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Why The United Nations “Fight” To Ban Anime Doesn’t Make Any Sense

The United Nations have been trying to ban anime for some years now. Especially since anime has gotten bigger and bigger within the last decade.

But the question of a lot of anime fans is: why?

Why are the United Nations going out of their way to ban anime, a Japanese art form based on its own principles and culture?

It’s almost as if the United Nations is trying to say “you’re only allowed to see the world this way, and we don’t like the way you portray it in anime”.

Considering the UN is based in New York, that’s not surprising since this is a typical “western” thing to do.


What IS the United Nations anyway?

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The UN (United Nations) was founded after world war 2. The effects of that war was devastating for reasons I don’t need to mention.

The UN was founded because of how much damage it caused, with the intent to prevent any wars breaking out in the future.


The UN’S principles:

  • Maintain international peace and security.
  • Develop friendly relationships in different nations.
  • Solve economical, cultural, social and humanitarian problems.
  • Unite countries to meet the UN’S purpose and goals.

Sounds happy and cheerful, eh?

The question now becomes:


How is anime affecting the UN’S goals and purposes?

Answer: It’s not. 

Anime isn’t affecting world peace, security, economic development, unity, social and cultural problems, or anything of the sort.

But the UN is still so intent in trying to ban anime for reasons that are hypocritical and don’t make any sense (as far as their goals).

Let’s talk about why.


This Is Why The UN’S Fight To Ban Anime Is Nonsense:


1. Anime Loli’s are fictional characters 

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I bring this up because THIS is one of the reasons the UN is trying to ban anime.

They believe, in their own words:

“It violates human rights of women and children.” – United Nations

This is FALSE for a lot of reasons:

  • A LOT of anime, characters and media are created by women in Japan.
  • Anime characters are fictional, no different to cartoons like Simpsons.
  • Kids in anime aren’t real, so it’s impossible for it to “violet human rights of children”.
  • And vice versa for female anime characters.


There are no “human rights” being violated so it’s a baseless accusation

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In the real world – if a child, kid or teenager is taken advantage of, whether sexually or otherwise, their human rights are obviously being violated.

Anyone with common sense knows this type of thing is WRONG and it doesn’t take an argument to prove it.

It’s sickening and this type of thing shouldn’t be allowed.

This applies to children who are exploited in the workplace as well (illegally). Or any other variation.


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And this carries over to women in the real world.

If a woman (just like a man) is taken advantage of and their “rights” and “free will” is stripped away, or they’re abused and made to do things that aren’t right, their human rights are obviously being violated.

This goes for rape, sexual assault, and whatever buzzword you wanna use.

So that leads to a question for the UN:

How can their human rights be violated if they’re not human to begin with?

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2. Anime doesn’t hinder the UN’S goals for world peace and development

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Anime is diverse as F. Probably one of the more diverse pieces of entertainment the world has ever known.

You can explore themes like:

  • Overcoming depression.
  • Dealing with the loss of a parent.
  • Rising above criticism and ignoring the haters.
  • Coming from nothing and making something of yourself.
  • Succeeding in college/university.
  • Dealing with a breakup and heartache in a relationship.

And SO many more themes not worth digging into here.

Anime is just like any other medium in the sense that there’s something for everyone to watch for all ages.

It’s up to the viewer to choose what they consider appropriate for them or not.

The problem starts when we start trying to “push” our personal agenda on creators, just because it rubs us the wrong way.


Anime has done nothing to hinder the progress of the UN’S goals

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The UN’S goals are to maintain peace, security, support economical, cultural, and social issues across the world. And basically – to bring good to humanity worldwide.

Anime doesn’t do a thing to stop, prevent or harm these “righteous” aims and targets. Especially since anime isn’t political, and it’s not designed to “oppose ” anything we’re working towards in the real world.

Anime’s goal is to entertainment and educate when the context fits. And like films – there are “obscene” films and more age appropriate films for everyone.

By the United Nations logic – films, video games and music should be banned if a portion of it doesn’t fit a set of people’s expectations.


The faulty mistakes people make when judging anime:


→ They judge the fictional world based on “real world” laws and principles

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One of the common arguments people like the UN and anyone outside the anime industry makes is – women are “too” exposed.

Or they complain about fan service, and how some women aren’t drawn “realistically”.

The problem with this flawed logic is anime isn’t supposed to be real.

That’s why it’s an “animated” version of real life. With wacky designs, concepts, unrealistic themes and sometimes – out of this world character designs.

You can’t use human logic and real world principles to judge anime (or any fiction) just because it doesn’t fit your way of seeing the world.

That’s faulty logic and reasoning. And it’s pretty f*cking self centred. Almost as if you’re saying “the world revolves around ME” which is arrogant and selfish.


→ They judge anime based on how they judge themselves

Not too long ago in 2019 Nejire Hado, one of the characters in My Hero Academia received backlash.

The reason? The Manga version of Nejire Hado has “smaller” boobs than the anime.

This is a classic example of judging an art form based on how you judge yourself, and your own insecurities.

This is never an issue when an anime character isn’t voluptuous, curvy, and is more along the lines of an A-Cup.

It’s a faulty mentality that tries to compare the real world with fiction, while painting them as the same because they can’t deal with the way it makes them feel about themselves.


The United Nations should focus on REAL problems and leave anime alone

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Taking the time to ban anime is time that could be spent on bigger and more important things.

Things that are actually affecting the world we live in.

Let’s put this sh*t to bed and let it sleep for good.



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