South Korea Censors My Dress Up Darling, Making It Appear More LEWD Than Before

Marin Kitagawa Blush My Dress Up Darling

My Dress Up Darling is getting a lot of coverage, and It doesn’t surprise me.

I read the manga long before the anime was announced.

It’s not afraid of showing skin since it’s an anime about cosplay, dressing up, and things of that nature. So it’s contextual and not blind fan service as some critics are judging it to be.

South Korea’s broadcast of the anime only made things worse in their childish, politically correct attempt to CENSOR it.


South Korea’s Censorship makes Marin Kitagawa more LEWD

marin kitagawa korea censorship

marin kitagawa scene censored

Sonobisque Korean my dress up darling scene

gojo measurements marin kitagawa my dress up darling korea

marin kitagawa my dress up darling

my dress up darling censorship korea 1

As you can blatantly see from the images, South Korea’s broadcast of My Dress Up Darling defeats its own purpose.

Censoring these scenes, and blurring out Marin Kitagawa’s body during this episode makes it more LEWD than necessary.

That’s the joke. It’s not supposed to be lewd or erotic, it’s only meant to serve the purpose of Marin doing COSPLAY, a thing she loves, which Gojo is able to make and design for her.

They work as a team to fulfill their individual passions and do the things they love, ultimately.

Seeing “skin” just happens to be part of that contextually.

marin kitagawa censorship my dress up darling

Look at this picture for example. It makes the scene look like a PORNO flick. Or a straight up Hentai with SFW censorship.

No one can look at this image and think otherwise because of the way it’s censored.

The original image is more SFW than the censored one, which is comedy gold.

Being prudish only made the problem worse. It’s an issue broadcasters need to get over in this day and age.


What is My Dress Up Darling?

YouTube video

My Dress Up Darling is an anime about Gojo, a doll maker who’s in the business thanks to his grandpa, who he learned the skills from.

He’s passionate about it, but as a “man” people look at him weird for his interests. That is until he meets Marin Kitagawa, who appreciates his skills.

She in turn wants to cosplay and loves anime, and is a bit of an Otaku. So he adapts his clothing skills to make cosplay outfits for Marin.

The anime is wholesome, courtesy of the manga which is one of the most wholesome manga there is.

The later episodes once the series runs its course will show this side a lot more.

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