6 Ai Enma Quotes From Hell Girl That Will Make You Think About Life

6 Ai Enma Quotes From Hell Girl That Can't Be Denied

Ai Enma is the main character from the Anime show – Hell Girl.

An Anime that focuses on the dark side of human beings, and how cruel we are to each other.

Because Hell Girl is such a dark Anime, the quotes go deep. And they don’t just go deep, they make you think about life.

From a philosophical point of view.

And you’ll be nodding your head in agreement with a lot of Ai Enma’s quotes.

Sometimes inspiration doesn’t come from inspirational quotes, but deep, hard-hitting, thought-provoking quotes.

Hopefully this post leaves you a little inspired or encouraged in some way.


6 Ai Enma Quotes From Hell Girl That Will Make You Think About Life


Ai Enma Quotes #1

Ai Enma Quotes
“Once revenge has been served, you’ll have to deliver on your end of the bargain. There always has to be a price.” – Ai Enma

Revenge is something we all thirst for when people hurt us. But is it worth the price you’ll have to pay for it?

Is it worth getting revenge just to satisfy your anger? Will it make your life any better?

And will it truly make you happier once you have your revenge? No matter how big or small that revenge is?

This quote by Ai Enma is undeniable.

There’s always a price, so be sure you’re willing to pay for it!


Ai Enma Quotes #2

6 Ai Enma Quotes
“Human is an existence full of sin.” – Ai Enma

That’s what makes us human. But let’s not use that as an excuse to do wrong to others.


Ai Enma Quotes #3

6 Ai Enma Quotes
“When one person is cursed, two graves are dug.” – Ai Enma

The point of this quote is – when one person is bad, another person gets hurt.


Ai Enma Quotes #4

6 Ai Enma Quotes
“The real hell is inside the person.” – Ai Enma

Similar to quote #2, we all have a hell inside of us. What matters is how we tame the beast. And what choices we decide to make to live life more positively.


Ai Enma Quotes #5

6 Ai Enma Quotes
“To hate or to be hated, someone will hate again. To send or to be sent to Hell, someone will be sent there again. I have witnessed this cycle over and over again. No one can stop it.” – Ai Enma

The keyword here is – hate. There will always be someone who hates something, or hates you. Or has hatred because of whatever other reason.

The only person who can stop it is the person who’s doing the hating.


Ai Enma Quotes #6

6 Ai Enma Quotes
“Hell is in human heart.” – Ai Enma

Similar to quote #1 and #4.


Which Ai Enma quote did you love the most?


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