7 Misaki Ayuzawa Quotes For Maid Sama Fans

Misaki Ayuzawa

Misaki Ayuzawa from the romance Anime series: Maid Sama.

She’s full of energy, easily irritated, a little insecure, but very strong hearted and independent.

What I like about Misaki is she’s hard working, genuine, and won’t do something she doesn’t believe in.

No matter how big the reward is.

She’s true to herself and that’s a great quality to have.


Misaki Ayuzawa Quotes Worth Sharing:

#1 Misaki Ayuzawa Quotes

Maid Sama Quotes
“Don’t ever lie, even if it’s about your feelings.” – Misaki Ayuzawa

Better to address your feelings than it is to hide them.

If you hide it, you’ll only punish yourself in the long run. And it’s not worth it.



Maid Sama Quotes
“I’m a little grateful to you. I wonder if I’ll forget these feelings too.” – Misaki Ayuzawa

You may forget what someone did, but you won’t forget how they made you feel.



Maid Sama Quotes
“Why is my heart beating so fast? Why do I feel lonely when you leave me? Why are you… the only one causing me so much confusion?” – Misaki Ayuzawa



Maid Sama Quotes
“It’s painful when you get disappointed by the person you look up to.” – Misaki Ayuzawa

It’s hard to get over these kinds of disappointments. But disappointments are a part of life, so there’s no sense trying to avoid being hurt.



Maid Sama Quotes
“People yell at me a lot and tell me to act more feminine. But I believe it’s best to be the way I am.” – Misaki Ayuzawa

People will always tell you to do this, do that. Act this way or act that way.

But the best thing to do is not listen to the criticism, and just be yourself.

Especially if what you’re doing isn’t wrong.



Maid Sama Quotes
“Guys who make girls cry, I hate them!” – Misaki Ayuzawa



Maid Sama Quotes
“No matter what kind of crisis I’m in, no matter what kind of mistakes I make, If I’m with him I definitely won’t regret it.” – Misaki Ayuzawa

Stay tuned for Usui Takumi Quotes coming up next. 🙂


Which Misaki Ayuzawa quotes were your favorite?


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