The Sooner These 25 Anime Shows Get DUBBED, The Better! (2018)

Did you know there are over 20,000 anime shows in total? According to the database on MyAnimeList (when you add it up).

Now think about this: out of 10,000+ shows, less than 1000 are DUBBED. Probably.

And that’s the exact problem with the anime industry. Even popular shows don’t receive dubs, because it’s usually not a priority.

With that said, here are 25 shows I’d love to watch… That don’t have a dub (or there’s only a dub for 1 season).


25 Anime Shows That Need To Get Dubbed:


1. Gintama

Gintama has to be the most famous comedy/parody series of all time in the anime industry.

Anytime I hear of anime comedy, Gintama pops up in conversation WITHOUT FAIL. And yet I can’t and won’t watch it unless it’s dubbed.

I’m not the only one who would love a dubbed version of Gintama.

It’s successful enough for it to make sense as well. With tons of seasons over the last 10 years.


2. Black Rock Shooter

I’ve always loved the look of Black Rock Shooter. And the name stands out for me.

But again – there’s no dubbed version. Even after all this time.

It’s not always about money when an anime isn’t dubbed… Usually the Japanese just don’t care enough.

And licensing issues and complications can make things more headache than its worth.


3. Every season after the first “Higurashi” series

It’s almost as if Studio Deen is teasing me. Higurashi season 1 is dubbed, and regardless of the quality back then, any season after #1 is only in Japanese.

I can’t understand why, seeing as it’s such a good, high rated and likable series. With some of the best we’ve seen of a horror anime besides Death Note.


4. Monogatari Series

Another anime series I’ve heard so much about, and yet… what can I do? Nothing.

I can either swallow my pride and watch the subbed version… Or I can wait until I’m in a grave before Monogatari finally gets dubbed.

Seriously, that’s what it feels like with shows like Monogatari. But I’m sure it’ll happen eventually.


5. Daily Lives Of High School Boys

This series is basically a slice of life from the perspective of guys. Instead of your usual “female” characters we’ve seen with Kyoto Animation (K-On).

From what I’ve seen this would make a good dub if done right.


6. The Hell Girl Series (after season 1)

Hell Girl is an underrated horror anime, with a mysterious main character who makes the suffering of characters like Naruto look like a JOKE in comparison.

But that’s besides the point. The anime is good, known, and has every reason to get dubbed.

The question is: when will it happen, and why hasn’t it happened so far?

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7. Kono Subarashii

This is another anime that ALWAYS comes up when talking about comedy or parody series.

I’ve loved this series from a distance – based on the images, screenshots, and video snippets I’ve watched. But until it gets dubbed, I refuse to watch it.

Though I’ll admit it is tempting because of how hilarious it seems to be.


8. A Place Further Than The Universe

Hopefully they will!

This anime is made by one of my favorite studios: Madhouse.

The same studio behind:

  • Death Note.
  • The Ambition Of Oda Nobuna.
  • Black Lagoon.

And too many shows to name.

Like Kono Suba, I’m enjoying it from a distance… But the good thing about Madhouse is they tend to turn many of their shows into dubbed versions.

So it could happen sometime in 2019.

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9. Aho Girl

Another ridiculous, stupid and funny as F comedy series. Mostly about a stupid girl who loves Banana’s (she is banana’s basically).

If it ain’t dubbed, then it won’t get no love from me.


10. Re:Creators

I love series like this. It just LOOKS good. And most of all – it’s a magic, supernatural series that reminds me of FATE somehow.

It’s 2018 and there’s still no sign of a dubbed version. So who knows if it’ll ever happen.


11. Laid Back Camp

Go right ahead…

I like relaxing anime series (Flying Witch, etc). In fact – slice of life is my favorite genre of anime for this reason.

With a name like Laid Back Camp, I can only imagine how nice and refreshing it is.


12. I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying

This series looks like a lot of fun. And the “fun” is all in the name as well.

I haven’t seen any clips of this series, but just looking at the images and description has been enough to get me interested.


13. Gabriel Dropout

An anime about some devil girl and some silly comedy thrown in. Sounds like a female version of The Devil Is A Part Timer.

I doubt there’s any correlation though. I’m dying to watch it…


14. Hibike Euphonium

Kyoto Animation is my favorite anime studio, and they know how to do romance and slice of life series… Better than anyone else.

Hibike Euphonium is stunning. Now we just need a dub to show that off to those who want it.


15. Food Wars Season 3

Food Wars is a classic with no direct comparison in the anime industry. J.C STAFF out-did themselves with this show.

Season 1 and 2 have dubs, so I’d be shocked it season 3 doesn’t follow the same pattern.

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16. Sword Art Online: Alternative Gun Gale Online

As a fan of the SAO series, the movie from 2017 was a little disappointing. But Gun Gale Online seems to be worth it in comparison.

I like the approach they took with this one (original characters and so on).


17. My Teenage Romantic Comedy

I like an anime that can teach me something. And there’s no better way to be entertained than to ALSO learn while you’re at it.

At least for me. And from what I know, this anime is filled with life lessons and relatable experiences.


18. Shirobako

This anime is literally about the industry itself. And I’m all about business so it’s no wonder I’ve added Shirobako to this list.

Shirobako is a realistic view of what happens in the anime industry, how employee’s are paid and worked to the bone… The gruelling schedules and so much more.

I can only wonder why P.A Works decided NOT to dub this series so far.


19. Working!!!

I told you I loved slice of life. I’m serious about that.

Surely I’m not the only one who wants a dubbed version of working!!! in 2018?


20. Sword Art Online Season 3

It’s still airing, and so far the reviews are good… Depending on who you ask. But since it’s not being simul-dubbed like other shows (Fairy Tail) I had to mention it.

It’s almost guaranteed SAO Alicization will get dubbed though. Probably in 2019.


21. Idolmaster Cinderella Girls

Love Live already got dubbed ages ago. And almost everyone loves it in both Japan AND worldwide.

Idolmaster is another series that’s mega popular… but for some reason there’s no dub in sight just yet.


22. How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend

I like an anime with an interesting title. And this series has always caught my interest.

But until it gets dubbed, which I’m sure you’ll agree if you’re a fan, I refuse to get into it.

There’s just no excuse for this to NOT be dubbed!


23. Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai

You can’t go through 2018 without knowing about this series. I hear about it so much that if it didn’t make me curious, I’d be throwing up by now.

But I’m not sick of hearing it. Instead I wanna watch it (after) it gets dubbed.


24. Non Non Biyori Repeat

I’m laid back and so I like to chill when I watch anime. Non Non Biyori Repeat is that kind of anime series.

Where’s the dub at bro?


25. Kemono Friends

This is a weird-looking series… mostly because of the animation style they went with.

It’s different, I’ll say that.

But again – where’s the dub at bro? It looks fun, but if it ain’t getting dubbed I can’t give it no love.


What do you think?

Like I said earlier – less than 1000 shows have dubs at all. Especially if we’re talking about legal streaming sites.

Not even Kiss Anime has over 1000 dubs (doubtful).

What else do you think deserves to be dubbed in the near future?


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3 thoughts on “The Sooner These 25 Anime Shows Get DUBBED, The Better! (2018)

  1. Erusean says:

    As long as they’re aren’t shipped with awful dub (Chuunibyou) I sorta agreeing with your list

  2. W0LFGANXS says:

    So I just found this article. I’m aware that you’re one of the very rare few people in the anime community that don’t watch anime in their original language based on another article that you wrote which I found months ago, but hear me out. Personally, I believe that its fine to have preferences, but in the case of anime, Japanese audio will always be prioritized waaaaaaaaaaaaay ahead of the English dub, that is assuming that an English dub will even come. But I’ll break down why dubs are just meager trifles that will not affect, if not ruin, anime as whole.

    Let’s start with some of the series that you wrote on your list. The Monogatari series will never ever EVER get a dub. Why? because the series is filled with and heavily relies on Japanese puns and word plays that will not make a lick of sense when spoken in English. Even their titles are Japanese puns. Nisemonogatari, Bakemonogatari, are just few examples. Its pretty much what the series is known for the most, to be honest. If this series is to be dubbed in English, then literally ALL of the Japanese puns and word plays need to be replaced with western equivalents, and that means the series will be heavily altered. Remember 4Kids? Do you know why they failed miserably? Because they westernized they sh** out of all the anime series they licensed. Do you seriously want to watch an anime series and not understand the author’s intent? I’m sure you don’t. Re: Creators will also never get dubbed, but for a different reason. Re: Creators actually has an animated appearance of real life Japanese seiyuu. Japan treats their seiyuu with lots of respect, and dubbing this series means replacing them with American voice actresses. I’m sure that’s what YOU want, but that’s not what THEY want. And once again, this is another example of altering anime to suit western audience, though not as heavy as what the Monogatari series would experience if they get dubbed.

    Most anime series are geared towards eastern audience, so dubbing them will cost their authenticity. That’s the biggest reason why I stopped watching dubs in middle school, and has watched anime exclusively with their original Japanese voices since then. When I watch dubs, I don’t feel like I’m hearing how the characters are supposed to sound like. Just like with live action dubs, dubs in anime exists as REPLACEMENTS for the REAL voices. Back then, I begin to understand why most people preferred the original voices. Before that, I just simply brushed them off as elitists, but now I understand that watching anime in Japanese is the definite way to experience them.

    • Theo J Ellis says:

      If it’s “fine” to have preferences, why spend so much time writing paragraph after paragraph, telling me why “subs” are better, and why dubs are bad?

      You lost me from that point on wards.

      I’m not one of the “rare” few. I’m simply one of the few who’s willing to say it out loud, because people like you will ALWAYS oppose and criticize the choice to watch dub more than sub.

      Hence why most people say nothing (to the tune of millions of anime fans).

      If you’re gonna say something, tell me something I DON’T know. Text book examples like “it’s for an eastern audience” is like saying “The Simpsons is for Americans”. And it doesn’t help your argument.

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