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25+ Classic Oh My Goddess Quotes For Romance Fans

Oh My Goddess quotes taken from characters:

  • Belldandy.
  • Celestine.
  • Skuld.
  • Urd.
  • Morgan Le Fey.
  • The Almighty.
  • Peorth.
  • Keiichi.

Oh My Goddess is a classic in the harem/romance and fantasy genre. With not as much popularity beyond 2020.

The anime is produced by AIC.

Here are greatest lines taken from the anime series.


1. Belldandy Quotes

belldandy quotes

“It’s not the size of the body that counts, it’s the size of the heart.” – Belldandy


belldandy quotes 1

“There is no greater luck or good fortune than to be reborn with every heartbeat.” – Belldandy


belldandy quotes 2

“You’re mistaken! Why… why have you become like this? You were the one who taught me that all life was precious, Celestine! I want to continue growing old with the living beings on Earth. Therefore… I will protect this world!” – Belldandy


belldandy quotes 3

“People have the strength to overcome their obstacles – everyone can.” – Belldandy


belldandy quotes 4

“Promises must be kept no matter what the cost may be.” – Belldandy


belldandy quotes 5

“The goddess of victory doesn’t smile on people like you who thinks of no one but themselves. She smiles on those with burning hearts who know the real victory is compassion for others.” – Belldandy


belldandy quotes 6

“Father please let me stay here on earth with Keiichi! I would give up my goddess qualifications, I would even accept punishments from the heaven.” – Belldandy


belldandy quotes 7

“I have somebody important to me, If it came down to choosing between the destruction of the world, and saving Keiichi-san’s life, I would pick Keiichi-san.” – Belldandy


belldandy quotes 8

“My name is Belldandy, from the Goddess Relief Office. I have come to fulfil a wish of yours.” – Belldandy


2. Celestine Quotes

celestine quotes

“The gods have, since ancient times, created methods to test humans. The system God has created… it opposes all living creatures and splits the world. It condemns people to roles. Heaven pretends they can’t see the suffering of the people. Only the lucky few find the way. The pain of those beings reaches deep into my heart. I want to counter this discrimination and extend a helping hand. In order to do that, the only thing that can be done is to create a new system! See… this is what God has wrought… I cannot allow such a system to continue! This is the will of my quarrel with Heaven. I would like you to come with me. If I had your help, even the weak-of-heart could have their wishes fulfilled. So that everyone can be equal and happy, I wish to reach out.” – Celestine


celestine quotes 1

The system created by the divine ones segregates every single person into his living assignment in the world, determines his roles and controls them…the melancholy voices of those born into this world have pierced the depths of my heart. I feel the need to do something for them without discriminating against anyone.” – Celestine


3. Almighty Quotes


“Truth is we cannot afford to lose such a promising goddess as Belldandy. He was important to her; she might not be able to let go of him.” – Almighty


“You who are of the highest rank on Heaven’s Supreme Council… to think that you would rebel against Yggdrasil and then to lead the Guardian of Time to destory herself… Your crimes cannot be forgiven. Celestine, your flesh will be frozen and your soul will be sealed in a Level 17 life form and banished to the moon!” – Almighty


4. Skuld Quotes

skuld quotes

“Ahh this sucks! I can’t leave such an ugly blueprint as it is! Such lovely equations!” – Skuld


skuld quotes 1

“Because, dear sister Urd, I can’t stand your arrogant, selfish, violent, pushy, impulsive, and stupid behavior! And, because, unlike you, Belldandy is honest, selfless, gentle, and pure! That’s why!” – Skuld


skuld quotes 2

“Get me a Popsicle while you are out!” – Skuld


skuld quotes 3

“I’m not a child! Nyahh!” – Skuld


5. Urd Quotes

urd quotes oh my goddess

“You… you dare to show yourself in front of us?” – Urd


urd quotes oh my goddess 1

“Oh spirit of thunder,swift in the sky, you who makes the earth and air tremble with your voice! I, your servant call upon your awesome power! Power that smashes, i call upon you now! Become Thunderbolts in my hand! Destructive Thunder!” – Urd


6. Morgan Le Fay Quotes

morgan le fay quotes oh my goddess

“The gods only think of themselves. Don’t steal any more of my hopes!” – Morgan Le Fay


7. Keiichi Quotes

keiichi quotes oh my goddess

“Even if the whole universe comes between us, even if you lost every single memory, I’ll still find you and we’ll start again and again even if it takes a lot of time.” – Keiichi


keiichi quotes oh my goddess 1

“I just can’t stop loving her, not for a minute.” – Keiichi


keiichi quotes oh my goddess 2

“I’m sorry for being such a jerk earlier, it’s just that i can’t stand the thought of losing you. But I want you to know that I’ll wait even if you can’t ever come back I’ll wait. I really miss you Bell.” – Keiichi


8. Peorth Quotes

peorth quotes oh my goddess

“I have faith in you, Urd.” – Peorth


peorth quotes oh my goddess 1

“What you’re lacking isn’t power. It’s the true assimilation and resolution to move forward together with your angel.” – Peorth


peorth quotes oh my goddess 2

“Going back to heaven empty-handed is not something a First Class Goddess would do.” – Peorth


peorth quotes oh my goddess 3

“Words are melodies; feelings are songs.” – Peorth

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