The Greatest Mekakucity Actors Quotes That Stand The Test Of Time

Mekakucity Actors quotes taken from characters:

  • Kisaragi Shintaro.
  • Kido Tsubomi
  • Kano Shuuya.
  • Enomoto Takane.
  • Tateyama Ayano.
  • Kozakura Marry.

Kagerou Project is a sci-fi/superpower anime produced by SHAFT. The same studio as Madoka Magica.

The anime also goes by the name of Mekakucity Actors.

Here are the best lines from the series worth sharing for fans.

Let’s get started.


1. Kozakura Marry Quotes

“The others taught me something. That one needn’t fear the future. That one needn’t hate the world. From now on, the world will not simply be my fantasy. It will be our one and only, real future.” – Kozakura Marry


2. Enomoto Takane Quotes

“When people immerse themselves in their own world and other people around them start doing something, they can’t help but feel very lonely.” – Enomoto Takane


3. Kido Tsubomi Quotes

“Meals are always better with lots of people at the table.”  Kido Tsubomi


4. Tateyama Ayano Quotes

“Even when you want to say something, there are times when you’ll lose the chance to.” – Tateyama Ayano


“Even if you want to tell him and want to be with him, sometimes, that’s not enough.” – Tateyama Ayano


5. Kisaragi Shintaro Quotes

“I can stand not eating or sleeping, but I absolutely would not be able to live without my computer.” – Kisaragi Shintaro


“The smile of you, who flew through this window and died, I won’t ever forget, not even tomorrow.” – Kisaragi Shintaro

Featured image source: Zerochan



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