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23+ Of The Greatest Lucky Star Quotes That Will Make Your Day

lucky star anime wallpaper
Avatar of Theo J Ellis

Lucky Star anime quotes taken from characters:

  • Konata Izumi.
  • Kagami Hiiragi.
  • Sojiro Izumi.
  • Hiyori Tamura.
  • Yutaka Kobayakawa.
  • Nanako Kuroi.
  • Patricia Martin.

Lucky Star is a comedic slice of life series by Kyoto Animation. And is a classic in the slice of life genre of anime.

The quotes are comical, silly, daft and entertaining. A reflection of the type of anime Lucky Star is.

Here are the best quotes from each character.


1. Konata Izumi Quotes

konata izumi quotes

“As time goes by without anyone eating it, it starts getting dry and looking anything but appetizing, and no one’s willing to make a move, but when the busboy takes it you go ‘wait, we’re not done with that yet.’ kinda on reflex. But then you end up leaving without eating it.” – Konata Izumi


konata izumi quotes 1

“I had a feeling I saw a girl in a sailor uniform with a machine gun walk by.” – Konata Izumi


konata izumi quotes 2

“When you learn something from Tsukasa, it feels like you’ve really failed.” – Konata Izumi


konata izumi quotes 3

“Raise your hand if you thought of something naughty!” – Konata Izumi


konata izumi quotes 4

“Sounds like a lot of work, I think I’ll pass. I’d rather play and I’ll ask for help when I get stuck.” – Konata Izumi


konata izumi quotes 5

“And the TV show ended by saying how young people are becoming increasingly illiterate, but doesn’t browsing the Internet and blogging actually improve your literacy?” – Konata Izumi


konata izumi quotes 6

“How come you wear glasses? I mean, you’re really pretty but you can only appeal to a tiny section of the fanbase.” – Konata Izumi


konata izumi quotes 7

“I wanted to see your homework from the other day. And I got to see your face while you were sleeping… so don’t sweat it.” – Konata Izumi


konata izumi quotes 8

“A great man once said that UFO catchers are like savings account.” – Konata Izumi


konata izumi quotes 9

“Tsukasa, don`t interfere in my punchline.” – Konata Izumi


konata izumi quotes 10

“I’m actually concentrating really hard on not falling asleep but sensei … they still come … the demons of sleep … with no warning, no way to defend .. a full-out Attack!” – Konata Izumi


konata izumi quotes 11

“There’s a difference between the flu and a cold? I thought the flu was like a super cold.” – Konata Izumi


2. Yutaka Kobayakawa Quotes

yutaka kobayakawa quotes

“What is Yaoi?” – Yutaka Kobayakawa


3. Hiyori Tamura Quotes

hiyori tamura quotes

“I’ll write in down after I wake up tomorrow.” – Hiyori Tamura


hiyori tamura quotes 1

“I shouldn’t look at my friends with such perverted eyes!” – Hiyori Tamura


4. Kagami Hiiragi Quotes

kagami hiiragi quotes

“You know you’re happy about it. Is she worried about me… because of the new virus going around? I figured she only ever had games and anime on her mind. I’m a little touched.” – Kagami Hiiragi


kagami hiiragi quotes 1

“Could you stop skipping the thinking process when you respond?” – Kagami Hiiragi


kagami hiiragi quotes 2

“Can you stop guessing if they got the question right based on the amount of time left when they cut to commercial!?” – Kagami Hiiragi


5. Sojiro Izumi Quotes

sojiro izumi quotes

“I not only like younger girls, but I like normal girls too, so “I am also a lolicon” is correct.” – Sojiro Izumi


6. Patricia Martin Quotes

Patricia Martin quotes

“So this is the ‘No idea what your talking about’ aura.” – Patricia Martin


7. Nanako Kuroi Quotes

nanako kuroi quotes

“What? where my is Sunday ? where is my day off?” – Nanako Kuroi


nanako kuroi quotes 1

“I guess I’ll play a bunch of net games this weekend.” – Nanako Kuroi


nanako kuroi quotes 2

“So many potential comebacks, but I can’t, as a teacher, as a human being…” – Nanako Kuroi



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