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45 Of The BEST Anime Tomboys With Their Own Charm

It’s very rare to see tomboy anime characters, but who is the best? With your votes in this poll of the greatest tomboy anime characters of all time, you may provide an answer to that query.

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We all recognize them as attractive anime heroines that don’t really enjoy dressing up or combing their hair.

While some anime female characters dress like men, others have a masculine appearance from head to toe (when they’re dressed, of course).

There are many types of tomboys, from girls who dress like boys to strong women warriors to males who are literally transsexual to those who switch genders every other episode (I’m looking at you, Ranma).

Even though it’s poorly defined, the tomboy (and all associated character tropes) is a cornerstone of anime characters.

Here is a list of 42+ BEST anime tomboys that catch us with their charms.


1.) Revy (Black Lagoon)

word image 132233 1 |

Revy employs the harsh language of any of the series’ characters. She delights in murdering anyone and everyone.

Rock is the newest and most humble crew member of the Black Lagoon, and she has a fluctuating but turbulent attitude toward him. Though she appreciates him later in the series, she is generally hostile to him now.

Revy is a cruel killer with no compassion for anyone who crosses her. Dutch once compared Revy after she massacred the Neo-Nazi boat crew to University of Texas shooter Charles Whitman.


2.) Seishirou Tsugumi (Nisekoi)

word image 132233 2 |

Seishiro, a hitwoman trained by the Bee Hive Gang who was once mistaken for a boy, is as ferocious as she is masculine.

She is extremely devoted to the BeeHive Gang, just like the majority of the other members.

Despite her youth, she has had more than a decade of training in hand-to-hand combat and guns, thanks to her talent as a hitwoman.

Seishiro is a serious person who often ignores her feelings. Still, she does have a minor feminine side that manifests when she is required to act like a conventional girl to complete assignments.


3.) Yuuko Aioi (Nichijou)

word image 132233 3 |

Yuuko is a perfect illustration of a tomboy who isn’t actually that much of a tomboy, female or boy.

The protagonist of the immensely popular slice-of-life anime Nichijou, Yuuko, is a tomboy who can be anyone. A perfect match for the lead in a program called “Everyday Life” ().

Due to her foolishness, naiveté, and carelessness, Yuuko causes more problems than she is worth.

She also enjoys playing practical jokes on others and embarrassing them, but she rarely receives a reciprocal smile.

She also believes herself to be a wonderful artist, but her close friend Mio, a budding mangaka, easily outshines her.

Wonderful series; with adorable characters.

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4.) Mikasa Ackerman (Attack On Titan)

word image 132233 4 |

Mikasa lived with Eren Yeager and his parents, Grisha and Carla, before Wall Maria fell after Eren saved her after human traffickers killed her parents.

Mikasa is a slim, average-height woman. She has pale skin, grey eyes, and shaggy black hair that was long until she trimmed it to chin length.

She is partially of Asian descent. Her hair is shorter and trimmed up to the back of her neck by the year 854, although her bangs are substantially longer.


5.) Kallen Stadtfeld (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion)

word image 132233 5 |

One of the most obvious signs of Kallen’s attitude is her fiery red hair. She was an expert pilot for the Japanese resistance effort against Britannia.

Her tough-as-nails attitude makes it difficult for anyone, man or woman, to keep up with her. She is headstrong, short-tempered, and impetuous.

She assumes the persona of a peaceful, mild-mannered girl daily to disguise her true identity and involvement in the resistance.

She transforms during the series from an untrusting rebel to a real warrior who battles for her sense of justice—a true soldier ready to give her life in defense of those around her.


6.) Misty (Pokémon)

word image 132233 6 |

Misty, a tomboy? I can’t sleep at night because of the question.

There are a few posts on the internet that claim she isn’t a tomboy, but why would anyone need to dispute that in the first place if it is so obvious that she isn’t?

In any case, Misty fits the definition of a tomboy, which is simply a female who acts and dresses quite masculinely.

She is the most combative of the trio from the first Pokémon anime and wears rather… unfeminine clothing.

Additionally, she is known in the games as “the tomboyish mermaid,” the gym leader.


7.) Touka Kirishima (Tokyo Ghoul)

word image 132233 7 e1674568073257 |

Ghoul Touka Kirishima was formerly an Anteiku waitress. She is the older sister of Ayato Kirishima, the wife of Ken Kaneki and the mother of Ichika Kaneki, and the daughter of Arata Kirishima and Hikari Kirishima.

She disguises herself as a “Rabbit” by donning a long coat jacket, a rabbit mask, and a blonde or occasionally pink wig. Her hair reaches her shoulders after the Aogiri arc, but her distinctive bangs are still present.

Touka is a slim and lovely teenage girl with dark blue hair cut in a bob style and long bangs covering the right part of her face. She also has blue eyes. She seems to be a sweet, typical girl who nobody would believe is a ghoul.


8.) Winry Rockbell (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

word image 132233 8 |

The Elric brothers’ boyhood friend Winry is a mechanical genius who can build almost anything with a wrench and some scrap metal.

Her mannish side frequently manifests along with her grease monkey personality anytime Ed says a dumb thing. Her wrench will fly off the work surface and straight at Ed’s face when it happens.

Even though she frequently hurts Ed with these strikes to the head, she also contributes to his recovery by creating and caring for his prosthetic limb and leg.

Winry has a large heart and tries to look out for everyone around her despite her harsh attitude.


9.) Haruko Haruhara (FLCL)

word image 132233 9 |

Haruko Haruhara, a member of the Galactic Space Police Brotherhood and officially not human (so can you still be a tomboy? ), is hellbent on pursuing the legendary space pirate Atomsk.

But does she do it out of justice? Yes, without a doubt.

She is introduced as the main antagonist of the FLCL series after running over a 12-year-old boy in a Vespa and hitting him in the head with a bass instrument.


10.) Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)

word image 132233 10 |

Erza Scarlet is a Team Natsu member and an S-Class-ranked wizard from Fairy Tail.

She is a young lady with brown eyes and long, crimson hair. She was born without a right eye and now wears an artificial one that Porlyusica made for her.

While Erza Knightwalker describes Erza as “cold and lovely, warm and full of emotion,” Erza is actually strong, cool, and a little intimidating, but she is dependable for everyone, even though she can be extremely girly and enjoys sweets and cute attire.


11.) Melissa Mao (Full Metal Panic)

word image 132233 11 |

Melissa is another Chinese-American and a former Marine. She enjoys drinking cases of beer, smoking a lot, and using insulting language to insult others.

These details help to characterize Melissa; she served as a drill teacher most of her time in the Marine Corps and once sent a buddy a “training manual” with passages from the film Full Metal Jacket.

Melissa is a master of small rapid-fire guns and can even hold her own in a huge mecha called an Arm Slave.

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12.) Casca (Beserk)

word image 132233 12 |

Casca led a squad for the Band of Falcon, a fearsome band of mercenaries that assisted the Kingdom of Midland to win several significant battles against its opponents.

As the lone female of six children, Casca grew up malnourished in a highland community.

When she was twelve, she was sold to a nobleman to work as his maid, but on the way to the castle, the nobleman attempted to rape her.

The pervert’s ear is suddenly severed by Griffith, the leader of the Falcons, who passes his blade to Casca instead of killing the nobleman.

Since that time, Casca has been a devoted and intimidating Falcon.


13.) Minene Uryu (New Model)

word image 132233 13 |

The “Escape Diary” is held by Ninth Diary Holder Minene Uryuu. She also serves as the lead character of the Future Diary spinoff Mosaic, focusing on Minene before and after receiving her Future Diary.

When carrying out her terrorist acts, she comes across as being highly crazy and ecstatic, ready to annihilate everyone who stands in her path.


14.) Ukyo Kuonji (Ranma 1/2)

word image 132233 14 |

When they were both 6 years old, Ukyo and Ranma first met. They then trained and battled each day.

Ranma was unaware that Ukyo was a girl at that time until their childhood separation. Ukyo, who was still quite young, vowed to put all of her efforts into being the world’s best okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake) chef.

Ukyo continued to train as a fighter and even incorporated her passion for cooking into her fighting style despite concentrating primarily on cooking. Most notably, she doesn’t use a typical weapon but a huge spatula.


15.) Sora (Digimon)

word image 132233 15 |

Given her resemblance to Misty, Sora could seem like an unusual choice.

She is actually nothing like Misty, though. Digimon and Pokémon are too similar to one another.

The leading tomboy of the Digimon franchise, Sora, has a traumatic history that has had a significant emotional influence on her throughout the series.

Growing up in a broken family and getting in trouble for playing football as a young girl, she never completely learned to value herself.

Before she ultimately realized that her friends loved her and that she could love herself, it took her years to mature into an adult.


16.) Haruhi Fujioka (Ouran HighSchool Host Club)

word image 132233 16 |

Haruhi Fujioka is the main character of the Ouran High School Host Club series. She is a brilliant first-year student from a middle-class family, but the affluent elite students at Ouran Academy regard her as “poor” and “common.”

Flashbacks show Haruhi with long hair and a girl’s uniform, and she is described as gorgeous before she enrols in Ouran Academy. But after she enrols in the famous school, her image completely changes.


17.) Hiyori Sarugaki (Bleach)

word image 132233 17 |

The phrase “big things come in small packages” perfectly sums up Hiyori’s anger. Her fuse would be nonexistent if she were any shorter; she is barely taller than a kid.

Shinji is frequently hit, kicked, smacked, or subjected to various forms of maltreatment due to her tantrums.

Her personality has also been violent at times. Hiyori is incredibly unpleasant to almost everyone she encounters, frequently calling other people “dumbass” instead of by their proper names.


18.) Nagisa (Pretty Cure)

word image 132233 18 |

The phrase “big things come in small packages” perfectly sums up Hiyori’s anger.

Her fuse would be nonexistent if she were any shorter; she is barely taller than a kid. Shinji is frequently hit, kicked, smacked, or subjected to various forms of maltreatment due to her tantrums.

Her personality has also been violent at times. Hiyori is incredibly unpleasant to almost everyone she encounters, frequently calling other people “dumbass” instead of by their proper names.


19.) Tatsuki Arisawa (Bleach)

word image 132233 19 |

Tatsuki Arisawa is Ichigo’s childhood friend and old karate partner, the MC of bleach. She is a Karakura High School student in the same class as him.

Tatsuki is a tomboy with a more slender physique compared to Orihime, who’s curvier. Her old hair was short, dark, and spiked at the sides to match her unfeminine appearance.


20.) Kaori Makimura (City Hunter)

word image 132233 20 |

Karori isn’t exactly the stereotypical tomboy; she knows how to use hand grenades, handle explosives, and set up traps.

When her boyfriend gets caught chasing skirts, Karoi intervenes with a big hammer on his head to show that she can hold her own. She is never afraid to advocate for herself.

Karoi is highly sensitive underneath her rough tomboy exterior and takes offence when Ryo refers to her as a tomboy.

She despises feminine things, and because of her tomboyish demeanour, she frequently finds herself in humiliating predicaments in which she is mistaken for a guy.


21.) Amanda O’Neil (Little Witch Academia)

word image 132233 21 |

Amanda O’Neil, who had her film debut in Little Witch Academia: The Enchanted Parade and later rose to prominence in the 2017 series, is a classic.

The boisterous, sporty, haughty delinquent tomgirl gets in trouble with the authorities for performing dangerous but remarkable physical feats.

In Amanda O’Neil and the Holy Grail, she assumes a boy’s persona to infiltrate Appleton Academy’s all-boys, magic-hating environment. Nobody finds her to be strange.

She demonstrates that she is a natural swordswoman by outdueling multiple fencers without using her wand.


22.) Suruga Kanbaru (Bakemonogatari, Monogatari Series)

word image 132233 22 |

The Monogatari Series character Suruga Kanbaru, formerly known as Suruga Gaen and Godspeed Angel.

As a result of her frequent physical exercise, Suruga is a fit young woman.

Suruga is a warm, sociable, and outgoing person who is well-liked by the school body and regarded as somewhat of a celebrity, especially by younger females.

Although she is only truly in love with her elder, Senjougahara, Suruga is occasionally depicted as fawning over the younger women she encounters (especially Shinobu Oshino and Nadeko Sengoku).


23.) Hajime (New Game)

word image 132233 23 |

Hajime is a very classic tomboy figure.

And one of just two men to balance out the mostly female cast of New Game.

Hajime is a character designer who also happens to be a huge otaku. Her desk is stocked with figurines and models of superheroes, and she frequently watches superhero anime.

After proposing a mecha dodgeball game in the second season, Hajime is promoted to chief game designer. She’s not the most exciting tomboy in the series, but she is the manliest.


24.) Yuu Kashima (Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun)

word image 132233 24 |

The school’s “Prince” is a tomboy and a huge hit with female students. There is no denying that she enjoys being the center of attention, which is why Yuu studies acting. Yuu, however, dislikes exerting excessive effort.

When she portrays the prince in the club’s drama club in a rather corny fairytale adaptation, it’s interesting to see her off-tomboy side.

Yuu represents tomboyism.


25.) Artoria Pendragon a.k.a Saber (Fate/Zero)

word image 132233 25 |

One of the three major heroines of Fate/stay the night and one of the main characters of Fate/Zero is Artoria Pendragon, Class Name Saber.

Artoria has a slim build, smooth skin, and green eyes that give her the look of a young girl in her early to mid-teens. She has blonde hair that is “finely structured,” looks “as if sprinkled with gold dust,” and has an elegant face with hints of naivete.

She thinks her physique is unattractive because she is more muscular than someone like Rin.


26.) Eiko Aizawa (Squid Girl)

word image 132233 26 |

Eiko Aizawa, a masculine girl who manages the Lemon beach house in Kamakura with her sister Chizuru, is another entry that is only marginally remarkable but otherwise very ordinary.

Ika Musume, the squid girl, attempts to conquer the world after emerging from the ocean’s depths, but Eiko restrains her and makes Ika join the Lemon crew to cover the costs of the ‘invasion.’

She is typical of a tomboy in that she enjoys athletics, uses harsh language and dislikes clothing.


27.) Yuzuki SEO (Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun)

word image 132233 27 |

Being a tomboy, Yuzuki feels embarrassed when she experiences love feelings, which may come as a surprise to those who know her.

Although Yuzuki has no filters, she has a lovely singing voice. She is an arrogant tomboy who is self-absorbed. For Yuzuki’s singing club to connect with other schools during contests, she needs to be kept in check.

The basketball squad dreads her, who is also referred to as the “Oblivious Death God of the Basketball Court.”


28.) Makoto Kikuchi (The Idolmaster)

word image 132233 28 |

Makoto Kikuchi is a Shizuoka-based idol from 765 Production. She made her debut in the video game arcade.

Prince of 765 Production and “The Pretty-boy Idol,” Makoto Kikuchi is well-known. She is incredibly well-liked at her all-girls high school and has more female fans than male ones. She is a strong, driven, and a sincere young woman who secretly longs to become more feminine.

The only members of Makoto’s family are her and her parents. She has a tomboyish personality because Makoto was reared as a male. After all, her father, a professional racing car driver, wanted to have a son.

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29.) Kei (Akira)

word image 132233 29 |

One of the three central characters in Akira is Kei. She is the one who invites several other significant individuals into the group. She is a devoted fighter for the Neo-Tokyo government resistance.

She learns she has psychic abilities just before being taken into custody, a crucial talent in Akira. But she is unable to use them.

She is forced to direct them through intermediaries.


30.) Chizuru Yoshida (Kimi ni Todoke)

word image 132233 30 |

Chizuru is a tall girl who likes to dress tomboyishly. She can arm wrestle with most males and enjoys thrashing the boys at school. She defeated 99 of them, setting a school record.

To put it mildly, Chizuru is not the best student in the class. She has an energetic tomboy attitude, especially when it comes to athletics.

She knows how devastating it can be when boys refer to her as their “sister,” especially when she has had a long-standing crush on Ryu, a childhood buddy, and that her tomboy persona is only a mask she hides behind.


31.) Utena (Revolutionary Girl Utena)

word image 132233 31 |

In anime, high schools are fantastical settings where anything can occur. Few surrealist anime are as bizarre as Revolutionary Girl Utena’s Ohtori Academy.

Students sword fight in Ohtori for Anthy, the “Rose Princess,” to take their hand. Tomgirl Utena aspires to be a prince.

She fulfils her dream of becoming a prince by defeating all other suitors and taking Anthy’s hand. But as with many anime high schools, something sinister is hiding in plain sight.


32.) Mikoto Misaka (A Certain Magical Index)

word image 132233 32 |

As one of the greatest characters in anime, Mikoto is a strong tomboy with one of the most impressive skills: she can smack and clap. She, however, makes good use of her authority.

Mikoto takes on a challenge head-on and isn’t afraid to put himself in harm’s way. She exudes confidence, and Mikoto prefers to be the tomboy she is when everyone wants her to act like a “normal” girl.

She prefers to do without the skirt, but she wears shorts underneath.


33.) Kagura (Gintama)

word image 132233 33 |

One of the main characters in Gintama, Kagura, belonged to the Yorozuya gang. She is a girl, yet she does not have a particularly “girlish” quality.

She acts like a boy all the time. She has no trouble using vulgar language and bringing up embarrassing topics.

Kagura made the audience laugh a lot with her boyish demeanour. Kagura also had a frightening side; her friends had to exert control over her if she ever became enraged to prevent her from acting violently.

Ironically, she avoided using violence whenever possible but did it when necessary.


34.) Kobayashi (Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid)

word image 132233 34 |

The unremarkable 9–5 office worker Kobayashi is “the everyone,” much like Yuuko. She’s a woman, but she doesn’t look like much.

Although she engages in male activities, she is not a bro. Kobayashi, however, is much more complex than her unassuming façade might suggest.

She retrieved a sword from a dragon’s back one night while drunk. The dragon appears the following day and requests to serve as Kobayashi’s maid.

As the tale goes on, Kobayashi becomes an adoptive mother, the earth’s guardian, and (in the later manga chapters) a magician.

All those around her have been able to adjust to their new lives because of Kobayashi’s golden heart and serene mind, and as a result, her life has started over.


35.) Momoe Sawaki (Wonder Egg Priority)

word image 132233 35 |

Momoe struggles with her inner tomboy identity. She starts crying when other girls treat her more like a boy than a girl. But she doesn’t correct them, perhaps due to Momoe’s kind nature and desire to let others shine.

Despite her fears, she is a really brave and selfless person. She does well acting in the role since her tomboy appeal attracts girls.

She goes to a school where all the students are female and consciously tells them she is a man, and they all end up falling in love with her.


36.) Ryuko (Kill la Kill)

word image 132233 36 |

Ryuko embodies every trait a tomboy character should have. This is a result of her blue background, which contributed to her becoming violent and enraged as she grew older.

She is also the story’s major protagonist on top of all that. Finding her father’s assassin is the one goal she has for herself.

The clues take her to Honnoji Academy, where she initially suffers terrible beatings.

However, when she gets home, she discovers a sentient sailor suit that gives her an advantage and another opportunity to explain the truth about her father’s passing.


37.) Bulma (Dragon Ball)

word image 132233 37 |

Dragon Ball would not exist without Bulma, which is not an exaggeration.

Bulma, who originally appeared in the first Dragon Ball episode, plays virtually as significant a role in the series as Goku.

She is the one who gets Goku out of the mountains and into the city and introduces him to the power of the Dragon Balls.

Although Bulma lacks superpowers, her brilliant mind and persistence are essential.

Additionally, Bulma isn’t afraid to use her charm to locate the dragon balls, which frequently results in…some slightly unnecessary eye candy…but the 1980s was a different era for television.


38.) Tomo Aizawa (Tomo-chan Is a Girl!)

word image 132233 38 |

Since Tomo is a complete tomboy despite having a female physique, everyone believes she should perform the male role.

Despite being a girl in love with Jun, who doesn’t seem to be into her too much, Tomo is at ease being a tomboy.

Jun is the only man who can defeat Tomo, a strong woman. She had been Jun’s neighbour since they were little, but it wasn’t until they were about 13 years old that Jun realized she was a girl. She is only his pal in his eyes.

Tomo’s self-assurance slumps as a result, and she must find a method to grab his attention. Her best option? She believes she needs to adopt a more feminine and girly demeanour.

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39.) Nana Osaki (Nana)

word image 132233 39 |

A true tomboy and goth, Nana Osaki is a beloved character in anime.

She smokes a lot, dresses in gothic fashion, and is the main vocalist of the Black Stones. But what places her on our list is her independent and rebellious character.

She never interacted with others, quit her band at the first opportunity, and even left school after being falsely accused of prostitution. All of this is the result of her carelessness.

While not the finest role model, it is what it is.


40.) Sailor Uranus (Sailor Moon)

word image 132233 40 |

Sailor Uranus is one of the most notable pro-LGBT characters in classic anime, who is an openly lesbian.

Sailor Uranus, also known as Haruki Tenoh, is a racecar driver and a skilled fighter. He also has a girlfriend named Sailor Neptune.

However, she is also graceful, caring, and at ease in her sailor and princess personalities.

Because of her blend of masculine and feminine features, Uranus has repeatedly been shown to be one of Sailor Moon’s most popular characters.


41.) Shima Nishina (Kiss Him, Not Me)

word image 132233 41 |

Rich girl Nishina resides in a mansion with rooms devoted to her otaku interests. She is the epitome of the traditional tomboy, obsessed with collecting figurines and comic books.

She has a sizable fan base primarily of girls and is very intelligent and well-educated. The females initially perceive her as a threat when they first meet her, but they are relieved when they learn that she is a tomboy.

She frequently plays any role that calls for muscles; Nishina is there.


42.) Hotaru Tachibana (Aoharu x Machinegun)

word image 132233 42 |

The main character of Aoharu x Machinegun is Hotaru Tachibana.

Being the student council president, Hotaru is well-liked at her school, yet most of her peers are unsure of her gender.

Everyone believes her to be a boy because of her bob cut, above-average height, and barely perceptible breasts. Additionally, it doesn’t help that she is dressed in a male uniform.

She often picks fights with other people and beats up criminals on top of all of this.


43.) Noa Izumi (Patlabor)

word image 132233 43 |

Noa is a brash, tomboyish policewoman from division 2 who maintains her composure under pressure. She is fascinated with enormous robots and grew up mostly watching mecha anime.

Her life’s ambition was to join and get her own robot. As a Patlabor pilot, she was allowed to realize her dream after joining the force. Noa is a half-competent pilot with a propensity for severe property destruction, which is unfortunate.

Like most anime tomboys, Noa enjoys playing arcade games, and she demonstrated her combat prowess by tearing a leg from a damaged mech and beating it into submission.


44.) Naoto Shirogane (Persona 4: The Animation)

word image 132233 44 |

This next participant is intriguing.

Originally, Naoto Shirogane wasn’t a tomboy from an anime. She is a character from the Persona game series, namely Persona 4. However, the game received an OVA, and she was added to our list. Additionally, you can play Persona 4 as Naoto if you finish the OVA too soon.

Naoto, also known as the Detective Prince, has an androgynous appearance that confuses both boys and girls.


45.) Kino (Kino’s Adventure)

word image 132233 45 |

Kino is a shy tomboy who finds comfort in exploring new places. She never loses her composure and has a serious demeanour.

She discovers something intriguing and worthwhile to learn about in every country she travels to, and as a result, her knowledge grows. But instead of intervening and assisting in the situation’s resolution, she frequently chooses to let things be.

Her core principle is simple, “The World is not beautiful… therefore, it is.”

She can be incredibly nice, though, especially when she genuinely wants to assist.


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