12 Powerful Higurashi Quotes That Are Unforgettable

I remember the first time I watched Higurashi: When They Cry. I admit I didn’t know what to expect. And each episode had me in shock as the story began to unfold.

Not sure how I heard of Higurashi, but I’m glad I did as it’s now one of my top Anime shows.

The reason? Not just the great episodes and how it all plays out. No, it’s not just the music either. It’s the quotes!

It’s what made Higurashi slightly more entertaining and enjoyable.

If you share similar feelings for Higurashi, or you just love Anime quotes, here are the best lines from the series.


Keiichi Maebara Quotes #1

9 Powerful Higurashi Quotes That Are Unforgettable

“If you just submit yourself to fate, then that’s the end of it.” – Keiichi Maebara

Once you’ve given up, it’s already over. No If’s, buts, or maybe’s about it!


Mion Sonozaki Quotes #2

9 Powerful Higurashi Quotes That Are Unforgettable

“Life is like a tube of toothpaste. When you’ve used all the toothpaste down to the last squeeze, that’s when you’ve really lived. Live with all your might, and struggle as long as you have life.” – Mion Sonozaki

Personally a favorite quote of mine from the series. Also Mion is one of my favorites from Higurashi.


Rena Ryuuguu Quotes #3

9 Powerful Higurashi Quotes That Are Unforgettable

“There’s only one world for us, and things in it are set up so that we can find happiness in it.” – Rena Ryuugu

Great way to think about it.


Rika Furude Quotes #4

9 Powerful Higurashi Quotes That Are Unforgettable

“You can never win if you’re afraid to lose so much that you refuse to put up a fight.” – Rika Furude

Great Higurashi quote!


Rena Ryuuguu Quotes #5

4 Rena Ryuugu Quotes That Are Worth Thinking About

“Even if you lovingly collect every last piece of a shattered cup, pieces are still pieces. Once something breaks, it can never return.” – Rena Ryuugu

Truth be told, right?


Mion Sonozaki Quotes #6

9 Powerful Higurashi Quotes That Are Unforgettable

“No one can say they grew up in a sterile room, never failing or making mistakes. Life is an ongoing process of trial and error.” – Mion Sonozaki

This quote is what makes Mion Sonozaki such a cool character. Personally speaking.


Rika Furude Quotes #7

9 Powerful Higurashi Quotes That Are Unforgettable

“You can change fate as long as you believe you can.” – Rika Furude

Rika always seems to come out with something interesting, so it’s no surprise she has some good Higurashi quotes.


Shion Sonozaki Quotes #8

9 Powerful Higurashi Quotes That Are Unforgettable

“Truth be told, you could threaten me all day long and I still wouldn’t care.” – Shion Sonozaki


Rena Ryuuguu Quotes #9

9 Powerful Higurashi Quotes That Are Unforgettable

“A flower raised in a greenhouse is still beautiful, even though it knows no adversity. But a flower growing in the field that has braved wind, rain, cold, and heat possesses something more than just beauty.” – Rena Ryuugu

There’s something special about overcoming the odds, as it makes you stronger and better. That’s basically the point of this quote by Rena Ryuuguu.


Takano Miyo Quotes #10

Higurashi quotes

“Every phenomenon that happens in the human world is caused by people for their own convenience.” – Takano Miyo

Naturally we’re selfish. So this quote has a lot of truth to it. No matter how crazy something is, you better believe it’s benefiting someone, somehow. For their own convenience.


Hanyuu Quotes #11

Higurashi quotes

“I’m prepared for anything! Up until now, I have been running away from every fight, afraid of losing. But running away is even worse than losing. Unless one continues to fight, without succumbing to the pain of defeat, it is impossible to achieve victory. That is what people I love taught me.” – Hanyuu

This is one of the more positive quotes from Higurashi: When They Cry.


Ichiro Maebara Quotes #12#

Higurashi quotes

“There are many kinds of fights in this world, but if you don’t stick to the rules you won’t win support from the people around you.” – Ichiro Maebara

Ichiro is the father of Keiichi, one of the main characters in Higurashi.

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Which Higurashi quote is your favorite?

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