got me more curious.

Even for a comedy anime there are some “moments” where the quotes shine and grab your attention. So these are the quotes I’ll be sharing.

Alongside quotes that represent the anime in general.

Let’s get to it.


1. Nozaki Umetarou Quotes

nozaki umetarou quotes

“You can’t trust people who call themselves your friends after you’ve just met them. This is a trap. I know it. A friend who gets close to the protagonist like this is actually the boss, bullying them from the shadows, cornering them into utter despair. And then comes this line… “The truth is I’ve hated you from the moment I met you!” – Nozaki Umetarou


nozaki umetarou quotes 1

“When you do nude modeling, make sure you call me, too.” – Nozaki Umetarou


nozaki umetarou quotes 2

“Tomorrow is my deadline. But my doctor told me to stay in bed. So… sleep in my place, please!” – Nozaki Umetarou


nozaki umetarou quotes 3

“Basically, with mixers, you take people by force, get taken by force or kidnap someone, and you’re set.” – Nozaki Umetarou


nozaki umetarou quotes 4

“I love fireworks too.” – Umetarou


2. Chiyo Sakura Quotes

chiyo sakura quotes

“Mikorin’s having his drinks poured by a creepy bunny.” – Chiyo Sakura


chiyo sakura quotes 1

“Don’t get embarrassed, Mikorin! You’re embarrassing me.” – Chiyo Sakura


chiyo sakura quotes 2

“I’m surprised you were able to debut with art like that.” – Chiyo Sakura


chiyo sakura quotes 3

“Senpai.. If you followed me, giving me your order was pointless.” – Chiyo Sakura


chiyo sakura quotes 4

“Sakura Chiyo, age 16. I asked out the boy that I like, and he gave me his autograph.” – Chiyo Sakura


3. Hirotaka Wakamatsu Quotes

hirotaka wakamatsu quotes

“I can’t wear anything more revealing than this.” – Hirotaka Wakamatsu


4. Yuu Kashima Quotes

yuu kashima quotes

“If I can’t be a prince, I’ll be a horse. One fit for Senpai, elegant and proud…Crap! This isn’t a horse! It’s a bull!” – Yuu Kashima


yuu kashima quotes 1

“He’s a very tragic person who stopped growing!” – Yuu Kashima


5. Yuzuki Seo Quotes

yuzuki seo quotes

“I’m wearing the lame bra you picked for me!” – Yuzuki Seo


yuzuki seo quotes 1

“I’m always considerate of others.” – Yuzuki Seo


yuzuki seo quotes 2

“So then it was like, blorrrp… And all that blood gushed out, and everyone was all hacked up, right?” – Yuzuki Seo


6. Masayuki Hori Quotes

hori masayuki quotes

“Could you give some of your enthusiasm to Nozaki?” – Masayuki Hori


7. Mikoto Mikoshiba Quotes

mikoto mikoshiba quotes

“You two are never allowed to go on mixers! You’ll just bother people.” – Mikoto Mikoshiba


mikoto mikoshiba quotes 1

“If there’s anything you don’t know, don’t ask me about it.” – Mikoto Mikoshiba



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