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5 Anime Shows That Take Fanservice To A New Level Of Stupid

Is fanservice a bad thing? The obvious answer is no. It has its own time and place for it.

But what about when it’s taken TOO far? Like when you’re watching a meaningful series with a deep story, only for the anime to ruin the moment with pointless fanservice?

Whatever anime came to your mind when reading that sentence… hold that thought.

Let’s talk about a couple of anime shows I feel take fanservice to the extremes, when it’s not necessary.


Anime with excessive fanservice:


1. Taboo Tattoo

taboo tattoo main character fight

You know what I hate about Taboo Tattoo? When you takeaway the ridiculous fanservice… it’s a good anime series.

The action in Taboo Tattoo is some of the BEST I’ve ever seen. And most fans will agree if they’re being honest about it.

After all, Taboo Tattoo has a strong focus on martial arts, the supernatural, and everything in between. With violence that almost rivals Akame Ga Kill.

YouTube video

But as you can see, the image above is where this anime meets its downfall. And throws away it’s potential.

In the most serious moments of Taboo Tattoo, fanservice is thrown in as if the creators were smoking weed when they decided to do it.

It leaves you feeling awkward, confused, and basically facepalming yourself in disbelief.

If it weren’t for this, I could have easily rated this anime a 9 or even 10/10.

But it’s action-packed scenes and beautiful animation is let down by its unusual, brainless fanservice.


2. High School Of The Dead

highschool of the dead fanservice 1

Take a good look at the image above. And then realize this one thing: THIS IS A HORROR SERIES.

Zombies are charging towards one of the main characters… and the anime manages to flip her skirt up enough to see underwear.

How is this possible?

Is the force of the zombies charging at the MC so powerful that it produced enough wind to flip her skirt up?

Is this supposed to be an 18+ series in terms of violence? It’s not like the zombies are gonna take a peak anytime soon.

YouTube video

In this scene – the MC: Tagashi is using a sniper rifle to pick off zombies from a distance.

But tell me – at which point does it makes sense to conveniently wrap his left arm around her boobs?

This anime is so bad that it tries to “squeeze” fanservice at every opportunity it gets.

I just don’t get it.

And while this is an Ecchi series, keep this in mind: the 1st episode sells itself as a VIOLENT horror series.

Which is why if a NEW fan is watching it for the first time… they’ll be left confused and disappointed.


3. Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple

kenichi the mightiest disciple anime characters

I’ll start by saying I LOVE this series. It’s one of the more meaningful shounen series about martial arts, bullying and personal development.

But as you start getting “deeper” into the anime… fanservice pokes its ugly head where it’s not wanted.

YouTube video

One of the main characters: Miu Furinji is a good example (blonde hair).

Is she a hottie? You could say that. But remember: fanservice is about CONTEXT.

And in the context of what this show represents, there are times where I feel it goes too far. Like the image above.

A motivational anime of this kind could have been even better without the exaggerated and excessive fanservice in some scenes and episodes.

I love it no less though.

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4. Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?

YouTube video

In the beginning this seems like an innocent anime series, with a soft main character who “toughens up” through life-changing experiences.

Basically no different from your typical “shounen” plot where the MC starts weak and gets stronger overtime.

But somewhere along the way, fanservice creeps into the picture. And you start to wonder why or where this anime is headed in terms of focus and direction.

Followed by fanservice is a harem of girls fawning over the main character. Which makes you ask: is this supposed to be a harem series?

Have the creators ran out of ideas already?

bell cranel blushing

It doesn’t even feel like “Danmachi” anymore at this point. It becomes something different all together.

Fanservice grabs the anime by the throat and refuses to let go, at the expense of the story.

Fanservice isn’t bad, but it’s awful when used out of context.

Danmachi disappointed me for this reason.


5. Fairy Tail

YouTube video

Sometimes I wonder why I love this anime so much. Because I also hate it mainly for its fan service, sometimes.

It’s the only anime I’ve managed to love in spite of the “fan service abuse” that shows up in later episodes.

One example is some of the cliche fanservice in the middle of a BATTLE.

lucy heartfilia hidden power

I get that Fairy Tail is a comedy series (and many other things) but this is not hilarious at all.

There’s nothing wrong with fanservice… but it has a time and a place for it. Which is why it can fail when the creators try using it for “comedic” reasons.

And remember: Ecchi series. Which only adds to the problem.

So when I come across fans who dislike Fairy Tail… I completely understand why they’re not able to overlook the fanservice to get to the “good” parts of what makes F.T worthwhile.

Fairy Tail’s emotional appeal and its ability to make you “connect” with the characters is one example.


Besides these 5 anime series, I can’t really say I have a problem with fanservice in general.

Sometimes it’s needed, other times it’s natural. Or even innocent and funny.

But when it’s abused, to me it shows the creators are either:

  • Running out of ideas.
  • Have nothing else to contribute to the series.
  • Using it as “filler”.
  • Or they’re copying everyone else, making the majority of anime more mediocre than necessary.

The only real exceptions here is “beach” or “summer” episodes.

We all expect those, otherwise too many anime these days (like the 5 above) over do it and use it as an excuse.

That’s why certain people avoid these shows all together (even if they’re good).


What do you think?


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