My Dress Up Darling Controversy: Can You Guess What It Is This Time?

My Dress Up Darling Controversy Can You Guess What It Is This Time
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My Dress Up Darling is a manga I knew about long before the anime was even announced for an adaptation. So I knew what to expect.

Once the anime dropped the popularity spoke for itself, and nothing has surprised me so far…

Well, with the exception of South Korea’s censorship which made the anime more lewd.

The anime is now at the forefront of multiple controversies which don’t seem to be dying down on Twitter.

Even if you pretend it ain’t there, it’s being brought up regardless so it can’t be avoided.


Controversy #1

YouTube video

In the latest episode of My Dress Up Darling, as expected f you follow the manga, Marin Kitagawa cosplays again. But this time she tans her skin to get the cosplay just right.

Similar to how someone will cosplay and make their skin green if cosplaying she-hulk for example (similar, not the same).

The problem with this controversy is many white American women are claiming this is blackface. 

It’s actually NOT black people, or an overwhelming amount of black people saying this. It’s predominantly white Americans, typically women, and typically those who claim to be an ally of anything and everything when it’s convenient.

The video points out the hypocrisy of one woman in particular who went on a tangent about tanning skin, a thing white people themselves do in the west (which there is nothing wrong with).

veronica my dress upd arling

As an example, this is the character Marin Kitagawa is cosplaying in the anime She’s called Veronica, a girl with darker skin.

Here’s how it turned out when Marin Kitagawa finished her cosplay (the tan).

marin kitagawa tanned veronica

And this is ultimately what people are screaming and shouting about in relation to episode 10 of My Dress Up Darling, which shows this.

Again – this is NOT African Americans, or black people in general who are outraging about this…. It’s the political crowd who’s always got something say about everything.

The WOKE crowd.


Controversy #2

A new figurine (statue) of Marin Kitagawa has been released. A swimsuit figurine with her black swimsuit seen early in the anime.

It’s the episode where Gojo is measuring her body to create a suitable cosplay.

You have a perfect replica on the left with a base, and a completely LEWD version to the right.

marin kitagawa swimsuit figurine

This has stirred a lot of controversy on Twitter because of:

  • Marin Kitagawa’s given age.
  • The fanservice aspect.

And of course – the fact that it’s a woman’s body, which is heavily policed when it comes to anime despite being praised if celebrities and regular women do it in real life.

“Empowerment” in real life, and “disgusting” if it’s anime or fictional.

I have no opinion on it since I wouldn’t buy it. But there is some hypocrisy at play when you look at those criticizing it.

It’s the same old scapegoat story which anime is a punching bag for.

In the end, these controversies are like any others: they’re absolute drivel. No substance or relevance whatsoever.

We live in times where people are angry at fiction but lax about real life issues or the real life equivalent of what they criticize in fiction. And we live in a time where people spend time outraging instead of turning off the thing they don’t like.

When will it end?


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