Redo Of Healer Controversy Has Already Started, And its Not Even Aired Yet

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Written by Theo J Ellis

Redo Of Healer is an anime series designed for controversy. No matter how you wanna look at it. Even if it started out as an “creative” idea that morphed into the insanity it has.

It’s December 19th 2020, and controversy has already started. Despite the official date being January 13th 2021.

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Anime News Network leads the controversy

An ANN managing editor shared her thoughts about Redo Of Healer, and it seems to be source of the conversation sparking online.

Mainly on Twitter for now.

Before Twitter, it started on anime news network’s forums.



She went in and gave a synopsis of Redo Of Healer, what it’s about, and what’s to be expected. Before talking about rules relating to ANN’s forums.

Not to mention what won’t be accepted there.


Anime News Network CEO weighs in

“This series is certain to cause a lot of controversy, and Anime News Network welcomes and encouraged discussion of this anime and even the social issues that it touches upon. However rape is never an acceptable punishment and we will not tolerate any posts that even remotely suggest that it is.

Furthermore we will not tolerate posts that take glee in the controversy that this show is likely to cause, nor will we tolerate any posts that appear to be trollish or baiting in nature.” – ANN CEO

This is the bread and butter of how it all started, and how the conversation sparked in the first place.

ANN being a mainstream site, this isn’t surprising.

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Anime fans weigh in

Some anime fans are overly excited, some disgusted. And others in the middle (neutral).

While others are criticizing ANN’s censorship approach.


WHAT is Redo Of Healer, anyway?

It’s an anime about revenge. Adapted from a light novel series. The author’s name is Rui Tsukiyo.

The main protagonist, Keyaru, is abused and sexually assaulted… As a man. This is the basis of his revenge.

After using healing magic to “redo” time 4 years into the past, he gets his revenge on those who savagely abused him. And some methods he uses is rape.

That’s why this anime is so dark, gritty, and controversial by design.



What do you think about Redo of Healer?


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