Japanese Exposes SJW Site CBR For #metoo Shield Hero Propaganda

Japan exposes CBR SJW Site for propaganda

It’s NOT the first time I’ve talked about CBR, a culture vulture website that pushes false narratives about anime.

And twists and bends topics to push their own SJW narratives about anime, or what an anime represents.

So Called Anime Journalism, And How Everyone’s In It For Clicks & Views

I’ve always been a little surprised at how quiet Japan seems about it. Which makes sense (it doesn’t really deserve their attention).

But now people in Japan are taking notice of the bullsh*t being spread by certain companies, websites and journalists in the west.


CBR’S SJW Review of Shield Hero (May 5th 2020)

CBR Shield Hero 2020 review

Their “interesting” headline is followed by this:

“Despite a self-insert protagonist  who defies all logic and seemingly condones slavery, Shield Hero’s popularity is only rising.”

Anyone in the anime community who’s familiar with these back of the alley journalists and websites KNOWS there’s a narrative being pushed.

What’s most shocking is how Shield Hero’s controversies are still alive and well in 2020.


Japanese Twitter

Translation (edited for clarification)

A horrible article that says the worst anime is the most popular anime. The Shield Hero is not eligible for that popularity. Reasons for it being the worst anime: Naofumi is a character that Incel readers assume to be self-projecting. Content contrary to #Metoo, called rape false accusations. Justification of slavery. Casual misogyny, etc.”

It continues:

“Self Insert usually means that the author introduces himself, but in this case it implies the reader himself. In this case, the guy who wrote this article wrote that Naofumi was a character to put reader confidence in the work. In other words, a character that assumes self-projection.”

The translation isn’t perfect, but what they’re saying is the CBR writer in a nutshell is spreading propaganda.

That’s really all there is too it when you break it down.

It’s started a whole discussion on Twitter between the WEST and of course – Japanese Twitter.

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Even CBR readers can see through the propaganda

cbr comments shield hero cbr shield hero comments shied hero comments cbr

Endless amounts of comments on the CBR article say things like “it’s clear you didn’t do any research”.

This is evident by reading the article and deciphering the message, which isn’t hard.

Other comments break down the ridiculousness of so called “slavery”, misogyny and every other buzzword the entitled use in 2020.

Mainly in the USA.

Maybe people in Japan, and even MEDIA outlets in Japan will start speaking on this.

The wave of culture vultures in the west is astonishing when it comes to entertainment, that’s why they’re so mad at anime and certain anime shows because they can’t “control” the narrative.

Hence why bottom of the barrel journalists are so desperate to say anything for clicks and views.

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