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The BEST 07 Ghost Quotes That Will Make You Think About Life

07 ghost quotes taken from characters:

  • Frau.
  • Mikage Celestine.
  • Labrador.
  • Bastien.
  • Hakuren Oak.
  • Sister Libelle.
  • Castor.
  • Teito Klein.

07 Ghost is a military/demon series produced by Studio Deen in the 2000’s. It’s also a Josei series.

If you’re a fan of this anime and the plot, this list of quotes (with images) will bring back memories.

Here’s the best quotes worth sharing.


1. Teito Klein Quotes

Teito Klein quotes

“I used to think that eating was only consuming needed nutrients. I never thought it could fill the emptiness in me.” – Teito Klein


Teito Klein quotes 1

“Daunting and mistrusting others forever won’t accomplish anything.” – Teito Klein


Teito Klein quotes 2

“I’ve always lived in a world of deceit. And amidst the lies, I was able to find my true treasure.” – Teito Klein


2. Sister Libelle Quotes

sister libelle quotes

“The human heart will always sway. And only then do we know that it is truly a human heart.” – Sister Libelle


3. Hakuren Oak Quotes

hakuren oak quotes

“Not fighting frantically for your life is all right, too. The important thing is… to decide on your own what you should do.” – Hakuren Oak


4. Frau Quotes

Frau quotes 07 ghost

“There isn’t just one truth. That truth only exists because a few people saw it. If you don’t believe what the books say, then you should go see the world for yourself.” – Frau


Frau quotes 07 ghost 1

“Don’t allow hatred to devour your heart. The one that you care for will only move farther away.” – Frau


Frau quotes 07 ghost 2

“As long as you keep anything about me within you… Always, my heart will be with you.” – Frau


Frau quotes 07 ghost 3

“If you don’t believe in history… Just believe in the world you see with your own eyes.” – Frau


Frau quotes 07 ghost 4

“If you’re going to hide a tree, put it in the forest.” – Frau


Frau quotes 07 ghost 5

“We aren’t flying away from everyone to leave them, but rather so we might see them again someday.” – Frau


Frau quotes 07 ghost 6

“There isn’t just one truth out there, everyone carries their own form of it.” – Frau


5. Labrador Quotes

Labrador quotes 07 ghost

“You can never tell a good seed from a bad seed until it blossoms.” – Labrador


Labrador quotes 07 ghost 1

“True happiness comes from overcoming suffering. No one can shoulder your burdens for you.” – Labrador


6. Castor Quotes

castor quotes 07 ghost

“The road of life is never without trials and tribulations.” – Castor


castor quotes 07 ghost 1

“There are many things in this world that can’t be protected simply by thinking of them or praying for them. To protect our lambs from having their dreams stolen and fading into despair, we Bishops bear arms and fight.” – Castor


7. Bastien Quotes

bastien quotes 07 ghost

“Only a genuine wish makes one’s own soul shine beautifully in this life. That light is a messenger from heaven lighting the way for our unwavering souls to be brought to the God’s side.” – Bastien


8. Mikage Celestine Quotes

Mikage Celestine quotes

“Revenge never does anyone any good. Killing the person you hate will never ease the pain. Always look forward! Follow the path of light!” – Mikage Celestine


Mikage Celestine quotes 1

“I swear to God that when we die, we’ll die together.” – Mikage Celestine


Mikage Celestine quotes 2

“God doesn’t give us trials we can’t surmount. So someday all your wounds will heal and the day will come when you’ve surmounted all your pain.” – Mikage Celestine

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