The 15+ Best Kiss Him Not Me Quotes Fans Will Appreciate!

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Kiss Him Not Me quotes by anime characters:

  • Kae Serinuma.
  • Amane Nakano.
  • Asuma Mutsumi.
  • Hayato Shinomiya.
  • Yuusuke Igarashi.
  • Shima Nishina.
  • Nozomu Nanashima.
  • Takuro Serinuma.

Kiss Him Not Me is what they call “reverse harem” because it’s boys clinging to a girl. It’s made by Brain’s Base.

It’s a fairly known rom com harem series with some meaningful quotes and funny takeaways. All in 12 episodes.

Here’s the best quotes from Kiss Him Not Me!


1. Shima Nishina Quotes

Shima Nishina quotes

“If you call yourself a photographer, shouldn’t you carry yourself with decorum? It’s not at all acceptable to take photos of a lady who refuses.” – Shima Nishina


Shima Nishina quotes 1

“We’re soulmates after all. She’s so fun to be around!” – Shima Nishina


Shima Nishina quotes 2

“I paved my own way to my place in the world, so I can’t lose this fight!” – Shima Nishina


Shima Nishina quotes 3

“A coincidence that’s too good to be true. Some may call it fate.” – Shima Nishina


2. Hayato Shinomiya Quotes

Hayato Shinomiya quotes

“You’re so honest that it disgusts me, but I get you.” – Hayato Shinomiya


3. Amane Nakano Quotes

Amane Nakano quotes

“A scar created by a man can only be healed by another man.” – Amane Nakano


4. Kae Serinuma Quotes

Kae Serinuma quotes

“I was trying so hard to not show my flaws that I didn’t enjoy myself. Really, I’m so sorry. But, I can’t just lie to myself!” – Kae Serinuma


5. Takuro Serinuma Quotes

Takuro Serinuma quotes

“You were probably lured here by her looks, but don’t let that fool you. This girl is a seriously crazy Otaku!” – Takuro Serinuma


6. Yuusuke Igarashi Quotes

Yuusuke Igarashi quotes

“Isn’t it natural to be kind to the person you like?” – Yuusuke Igarashi


Yuusuke Igarashi quotes 1

“You once told me that you like beautiful things. Is making the girl you like cry beautiful?” – Yuusuke Igarashi


Yuusuke Igarashi quotes 2

“Sorry. If we can’t be alone, let me have you to myself for just a little bit, okay?” – Yuusuke Igarashi


Yuusuke Igarashi quotes 3

“It was all about her looks at the start. But now…. I don’t want to give her up.” – Yuusuke Igarashi


7. Asuma Mutsumi Quotes

Asuma Mutsumi quotes

“It’s a beautiful thing when people get along.” – Asuma Mutsumi


Asuma Mutsumi quotes 1

“What’s the problem? Isn’t it a good thing to have something you like? That’s how I feel. And besides, your eyes are sparkling right now.” – Asuma Mutsumi


8. Nozomu Nanashima Quotes

Nozomu Nanashima quotes

“I prefer a beauty with a good personality over a beast with a good personality!” – Nozomu Nanashima

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