The Popularity Of K-Pop Vs Anime, And The International Influence Between Both

Kpop Vs Anime (1)
Written by Theo J Ellis

Kpop started in 1992, believe it or not, and was inspired by Hip Hop in the USA.

That’s where the term comes from.

Its evolved a lot since then.

Anime on the other hand started decades before Kpop, with some of its influence coming from Disney and Hollywood.

Both are extremely popular worldwide, but side by side, there’s a clear difference in which is more famous.

A minority believe Korea is overtaking anime and Japanese media with Korean media and music, but the stats don’t lie.

Let’s talk about it.


Kpop vs anime: which is more popular?


anime blue line kpop red line

Taken straight from Google Trends, Kpop doesn’t even register when compared to anime.

Kpop’s so small in comparison as far as popularity online, that you can barely see the red line on the graph.

This data comes from people searching for anime vs kpop through Google’s massive search engine. And everything related to both topics.

anime webtoons kpop google trends

Even if we add webtoons to the list, a format a few people claim “will threaten anime” is less relevant than kpop, when compared.

It’s safe to say Kpop has a long way off before that ever happens. But if you ask me It won’t.

Anime will continue to dominate with an unfair advantage, as will manga when compared to similar products in Korea.


The influence of Kpop vs anime is a different story

YouTube video

Let’s focus on the title of this video, which is why is K-POP socially accepted but ANIME isn’t?

It’s a good question.

Think about the graph I just shown you, and how the popularity between Kpop and anime is incomparable.

Even with that, anime still struggles to be “accepted” in mainstream society… At least compared to Kpop.

Ever noticed that?

korean hip hop artists kpop

Now that I think about it (I think while I write), Kpop is REAL human beings.

That’s obvious, but it’s relevant to the reasoning of why Kpop is more socially acceptable.

With Kpop they’re musicians, humans, and celebrities people relate to and like for different reasons. But the human element is probably the most powerful here.

My own niece is into Kpop. The influence is undeniable.

nezuko and tanjiro funny moments

Anime on the other hand is fiction. Nothing about it is “realistic” if we’re being literal.

Anime “really” blew up in the 2000’s, when the internet took over and promoted anime like never before.

Even with a head start on Kpop, to this day, there are people who judge and belittle you for liking anime.

Some will even shame you for it.

I’d say the reason for that even if it’s not justified, is because anime is based on fictional characters and drawings. 

Haters use that as leverage, as an excuse to make all kinds of accusations relating to anime‘s social standing. And why it shouldn’t be socially accepted.

Subconsciously that’s likely the reason why “Kpop” is more accepted, despite being nowhere near as popular as anime.

anime vs kpop

What do you think?


Source: Google Trends


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Michael Do
Michael Do

Also you wondered why and how anime fans and K-pop fans ended up in a conflict. Has it ever occurred to you that sometime a anime fan could also be a K-pop fans too. Theo, I don’t know if you ever read Answerman from ANN. But here’s a 2017 Answerman article that kind of filled in some void, and I’ll quote the article: Speaking of K-pop…Hiroki asks: Why do Western anime fans, as well as their websites and conventions, also seem to be into K-pop? K-pop doesn’t have anything to do with anime, or even Japan (even if the acts… Read more »

Michael Do
Michael Do

I was anticipiating your article Anime Obsession since our talk on Quora. But you barely scratch the surface. I’ve been trying to solve the mystery why J-pop couldn’t break into the US and western market when K-pop did this. Now before some of you say Isn’t K-pop influenced by western and US pop music (along with hip-hop/rap music)? Yes, that’s correct and it’s true. But here’s what you might not know, K-pop is also influenced by J-pop too. Here are some articles on that: NPR article J-pop was the ‘blueprint’ for K-pop, so why does it seem to be lagging… Read more »

James Louie Porquez
James Louie Porquez

The first shots of war have been fired because of toxic fanbases.

Alice Harcourt
Alice Harcourt

I’ve been asking this same question for months now: Why are anime & KPOP at war? KPop is music, right? And anime is animation, right? What in the world do these 2 things have remotely in common? I’m not joking around, here. Seriously, what do anime & KPop have to do with each other. It appears to me like comparing apples to Chevrolets. What surprises me is that it looks like anime & vocaloid have nothing to do with each other. I’ve never heard an AniTuber or a blogger talk about vocaloid, even though the voice synths all have anime… Read more »

Deepak Saini
Deepak Saini
Reply to  Alice Harcourt

The common thing in anime and k pop is toxic fanbase and this argument is about which is better and popular.

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