32+ Of The Greatest Kiznaiver Quotes Anime Fans Will Love

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Kiznaiver quotes taken from characters:

  • Maki Honoka.
  • Agata Katsuhira.
  • Noriko Sonozaki.
  • Tenga Hajime.
  • Niyama Nico.
  • Hisomu Yoshiharu.
  • Chidori Takashiro.
  • Tsuguhito Yuta.

Kiznaiver is a sci-fi anime series, produced by studio TRIGGER. Same studio as Kill La Kill.

For fans of the anime show – here are some of the best lines taken from characters you love.

Let’s get started.


1. Maki Honoka Quotes

“Maybe it’s true that people care when it’s too late.” – Maki Honoka


“Those who have a complex about appearances mistakenly think that every person’s worth is measured solely on their looks.” – Maki Honoka


Maki Honoka Quotes

“It’s because we don’t understand! It’s because we don’t understand that we wonder what the other is thinking and try desperately to understand every word they say… You end up thinking too much about the other person, and being close to them becomes painful so you try to distance yourself… I believe you become friends with somebody by doing that over and over, and that’s how… As much as I hate to admit it, it’s how I became friends with these guys.” – Maki Honoka


“There is nothing more expensive than something free.” – Maki Honoka


“Inside every person you know, there’s a person you don’t know.” – Maki Honoka


2. Agata Katsuhira Quotes

“I don’t want to die or kill myself, I just want to disappear until I feel okay.” – Agata Katsuhira


“I think you’re fine just the way you are.” – Agata Katsuhira


“One of the hardest things to do is having to throw away all of the truths you were taught about life and accept them as lies.” – Agata Katsuhira


“I’m not perfect, I hurt people, but when I say sorry I mean it.” – Agata Katsuhira


“Even if I don’t have feelings, I can still think. Even if I don’t have pain, I’m sure I can still connect.” – Agata Katsuhira


“It’s okay if you don’t understand, just stay with me, watch me, and slowly come to understand.” – Agata Katsuhira


“Sometimes it’s easier to pretend that you don’t care than to admit it’s killing you.” – Agata Katsuhira


3. Noriko Sonozaki Quotes

“Honest talk is an important step towards friendship.” – Noriko Sonozaki


“True happiness is only attainable through connecting bonds.” – Noriko Sonozaki


“I love you too, Katsuhira-kun!” – Noriko Sonozaki


“If only our eyes saw souls, how different our ideals of beauty would be.” – Noriko Sonozaki


“I was taught to gratefully accept others’ kindness.” – Noriko Sonozaki


“Everyone wants to connect with someone else.” – Noriko Sonozaki


“Have a bun to calm your buns.” – Noriko Sonozaki


“There are times when you don’t notice even the thing that’s closest to you.” – Noriko Sonozaki


“The reason scars don’t heal when we try to forget, is because trying to forget makes you remember them.” – Noriko Sonozaki


“Yes, from today, you’re all Kiznaivers.” – Noriko Sonozaki


“Do you know why you’ve been bullied for no good reason since you were little? Because you don’t get scared.” – Noriko Sonozaki


“Everyone wants to be special to someone. Whether it be due to positive feelings, or negative feelings.” – Noriko Sonozaki


“If we were able to know and share other people’s pain and suffering as our own, fighting would not occur… However, there are limits to a person’s imagination.” – Noriko Sonozaki


“Does the smell of a girl excite you?” – Noriko Sonozaki


4. Hisomu Yoshiharu Quotes

“If you don’t know what state your wounds are in, or where you’re hurting, if you don’t know that for yourself, there’s no point in trying to share it with others, is there?” – Hisomu Yoshiharu


“I personally don’t believe connections are made so easily.” – Hisomu Yoshiharu


5. Chidori Takashiro Quotes

“It’s not really jealousy. More like a strong desire to kill him.” – Chidori Takashiro


6 Tsuguhito Yuta Quotes

“Even if it’s a lie, when you do stuff like this, both people should carry on about how they love each other.” – Tsuguhito Yuta


7. Niyama Nico Quotes

“If we still want to connect, we can’t just keep waiting. We each have to try to connect on our own!” – Niyama Nico


8. Tenga Hajime Quotes

“For me, rather than someone not being able to answer my feelings, it’s way harder to not be able to answer someone else’s feeling.” – Tenga Hajime

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