The Greatest Temari Quotes That Define Her Character!

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Temari is a fierce female character in the Naruto series. And that’s right from the first season to Naruto Shipouden.

Growing up in the desert area of Naruto, and with Gaara, Temari’s been toughened up by her environment and experiences.

This is shown in her somewhat aggressive approach. She’s also a very loyal person, and is true to her word.

These traits and more expressed through her quotes and lines in the Naruto series. Some of which is relatable.

Here’s the best Temari quotes from her best moments!


Temari Quotes:

temari quotes naruto

Naruto… You really are a mysterious person. You have the power to change people… Lady Chiyo was always saying how she didn’t care about the future of the village… She wasn’t the kind of person who would do something like this for Gaara.” – Temari


temari quotes naruto 1

“Sacrifice is an inevitable part of missions… Didn’t you receive emotion training?” – Temari


temari quotes naruto 2

“Let’s see if you can do this without CRYING this time.” – Temari


temari quotes naruto 3

“Amazing. This slacker-clown outsmarted me!” – Temari


temari quotes naruto 4

“Wasn’t much of a match…kinda boring.” – Temari


temari quotes naruto 8

“Even if you go, you’ll be only in the way, that, and our Gaara is strong!” – Temari


temari quotes naruto 5

“Get yourself and that loser out of my way.” – Temari


temari quotes naruto 6

“Unexpected fragility… men are strange.” – Temari


temari quotes naruto 7

“Sharpen your kama at sunset.” – Temari


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