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The Ultimate List Of “Skip Beat” Quotes You Can Relate To

Skip Beat quotes taken from the following characters:

  • Kyoko Mogami.
  • Kuu Hizuri.
  • Shoko Aki.
  • Maria Takarada.
  • Ren Tsuruga.
  • Yukihito Yashiro.
  • Lory Takarada.
  • Ushio Kurosaki.
  • Kanae Kotonami.
  • Ruriko Matsunai.

Skip Beat! is produced by Hai Film Maker. Focusing on romance, comedy from a Shoujo point of view.

This classic romance is full of quotes and lines that you can relate to in life, one way or another. So with that said….

Here are all the BEST quotes from Skip Beat! for anime (and non-anime) fans.


1. Kuu Hizuri Quotes

Kuu Hizuri quotes |

“If you find a raw diamond, wanting it to become polished is natural right?” – Kuu Hizuri


2. Shoko Aki Quotes

Shoko Aki quotes |

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” – Shoko Aki


3. Kyoko Mogami Quotes

Kyoko Mogami quotes 11 |

“No matter the reason, I don’t think anyone who loses consciousness in the battlefield has any right to survive!” – Kyoko Mogami


Kyoko Mogami quotes 10 |

“I think that loving someone is utterly useless. The more you want to be loved the more it will make you miserable.” – Kyoko Mogami


Kyoko Mogami quotes 9 |

“Because, what first comes to your mind when you’re in a bind are the words you’re used to hearing, right?” – Kyoko Mogami


Kyoko Mogami quotes 8 |

“After all, tomorrow is another opportunity to grab the chance to step out into the sunlight.” – Kyoko Mogami


Kyoko Mogami quotes 7 |

“Old habits die hard.” – Kyoko Mogami


Kyoko Mogami quotes 6 |

“I would no longer fight against my feelings because I realized how useless and ineffective it was to fight them.” – Kyoko Mogami


Kyoko Mogami quotes 5 |

“I realized it takes money to be beautiful.” – Kyoko Mogami


Kyoko Mogami quotes 4 |

“If a sorry could resolve everything, why would there be a need for hell in this world?” – Kyoko Mogami


Kyoko Mogami quotes 3 |

“The more you love being with someone, the better things taste.” – Kyoko Mogami


Kyoko Mogami quotes 2 |

“An amateur girl like me must start with the basics.” – Kyoko Mogami


Kyoko Mogami quotes 1 |

“When you love someone, you can never be sure that you’ll be loved in return.” – Kyoko Mogami


Kyoko Mogami quotes |

“Someone who’s never gotten below an 80 would never be called stupid.” – Kyoko Mogami


4. Shoutarou Fuwa Quotes

Shoutarou Fuwa quotes |

“I can’t remember all of my fans’ faces.” – Shoutarou Fuwa


5. Maria Takarada Quotes

Maria Takarada quotes |

“Because, everybody deals with kids by hiding their true thoughts and paying lip service, when in reality they think they’re bothersome.” – Maria Takarada


6. Ruriko Matsunai Quotes

Ruriko Matsunai quotes |

“Only talented people can shine in show business.” – Ruriko Matsunai


7. Ren Tsuruga Quotes

Ren Tsuruga quotes |

“If you’re too attached to a job you lost, you’ll never make it big.” – Ren Tsuruga


8. Yukihito Yashiro Quotes

Yukihito Yashiro quotes 1 |

“Anyone would be taken back a bit once they realize she’s not doing it for ‘you,’ but rather just fulfilling her ‘duty.’ Even more so if it’s a girl you have feelings for.” – Yukihito Yashiro


Yukihito Yashiro quotes |

“A truly gentle person wouldn’t pick fights nor would have fights picked with him.” – Yukihito Yashiro


9. Kanae Kotonami Quotes

Kanae Kotonami quotes |

“I want to become a full-time working actress. So, to accomplish that, I don’t mind using others as stepping stones.” – Kanae Kotonami


10. Ushio Kurosaki Quotes

Ushio Kurosaki quotes |

“In the world of showbiz, only those with talent and luck make it through.” – Ushio Kurosaki


11. Lory Takarada Quotes

Lory Takarada quotes 1 |

“When you fall in love, you lose your composure as you become more serious.” – Lory Takarada


Lory Takarada quotes |

“You need to stop putting up this barrier between you and others, and don’t be so shallow. Otherwise, you won’t see the good in others.” – Lory Takarada

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