Ursula Callistis Quotes About Life And Self Improvement

6 Ursula Callistis Quotes About Life And Self Improvement

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“Never forget, a believing heart is your magic.” – Ursula Callistis

Ursula Callistis plays the mentor role in anime: Little Witch Academia.

Even though she’s quiet and reserved in the beginning, she has a side to her that’s raging with passion, rebelliousness, and a kind heart that cares for others.

She’s what you’d call an “introvert with a feisty” personality.

If you’re looking for some inspiration or just pure entertainment, absorb the wisdom from these 6 powerful quotes by Ursula Callistis.

They’re worth sharing!


1. Stop right there!

Ursula Callistis Quotes

“Stop right there! You may see Miss Kagari as just a poor student unable to use magic if you compare her to her classmates. But she has learned to understand fish language, and although she has yet to master it, she’s continuously improving her metamorphosis magic! You should not be comparing her to other students, but to how she was on the day of her enrollment!” – Ursula Callistis

Basically, compare yourself to WHAT you can do. Not to what others can do. Because while you can get better, you can never be someone else.


2. You get what you work for

Little Witch Academia quotes

“You don’t get the things you dream of, you get the things that you work for.” – Ursula Callistis


3. Do what only you can do

Little Witch Academia quotes

“If Chariot was here, she might say something like this: Don’t compare yourself to others, do what only you can do.” – Ursula CallistisS

Similar to point #1, comparison is the devil. Compare yourself to what you’ve done, and what you can do better.


4. Even If…

Little Witch Academia quotes

“Even If I never shine again, I will protect Akko!” – Ursula Callistis


5. I want to make a difference

Shiny Chariot quotes

“I want to bring fun to all! I want to make everyone in the world forget their sadness and hatred with a smile!” – Shiny Chariot


6. Don’t let failure stop you

Shiny Chariot Quotes

“No matter how much I may fail, I still want to give people a fun and exciting time. It was that feeling that kept me going. And then, as I stayed true to my belief, a staff of seven stars appeared before me. If I could revive the seven words with that staff, I would obtain the world reconstruction magic, Grand Triskellion. I had no doubt it was a fantastic magic, able to bring joy to people’s hearts!” – Shiny Chariot

Failure is only a roadblock if you allow it to be…