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23 Hard Hitting Quotes From The Anime: Black Bullet

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Black Bullet is one of my favorite anime series. Especially when you strip away the supposed “silly” moments from the series, and focus on the underlying dark story that drives it.

In less than 13 episodes this anime hits you with meaningful, sometimes relatable, and dark quotes about life and human nature. The type of quotes that help you build a connection with the character.

After all, life isn’t always roses and daisies. And how we treat each other isn’t always the best. That’s just the way some people turn out to be.

Here are some of the best quotes Black Bullet has to offer…


23 Black Bullet Quotes:


1. Sumire Muroto Quotes

Sumire Muroto Quotes 2

“Corpses are good. They don’t babble. Only they can understand my feelings.” – Sumire Muroto


Sumire Muroto Quotes 5

“Ten years ago, since the day Gastrea began killing humans, my world turned upside down. Even if I used a thousand words, it wouldn’t be enough to express that hell.” – Sumire Muroto


Sumire Muroto Quotes 4

“Haven’t you already lost all hope for this world?” – Sumire Muroto


Sumire Muroto Quotes 6

“Your troubles are so commonplace. It’s really kind of boring when you think about it.” – Sumire Muroto

First world problems reflect this. They’re not problems, they’re privileges nobody needs to complain about.


Sumire Muroto Quotes 1

“Humans tend to think logically, but their actions are driven by emotions.” – Sumire Muroto

That’s the irony of human behavior. We’re more irrational than we think.


Sumire Muroto Quotes 3

“My soul had been saved by your growth. When I had cried out after losing everything I had in the world, I was still connected to the world through your existence. When I hold the banked fire of that shining passion from that time, it is very warm. If you die, I will return to the darkness.” – Sumire Muroto

Rentaro gave Sumire hope, giving her the courage to cope with her troubles.


2. Kayo Senju Quotes

Kayo Senju Quotes 2

“Expecting something in return usually corrupts a good deed.” – Kayo Senju

Ever notice those who give to you, expecting something in return are always the types of people who don’t have your best interests in mind?

This is a universal truth. If you’re not giving because you want to, don’t bother. It’s for the best.


Kayo Senju Quotes 1

“If you’re ever lost in the darkness, follow the compass in your heart.” – Kayo Senju


3. Rentaro Satomi Quotes

Rentaro Satomi Quotes 5

“My father and mother aren’t dead! They must be waiting somewhere for someone to save them! I… Must find them.” – Rentaro Satomi


Rentaro Satomi Quotes 2

“If the bill is passed, the Cursed Children will no longer have to be abandoned. They’ll also have houses to live in. They can sleep cozily inside futons, and will no longer suffer from starvation.” – Rentaro Satomi

The “cursed children” are feared. So they’re treated as outsiders because nobody wants to try and understand them.

I guess that’s the sad thing about human nature.


Rentaro Satomi Quotes 3

“The reason why I still want to live in this rotten world of ours is —It’s because you’re here, Enju.” – Rentaro Satomi


Rentaro Satomi Quotes 4

“I know what it’s like to be afraid and not know where I’m going. Enju, remember, you will always have me. You will always be the most important person in my life. Even if this stupid world never accepts you, I will never leave you and that’s a promise.” – Rentaro Satomi


Rentaro Satomi Quotes

“Just what is right and what is wrong? To begin with, just who is the enemy I must defeat?” – Rentaro Satomi


Rentaro Satomi Quotes

“The scariest thing about killing people is getting used to it. When you kill someone and realize you won’t be punished… That’s when people forget all about punishment.” – Rentaro Satomi


4. Kagetane Hiruko Quotes

Kagetane Hiruko Quotes 2

“I am the destroyer of the world. No one can stop me.” – Kagetane Hiruko


Kagetane Hiruko Quotes 1

“Be afraid, Civil Security. The day of despair is upon us.” – Kagetane Hiruko


Kagetane Hiruko Quotes 3

“I got rid of all the trash nearby before coming here.” – Kagetane Hiruko


5. Kisara Tendou Quotes

Kisara Tendo Quotes 2

“Even if the world doesn’t accept you, I’ll always be right by your side!” – Kisara Tendo


Kisara Tendo Quotes 1

“It is not justice that can oppose evil. It is an absolute evil that overpowers evil itself.” – Kisara Tendo

Sometimes goodness isn’t enough to overcome evil. Lelouch says something similar to Kisara’s quote.


6. Enju Aihara Quotes

Enju Aihara Quotes 2

“I won’t let you kill people.” – Enju Aihara


Enju Aihara Quotes 1

“Rentaro, you let your guard down too early. I couldn’t bear to watch.” – Enju Aihara


Enju Aihara Quotes

“Those are just excuses! If Rentaro wanted to, he could have helped her! Rentaro is an ally of justice. There’s nothing that Rentaro can’t do!” – Enju Aihara


Enju Aihara Quotes 3

“Rentaro…I know. I will do my very best to not let anyone in class find out that I am one of the Cursed Children. Of course I will also be cautious when I’m in front of a lot of people.” – Enju Aihara

Because Enju’s a “cursed child” she’ll be judged if everyone in school finds out. And ostracized for her differences.

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