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8+ Anime Like Science Fell In Love, So I Tried To Prove It!

Science Fell In Love, So I Tried To Prove It!  The name speaks for itself.

The title of this anime and how it’s written is a far cry from what’s normal in the anime space. Most romance just don’t go like this.

A male scientist and a female scientist work together to essentially make sense of love in a logical sense. With science, math, and what not.

They run tests together, measure heart rates in certain situations with the opposite sex, and more. But explaining and defining it with science isn’t easy.

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Now there’s a 2nd season coming out in April 2022, which will continue this odd but unique and decent anime series.

Here’s some anime shows to watch that are just like it!


1. Dr Stone

Dr Stone senku moments 1 e1647176225364 |

Dr Stone is similar to Science Fell In Love, So I Tried To Prove It but not in a romantic sense. More so the science aspects.

Senku, a guy who was essentially frozen for so many years, finally wakes up and decides to rebuild civilization with the power of science.

He’s not alone obviously. He has friends who help him  on his journey, and they all compliment each others skill sets.

Making soap, creating charcoal, food preservation, creating a mobile phone… These are some of the things Senku and his friends are seen doing in order to rebuild civilization.

This is all from scratch, and has tons of life lessons to learn from.


2. Sket Dance

sket dance anime yusuke cover |

Sket Dance is a lot of things, but it’s a school/comedy series with romance undertones and mature settings.

The main characters form a group called Sket Dance which is designed to help others solve their own problems. Not matter how small, big, minor or strange it might be.

Hime, Yusuke, and Switch work together and there’s tons of personal development and life lessons to be taken from it.

There’s some crossovers here as far as similarities, with the exception of the ages of the main characters.

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3. Wotakoi

Wotakoi rromance moments cute |

Wotakoi: Love Is Hard For Otaku is self explanatory. It’s about Otaku’s, their relationships, romance, and their lifestyles in relation to it.

One big aspect of this anime is how Otaku’s are in the work environment, and the types of conversations they have with each other in a professional setting.

One refreshing element of Wotakoi is the ages of the characters, and the fact that “work” is a common setting instead of school or some other cliche.

It’s a mature series not just for gamers or Otaku’s, but the average anime fan who wants something different in the romance genre.


4. Nozaki Kun

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Nozaki Kun is all about comedy. The “rom com” hardcore style of comedy that is. Chiyo Sakura is 16 years old, and she’s fallen for Nozaki Kun, a manga writer.

He’s tall, dense, and lives in his own world and doesn’t notice things unless a person is straightforward with him.

This is a bother for Chiyo but she still pursues him and the romantic misunderstandings are part of this anime’s charm and storytelling.

Definitely not an anime to watch if you’re looking for a more “serious” romance anime, since this isn’t the point of Monthly Girls Nozaki Kun.


5. Kaguya Sama

Kaguya Sama red eyes |

Kaguya Sama is another unique romance just like Science Fell In Love, So I Tried To Prove It!

Normal romance or rom com series focus on romantic misunderstandings or the slow paced romance that develops down the line. Or some other variation.

Kaguya Sama instead turns it into a romantic battle of sorts. Kaguya and Shirogane are constantly trying to force the each other to reveal their romantic feelings towards each other.

It’s a case of “I’m too stubborn to make the first move, so I’ll play mind games instead”.

The anime is written with this in mind and is a major part of the comedy and fresh approach to rom com. But it’s not for everyone.


6. Hyouka

Hyouka characters screenshot |

Hyouka is a slice of life anime where 4 characters get together and find ways to make school life “fun”.

Thanks to characters like Oreki and Eru Chitanda, curiosity leads them to make up stories and then attempt to solve them. Or exaggerate stories so they have an excuse to investigate it.

It has a strange way of making boring, mundane things comical and entertaining.

In that way it’s weird and unusual.


7. Robotic Notes

Robotic Notes screenshots |

Robotic Notes is an anime with some focus on science, tech, and mechs. And there is some romance but it’s not too heavy.

Akiho Senomiya is the bright and cheery MC who wants to build her own mech and they all work together to make it a reality.

The anime does get dark later on, with surprising plot twists that are unexpected. But it’s still an anime that fits the bill somewhat.


8. Gamers

Gamers amano karen rooftops |

Gamers, just like Wotakoi, is a romance anime with a focus on gamers, Otaku’s, and people who are into those hobbies or interests.

The comedy in Gamers is more whacky and a little bonkers in comparison, but still relevant.

Karen Tendou is the school’s “hot” girl who’s perfect, on time, kind, helpful, and has a routine most people are too lazy to follow. She’s a person to look up to.

After inviting Amano to the gaming club, and him deciding not to join and later “rejecting” Karen, she falls hard for him. And later vice versa.

Romantic misunderstandings are ethe crux of this anime and few can compare with the comedy gold this anime produces as a result.


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