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67+ Of The Best SHORT Anime Quotes That Are Nice And Snappy

Looking for short anime quotes, or anime quotes at least under 60 words?

Whether what you want is specific or broad, this is the post made just for you.

Anime quotes are taken from:

  • Shounen.
  • School.
  • Fantasy.
  • Action.
  • Psychological.
  • Supernatural.
  • Ecchi.
  • Romance.

And similar genres that fit together.

Here’s a list!


The best short anime quotes:

Arisu Sakayanagi Quotes Classroom Of The Elite (2)

“I’m here purely by coincidence.” – Arisu Sakayanagi


himeno quotes chainsaw man 2 | https://animemotivation.com/short-anime-quotes/

“It must be nice having someone care enough to cry over you.” – Himeno


aki hayakawa quotes chainsaw man 5 | https://animemotivation.com/short-anime-quotes/

“I’ve had enough of watching people die in front of my eyes.” – Aki Hayakawa


Anya forger quotes spy x family 1 | https://animemotivation.com/short-anime-quotes/

“A spy… an assassin… this is so exciting! Waku Waku!” – Anya Forger


loid forger quotes spy x family 6 | https://animemotivation.com/short-anime-quotes/

“It’s not so easy to get things right with favourable conditions.” – Loid Forger


Zangetsu Quotes Bleach Anime (2)

“I see. So I still haven’t reached you.” – Zangetsu


Roronoa Zoro Quotes One Piece (8)

“If you kill yourself, I’ll kill you.” – Roronoa Zoro


Monkey D Luffy Quotes One Piece Anime (5)

Being alone hurts worse than pain.” – Monkey D Luffy


Rachel Gardner Quotes Angels Of Death

“I’m sorry… Making you kill someone as boring as me.” – Rachel Gardner


Griffith Quotes Berserk (4)

“I’ll not… betray my dream. That is all.” – Griffith


Historia Reiss Quotes Aot

“There are many ways of thinking as there are people.” – Historia Reiss


Richter Abend Quotes Tales Of Symphonia

“Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality.” – Richter Abend


Lisa Eostre Quotes Walkure Romanze

“There’s a thin line between recklessness and courage.” – Lisa Eostre


Muguruma Kensei Quotes Bleach

“Courage is being scared to death, but doing it anyways.” – Muguruma Kensei


Shirou Emiya Quotes Fate Stay Night

“People die if they are killed.” – Shirou Emiya


Miku Nakano Quotes Anime (3)

“If you face her with sincerity, I’m sure she’ll come to understand you.” – Miku Nakano


Jerome Karlstahl Quotes Eighty Six Anime

“Being excessibely humble will bring about disgust.” – Jerome Karlstahl


Siesta Quotes The Detective Is Already Dead

“A first rate detective solves a case before it even happens.” – Siesta


Lusamine Quotes Pokemon

“Caring won’t keep the things you love safe, but if you don’t care, you may find you have nothing left to protect.” – Lusamine


Ichigo Kurosaki Quotes Bleach (2)

“Kariya sought the power to change his fate. What I sought was… a turn of fate.” – Ichigo Kurosaki


Isshin Kurosaki Quotes Bleach (4)

“Good moooorning Ichigoooooo!” – Ishin Kurosaki


Ooe Kintarou Quotes Golden Boy

“Maybe not today, but a huge sun may rise tomorrow.” – Ooe Kintarou


Caldina Quotes Magic Knight Rayearth

“You’d risk your life for a couple of chicks you just met? You nuts?!” – Caldina


Ai Kotani Quotes Solanin

“It’ll still feel better to try and regret, than regret not trying at all.” – Ai Kotani


Setsuna Kiyoura Quotes School Days

“This is a memory just for me.” – Setsuna Kiyoura


Sekai Saionji Quotes School Days (1)

“If you try hard, you have a chance!” – Sekai Saionji


Byakuya Kuchiki Quotes Bleach (1)

“Something as useless as emotions, I never had them to beghiun with.” – Byakuya Kuchiki


Toshiro Hitsugaya Quotes Bleach (5)

“I’m not an elementary student!” – Toshiro Hitsugaya


Hachiman Hikigaya Quotes 3

“Hard work betrays none, but dreams betray many.” – Hachiman Hikigaya


Kurama Quotes Yu Yu Hakusho

“Rely on impulse and not even your thoughts can betray you.” – Kurama


Ulquiorra Cifer Quotes Bleach (11)

“Am I frightening… woman?” – Ulquiorra Cifer


Gaara Quotes Naruto (13)

“One day I’d like to become something precious to others.” – Gaara


Nara Shikamaru Quotes Naruto (4)

“There’s no advantage to hurrting through life.” – Nara Shikamaru


Rukia Quotes Bleach

“Even if one believes in you, stick out your chest and scream your defiance!” – Rukia Kuchiki


Akkun Quotes Tokyo Revengers

“Please save everyone, our crybaby hero!” – Akkun


Stocking Quotes Panty And Stocking (4)

“I do not understand how I can ever be related to you.” – Stocking


Hoshino Yumemi Quotes Planetarian (10)

“I pray that you will never forget this starry sky.” – Hoshino Yumemi


Licht Bach Quotes Plunderer

“Conflict doesn’t create anything. What we need now is to love each other.” – Licht Bach


Tuesday Simmons Quotes

“Every beaver has its day.” – Tuesday Simmons


Carole Stanley Quotes Carole And Tuesday

“Don’t worry about tomorrow’s dust storm today.” – Carole Stanley


I am Alicia, Your childhood sweetheart. - Alicia

“I am Alicia, your childhood sweetheart.” – Alicia


We have no choice but to get married, right? - Saya

“We have no choice but to get maried, right?” – Saya


Marika Kato Quote (2)

“Everyone’s justa  dot in space.” – Marika Kato


White Blood Cell Quotes Cells At Work (1)

“Keep up the good work, OK?” – White Blood Cell


Junior Red Blood Cell Quotes Cells At Work

“Even if we try our hardest, do you really believe it’ll change anything?” – Junior Red Blood Cell


Yang Xiao Long Rwby Quotes (6)

“I always kick my semester off with a “Yang”!” – Yang Xiao Long


Winter Schnee Rwby Quotes (5)

“I’m not always going to be around to save you, Weiss” – Winter Schnee


Penny Polendina Rwby Quotes (6)

“Do hugs always feel this warm inside?” – Penny Polendina


Setsuna Yashahime Quotes (3)

“If you are truly my older sister, then prove it to me with your strength.” – Setsuna


Akira Toriyama Quotes (18)

“I’m not good at doing the same thing over and over again.” – Akira Toriyama


Flare Arlgrande Jioral Quotes Redo Of Healer (3)

“Go on, beg! Good. You are very smart for a dog.” – Flare Arlgande Jioral


Keyaru Quotes Redo Of Healer (12)

“That dream… I had it again.” – Keyaru


Aoi Todo Quotes

“I have one question for you. What kind of woman is your type?” – Aoi Todo


Rudeus Greyrat Quotes (4)

“It’s like a dream. A dream that I’m having as I die from that crash.” – Rudeus Greyrat


Rika Kawai Quotes (2)

“I’m Rika Kawai. Like “Kawaii”, because I’m so cute.” – Rika Kawai


Laito Sakamaki Quotes (2)

“Do you know how it feels to love someone so much that you hate them?” – Laito Sakamaki


Shishigami Hiro Quotes (2)

“He must not understand the weight of human life.” – Shishigami Hiro


makoto shinkai quotes

“I pay attention to the thigns that nobody else is looking at.” – Makoto Shinkai


Kusuo Saiki Quotes (11)

“I’m never using my annoyed face ever again.” – Kusuo Saiki


Satou Matsuzaka Quotes (11)

“The sugar is filling me up. I’m so happy to be alive.” – Satou Matsuzaka


Natsu Dragneel Quotes (3)

“We can’t live if we don’t keep moving forward.” – Natsu Dragneel


Tsukasa Tsukuyomi Quotes (4)

“This hand’s a hand-holding buffet.” – Tsukasa Tsukuyomi


Nobara Kugisaki Quotes

“Cheer up guys, at least I’m here.” – Nobara Kugisaki


Cocoa Hoto Quotes (3)

“I would like some more coffee.” – Cocoa Hoto


Chizuru Mizuhara Quotes Rent A Girlfriend (3)

“Rest assured, I will help you while I’m your girlfriend.” – Chizuru Mizuhara


Sumi Sakurasawa Quotes Rent A Girlfriend

“Kazuya! See you again!” – Sumi Sakurasawa


Otonashi Maria quotes

“There’s no despair that can’t be overcome by everyday life.” – Otonashi Maria

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