29 BEST Gyaru Anime Characters You Should Get To Know!

gyaru anime characters

If you are unfamiliar with the phrase, Gyaru refers to a carefree subculture in Japan that values fashion, makeup, and beauty products.

The boy version is called Gyaruo, which will also be covered in this list.

Many gyaru anime provides a distinctive look at young Japanese women and their quest to fit in. So, here is the list of Gyaru anime characters you need to know!


1.) Galko (Oshiete! Galko-chan)

word image 131854 1 e1674037301238

Despite her name and outward appearance, the series’ protagonist is a very naïve and innocent person who gets easily embarrassed by her appearance and what she says since she occasionally accidentally says inappropriate things.

She has trouble waking up, but as the day goes on, she becomes more active. Additionally, she has a strong sense of emotion, readily becoming caught up in novels or movies to the point of crying. She likes to cook, and she frequently makes her Bentos and bread.

Despite wearing earrings, she is also scared of body alterations like piercings. She also has an older sister who frequently trades clothing, including her school uniform.

When she learns what her sister does with it, she becomes irate.

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2.) Yukana Yame (Hajimete no Gal)

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Yukana is a stylish high school “gal” with strawberry blonde hair pulled back in a high ponytail and secured with a pink scrunchie.

She also has emerald eyes, busty breasts, loose white socks, and brown shoes.


3.) Ran Kotobuki (Super Gals! Kotobuki Ran)

word image 131854 3

She serves as the show’s main protagonist and its titular character. She is a gorgeous, athletic, and highly independent woman who commands Shibuya’s streets. Although she comes from a long line of police officers, she is ditzy and forgetful in the classroom.

The only subject she does well in is physical education, and her worst classes are mathematics and literature. She struggles to solve even harder problems than those from lower grade levels. She genuinely wanted to be a police officer in elementary school.

Still, she gave up the dream after realizing that she wouldn’t be allowed to wear her favourite accessories or colour her hair. She tends to be greedy and fascinated with anything fashionable that catches her attention.

Generally, brown-nosed males find her attractive enough to buy them. But deep down, she has a strong sense of justice ingrained in her, and when she is in fight mode, she is incredibly terrifying and tough.

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4.) Miyu Yamazaki (Super Gals! Kotobuki Ran)

word image 131854 4

During middle school, she frequently caused trouble and annoyance as the leader of a street gang called the “Resistance,” Ran hated her because of her bold and frightening personality.

A rookie police officer named Yamato once helped Miyu out of a difficult circumstance, and because of his commitment to solving her difficulties, she fell in love with him.

She later becomes a much nicer girl because Yamato tells her his wish for her to be good, gives up living a life of crime, and eventually becomes good friends with Ran.

She is still a formidable opponent, though, and can revert to her bullying ways when someone truly irks her and she loses control of her normally placid temper.

She often refers to herself in the third person conversation, a trait shared by many ‘cutesy’ characters. In both series, there is a running joke about Ran interrupting when Miyu and her elder brother are trying to kiss because Ran frequently comments on how “lovey-dovey” Miyu is with her brother.


5.) Aya Hoshino (Super Gals! Kotobuki Ran)

word image 131854 5 e1674039931302

The most intelligent of the three Gals is Aya. Aya is the highest student in her class, attends CRAM school, and receives the finest grades. She had previously engaged in paid dating, but Ran convinced her to stop, and the two became friends.

She was a dedicated student who did nothing but study before she made friends with Ran and Miyu. Before she met Ran and Miyu, she had never engaged in any leisure activities. She is currently living the gay lifestyle and enjoying herself in Shibuya.


6.) Hikibi Sakura (Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?)

Hibiki Sakura blushing

Sakura Hibiki, a second-year high school student, loves to consume junk food and snacks, a negative habit that makes her acquire weight. One of her friends notices and informs her that she has put on weight during the past year.

Hibiki thinks she must take action and visits the town’s newest gym (Silverman Gym).


7.) Emily Orange (Kandagawa Jet Girls)

word image 131854 7

Her everyday clothes are schoolgirl uniforms. A white shirt with rolled-up sleeves that reached the shoulders was fastened with a single button to reveal cleavage. Over a pleated blue and white striped skirt, an orange fabric belt was fastened at the front.

She also wears sandals with red straps, brown soles, and a flowing white necktie cascading down her back to her thighs. Completed with ear piercings, a necklace called a “prayer tag,” and an orange and yellow wristband.


8.) Ichisugi Kaede (Gal to Kyouryuu)

word image 131854 8

Kaede Ichisugi delivers a dinosaur by accident after a night of excessive drinking. Since their personalities clash, they must communicate to coexist happily. The innovative animation style of “Gal and Dino” pleases the eyes.

If you want something to cheer you up, you should watch this anime, even though the pacing is slow and the humour has become old.


9.) Marin Kitagawa (My Dress up Darling)

word image 131854 10

Gojo’s classmate Marin Kitagawa is a well-liked and stunning high school student. She has tried to create her cosplay, something she is quite interested in, but with little success.

She learns that Gojo can sew by luck, and the two become friends over their shared excitement for their interests. She has a cheery personality but is a terrible cook. She enjoys playing video games and watching anime; her favourite cosplayer is Juju-san.

Kitagawa-san is incredibly sensible, considerate, and emotionally mature.

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10.) Sajuna Inui (My Dress Up Darling)

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A high school female who frequently passes for a student in middle or elementary school. Sajuna decides she wants Gojou to create outfits for her cosplays after witnessing Marin’s costume.

She primarily cosplays as young children or magical females. She prefers to share images of her costume online rather than attending events to display it.

Her younger sister Shinju typically assists with her photo sessions.


11.) Momo Adachi (Peach Girl)

word image 131854 12

She misleads people into thinking she is a “beach bunny,” a fan of the Ganguro style, or sexually promiscuous due to her light hair and dark skin.

On the other hand, Momo is a timid and insecure young woman with a hot temper. She had long been in love with Touji.


12.) Sae Kashiwagi (Peach Girl)

word image 131854 13

She tries everything to make Momo’s life miserable. Her delicate features—pale skin and brown hair—are a contrast to Momo; her outwardly “innocent” demeanour betrays her cunning, deceitful character.

She is the one who spreads false rumours about her, which Momo is aware of but finds difficult to cope with because Sae is more likely to be believed than the “airheaded ganguro girl.”

She frequently uses rumours to make people detest Momo because she is envious of and insecure about her. She promotes allegations that she is dating Touji and that Momo is attempting to snatch him away when it is the other way around.

She is not just cruel and uncaring about Momo, but also neither of their “true” friends. She only wants Touji’s exclusivity, Momo’s scorned status as an outcast, and popularity at school. She will do whatever it takes to finish this project.

Later, she romances a male model in her most heinous vengeance plot against Momo. She essentially makes Momo and Toji’s lives miserable.


13.) Yuzu Aihara (Citrus)

word image 131854 14

Yuzu, a self-described Gyaru and the only kid, switches to a school for exclusive girls when her mother remarries.

Yuzu is fearless, bold, and talkative. She frequently wears her uniform, which goes against the established norms. Unfortunately, she finds the Student Council President’s enforcement of the dress code to be bothersome.

When Yuzu returns home, she discovers that Aihara Mei, the student council president, has adopted her as an older sibling.

Despite her annoyance with Mei, she starts to care deeply about her and expresses worry for her. Although she acts out in school, she has good intentions and frequently defends Mei by acting on her behalf. Harumin is also her closest friend at school.


14.) Yuria Niguredou (Mieruko-chan)

word image 131854 16

Yuria is ambitious and self-assured, and she dreams of becoming an exorcist when she grows older.

She is only able to glimpse little, frail spirits.


15.) Nana Komatsu (Nana)

word image 131854 17

Komatsu travelled to Tokyo in search of her ideal. In contrast to Osaki, Komatsu was raised in a large and loving family, but she could not live independently due to her childlike mentality. She is one of three sisters, the middle child.

Her fortuitous meeting with Osaki marked the beginning of a friendship that would forever alter Komatsu’s life. She meets the Black Stones, Osaki’s band and its members. Later on, she even assists “Blast” in hiring a bassist by creating a poster to advertise the position.

She also learns, much to her astonishment, that Trapnest’s members, a well-known rock band of which she is a huge admirer, were friends with the members of Blast.


16.) Shinichi Okazaki (Nana)

word image 131854 18

Blast’s bassist, Shinichi Okazaki, is the group’s youngest member at only 15 years old.

Shin has a Swedish accent and speaks British English. He was born in Sweden. Shin left his home and original family name because of his unstable family.


17.) Nobuo Terashima (Nana)

word image 131854 19

He went to the same high school as Nana Osaki and is the guitarist for the band Blast. He is amiable and upbeat, although occasionally, he tends to miss the main points being discussed.

He was the sole non-smoker in Blast before Nana’s “smoking prohibition.” But because of his low alcohol tolerance, he frequently spilled information while intoxicated, most notably about Nana and Ren’s friendship with Shin.

Yasushi and Nobu hail wealthy families (his parents own an inn). Despite this, he still loves music and shares Osaki’s ambition to form a successful band.


18.) Layla Seriwaza (Nana)

word image 131854 20

With Takumi Ichinose as the first member, Layla’s bond with her band dates back to elementary school. When Layla and her mother relocated to Japan, the two became friends.

Takumi was invited to become her buddy since she was frequently teased by the neighborhood for her at-the-time rudimentary knowledge of the Japanese language.

Throughout their childhood, the two remained close, largely educating each other about their native tongues: Takumi learned more about English, while Reira learned more about Japanese.


19.) Junko Saotome (Nana)

word image 131854 21 e1674040243937

Best buddy and confidante of Nana. Nana is frequently pushed to be more independent and responsible by Junko since she is much more emotionally mature than Nana.

She reads fan letters and displays fan art as the host of the omake (extra) part after each manga volume. Nana K refers to her as “Jun” frequently.


20.) Naruko Anjou (Anohana)

Naruko Anjou gyaru girl

Naruko is a thin young lady of average height with brown eyes and wavy, mid-length orange hair that is typically pulled back into two pigtails with bangs or a single hair strand hanging on the left side of each pigtail.

She typically dresses for school with a dark magenta skirt, a dark red belt with a gold buckle, a light pink hair tie bracelet on her left wrist, a white collared blouse with rolled-up sleeves, a red bow, dark blue mid-calf socks, and brown shoes.

When she was younger, she wore spectacles with a dark grey rim and brown hair that reached her chin.

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21.) Junko Enoshima (Dragonpa)

word image 131854 23

Junko Enoshima is a fashionista who is “not false,” charming, and willing to try new things. She initially strikes people as a little hot-tempered and airheaded.

She is defined as someone who “drips with unhappiness the instant she opens her tongue” and frequently gets into trouble with her classmates in the official artbook. She is also referred to as excessively easygoing and too talkative.


22.) Rio Nakamura (Assassination Classroom)

word image 131854 24

Rio has long strawberry blonde hair parted in the middle and worn brushed behind her shoulders. She also has aqua-blue eyes that occasionally appear pale gray and noticeably long eyelashes. Her hair is darker blonde in the OVA.

Even though she is Japanese, her hair and eyes give the impression that she is a traditional Caucasian female. However, her hair does appear to have been dyed because, in a flashback, she had a darker tint (black in the manga, dark yellow in the anime)


23.) Mikoto Aiura (Disastrous Life of Saiki K.)

word image 131854 25

With her wild willow hair, embellished nails, accessories, and tanned complexion, Mikoto resembles a typical gyaru. But if she does, it seems incredibly natural, and she doesn’t appear to be wearing any makeup.

She typically appears with the top of her PK Academy uniform open and without a ribbon, exposing her cleavage. Her green eyes are emphasized with pink face stickers with stars and the moon on them.

She likes to accessorize with hair clips and jewellery.


24.) Asami Yuuki (Higehiro)

word image 131854 26

Asami is a sweet, youthful high school student with blonde hair that has been coloured and brown eyes. She and Sayu Ogiwara are the same age, but she has a lighter complexion, a slimmer figure, and a smaller chest.

She has earrings and a pair of studs in each of her four body piercings. When working at the convenience store, she wears the staff uniform; when she is not, she normally wears her high school uniform and has a sweater around her waist.

She stopped colouring her hair when she was 19 and now has lighter skin.


25.) Akari Watanabe (More than a Married Couple but not Lovers)

word image 131854 27

She is a Gyaru who partners up with Jirō Yakuin during their school’s couples training program, which prepares students to be more respectable when they find a spouse.

She will do anything, including pretending to be wedded to Jirō, to help Minami Tenjin in her training.


26.) Asaka Mayama (Oresuki: Are you the only one who loves me?)

word image 131854 28 e1674040334645

Sasanqua wore a basic “gyaru” style and had pink hair pulled back into twin ponytails with tiny flower hair clips.

She adjusted her appearance after discovering that Joro prefers pure girls, letting her hair down and returning to her original hair colour while also donning a red flower headband.


27.) Nana Shiina (Miss Caretaker of Sunoharasou)

word image 131854 29

Although her bust size is a little smaller than Ayaka Sunohara’s, Nana is a girl with a sexy yet thin body figure.

Nana shares the same honey-blonde hair and amber eyes as Ayaka. But unlike her sister, she has tanned skin that gives her a Gyaru appearance. Her hair has also grown considerably, now falling to her waist.

She has two small tan lines over her hips, which are noticeable around her waist and probably result from her swimwear.

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28.) Lisa Imai (BanG Dream!)

word image 131854 30

Lisa has light skin, round green eyes, and long, soft, curly dark ginger hair with long, thin bangs and thin, curled forelocks. She has a ponytail in one section of her hair.

She also sports a set of pink earrings styled like upside-down rabbits in her spring and summer attire. Her casual clothing combines black with neutral tones to give her a mature appearance.

Lisa’s first look consists of a knitted off-the-shoulder dress, knee-high boots, and a black belt around the waist. A black necklace with an upside-down bunny completes her look.


29.) Mika Jougasaki (The iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls)

word image 131854 31

Mika is the eldest Jougasaki sibling, a fan of the gal subculture, and a stylish and charming young woman from Saitama.

She and Rika don’t always agree as any elder sister would, but they nevertheless get along well. More than anything, Mika cares for Rika and acts as a role model for her.

Being the older sibling, she frequently exhibits big sister traits when engaging with the younger idols in the production. In the Cinderella Radio portions, she repeatedly demonstrates that she is excellent with children.


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