14+ Greatest Mikasa Ackerman Quotes For AOT Fans!

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Mikasa Ackerman is the soldier in Attack On Titan who proves her worth in the series many times over and is one of the most respected and memorable characters from Attack On Titan.

She grows up with Eren, shares his pains, protects Eren aggressively, and trains herself to become strong physically and mentally. And you see this in her quotes which reveal her mindset, ways of thinking, and more

Let’s dive into some of the best Mikasa Ackerman quotes AOT has to offer!


Mikasa Ackerman Quotes

attack on titan quotes

“This world is merciless, and it’s also very beautiful.” – Mikasa Ackerman

Two sides of the same coin.


attack on titan quotes

“I don’t want to lose what little family I have left.” – Mikasa Ackerman


attack on titan quotes

“There are only so many lives I can value. And I decided who those people were six years ago. So you shouldn’t try to ask for my pity. Because right now, I don’t have time to spare or room in my heart.” – Mikasa Ackerman


attack on titan quotes

“That’s right… This world… is cruel. It hit me that living was like a miracle.” – Mikasa Ackerman


“I’m sorry Eren. I won’t give up. I’ll never give up again. So I’ll win, no matter what! I’ll survive no matter what.” – Mikasa Ackerman


“The world is crammed with cruelty.” – Mikasa Ackerman


“I am strong, real strong. None of you come close.” – Mikasa Ackerman


“Only victors are allowed to live. This world is merciless like that.” – Mikasa Ackerman


“Believe in your own power.” – Mikasa Ackerman


“Asking me for compassion is mistaken. After all I have no heart or time to spare.” – Mikasa Ackerman


“My speciality is lacerating flesh. Anyone interested in experiencing my skill firsthand, step right up.” – Mikasa Ackerman


“Once I’m dead I won’t be able to remember you. So I’ll win no matter what. I’ll live no matter what.” – Mikasa Ackerman


“You don’t stand a single chance to win unless you fight.” – Mikasa Ackerman


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