9+ Anime Shows With A Similar Art Style To Kaiju No. 8

Kaiju No.8 is officially getting a 2nd season as of this post. The first season and the anime are about Hibino Kafka, an “older” recruit who is in his early 30s, which is unusual for where he works.

One day a bug (Kaiju, the enemies of humanity) literally jumps down his throat and turns him into a Kaiju, which he has to hide and control. Only his very closest workmates know his secret.

His goal is to work with Mina, his childhood friend, side by side, defeating KAIJU, but she is the captain and he has a long way to go to reach her.

Let’s talk about:

  • Anime shows similar to Kaiju No.8 with their aty style.
  • How they’re similar.
  • character design similarities.

And everything in between to compare.

Here’s a list.


1. Psycho Pass

Psycho Pass was released back in the early 2010s and is one of the most successful police/action and sci-fi series ever made in that era.

It has many seasons and movies that have followed up until the 2020s.

Akane Tsunemori is a rookie police officer who on her first day discovers the kinds of violence she can expect to see on the job. But is determined and dedicated to make a difference, and even challenge the way the police business operates.

She’s creative, innovative, confident, and bold.

The art style has crossovers to Kaiju No.8 even though both anime are fundamentally different.


2. Jormungand

Jormungand is about arms dealing. It’s as straightforward as that. The millionaire boss Koko Hekmatyar runs a successful arms dealing business with many bodyguards who are ex-soldiers.

She has enemies worldwide and was put into the arms dealing business from a young age, making it the norm for her.

The realistic drawings and art style, plus the use of guns, heavy fire, and weaponry, is a similar concept but it’s more the art that makes Jormungand worth mentioning here.


3. Bungou Stray Dogs

Bungou Stray Dogs like Kaiju No.8 is based on supernatural elements, characters, and in this case, the armed detective agency that is determined to keep the peace.

Dazai is one of the main wacky characters, whereas Atsushi Nakajima is what brings normalcy (and introversion) to the anime among a few others if that.

The main comparison between Bungou and Kaiju is the art style more than anything else.


4. Akiba Maid War

Akiba Maid War is another underrated anime series and one that went unnoticed by the mainstream majority. It was released back in winter 2022, and was like a modern version of Black Lagoon or Jormungand.

The anime focuses on maids who are at war with each other, but who seem cute, friendly, and innocent on the surface which lores Nagomi, the MC, to start working for Oinky Doink Cafe.

She learns the hard way and is now caught up in a life she never wanted, but she adapts surprisingly well despite her approach.

It has a realistic art style and doesn’t overdo it with the usual comedy faces or moments,  and has great introverted characters like RANKO who make the anime shine despite not being the most charismatic.


5. Full Metal Panic

Full Metal Panic is led by Sosuke Sagara, an independent soldier working for the anti-terrorist group Mythril. They work internationally, and have enemies as a result.

Sosuske shows up at Kaname Chidori’s school insisting it’s his mission to protect her, but not in those words. And it is his mission since she is being targeted.

Both their romantic relationships develop but not at the expense of the story, and the undertones and dark vibes have a crossover with Kaiju No.8 in a lot of ways, as well as designs subtly.


6. Heavenly Delusion

Heavenly Delusion is an underrated anime series of 2023 that many didn’t even know existed, but those who do, promote it like myself and appreciate its writing.

While the ending episode is absolutely crazy, the anime is mystery based with the pieces being put together as you move along.

Kiriko is the female MC, and Maru is the male MC, both of who fight together to survive the monsters out in the world in their search for what they call “heaven”.

The art style is refreshing and different to what’s considered normal for 2023/2024 at least.


7. Sengoku Youko

Sengoku Youko might be the anime that people dismissed initially in 2024. It starts slow like many anime out there and gets gradually better over time (similar to Naruto in the early stages).

It’s about Youko, a fox girl, and Jinka, who travels with her and is a significant character. Followed by Shinsuke, a samurai who starts out weak in comparison to the spirit characters he travels with, and comes from a tough background.

This is the type of anime that doesn’t have a specific style. It’s what I call “normal” or “standard” as far as anime styles, and Kaiju No.8 is similar in this way though the latter could be considered realistic as I define it.

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8. Eureka Seven

Eureka Seven feels like another forgotten Mecha anime in 2024 and beyond, which was originally released in the 2000s.

It’s about Renton Thurston, a kid who wants to explore and leave his hometown. He is invited to board the Gecko Star, a type of ship, where he meets Eureka, his crush.

The anime starts slow but gets a lot better and a lot deeper.

Art style-wise, there is a clear comparison between both anime and how they go about things in the heart department. Secrecy and mystery are also part of the anime’s nature.


9. Black Bullet

In this world filled with what they call “Gastrea”, a monster that almost destroyed Tokyo, have a sort of defence force that fights against it.

One of those characters is called Rentato Satomi, and his partner Enju Aihara has Gastrea blood inside her, giving her superhuman strength.

Characters with this blood are called cursed children, who face discrimination.

The art style and characters, and the darker tones are very Kaiju No.8 like.

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