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30 Of The BEST Isekai Manga That Deserves Attention

best isekai manga
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Isekai is a very hit-or-miss genre.

In essence, they are either predictable or surprisingly good. Many are based on playing video games, while others are based on fresh interpretations of historical events.

We’ll look at several Isekai manga that is worth reading today because they’re so damn fantastic.

The more well-known ones, such as:

  • Sword Art Online
  • Reincarnated As A Slime
  • Re: Zero
  • or Shield Hero

These won’t be covered, though.

Additionally, Isekai, like Mushoku Tensei or Re: Monster, are excellent but have unjustifiably terrible ramifications that won’t be included.

What’s left are a few underappreciated Isekai stories that vary from good to incredible fantasy adventures. One thing they all have in common is the desire for more admirers.


1.) Tsuyokute New Saga

word image 131610 1


The hero of Tsuyokute New Saga is offered a second chance. Kyle Lenard and his allies finally defeated the demon ruler, but it cost them dearly. The world is in ruins, and he is the only survivor among his friends who have all died.

He activates an artefact in his dying moments, allowing him one final chance to save his companions and the entire world.

What I like about the manga is that Kyle doesn’t isolate himself to get stronger; instead, he spends time forging relationships with people to increase his impact.


2.) Handyman Saitou in Another World

word image 131610 2

As implied by the title, the protagonist is a handyman who makes an effort to become a capable adventurer by making use of his skills from a previous life. The outcomes are hilarious, with the manga being one of the funniest genres and deserving more recognition.

Since the tale is more concerned with humour than anything else, there are no overpowered characters. The manga‘s brief chapters, which are nowhere near the typical 20–25 pages, are its one flaw.


3.) Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear

word image 131610 3

Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear is lovely in every way, including its title, puns, and clothes. While she is overpowered like many Isekai protagonists, it only happens when she is dressed in her adorable bear outfit.

The plot is very generic—a brilliant gamer gets transported into her game of choice. She is just a regular person when she takes it off. It requires her to continue wearing the costume,

suggesting that the series is meant to be entertaining and not taken too seriously.


4.) How To Not Summon A Demon Lord

word image 131610 4

How To Not Summon A Demon Lord appears on the surface to be a normal fanservice-heavy manga, and although there is plenty of that, it is by no means the only thing the book has to offer.

The manga is amusing because The Demon Lord, Takuma, tries valiantly to portray his character’s social anxiety. He never exploits Rem or Shera, the two girls who called him to be their familiar, only for the ritual to backfire and turn them into his slaves.


5.) Goodbye, Dragon Life

word image 131610 5

Isekai rarely acts in the opposite of what you would anticipate. Rarely does it happen the other way around; typically, a regular person gets transferred to another human world. In the film Goodbye, Dragon Life, an ancient dragon is brought to our world and reborn as a human.

The tale engages as the dragon gradually learns to feel emotions he has never known, and the artwork is rather good. The pacing can occasionally be uncomfortable, but that is the only drawback.

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6.) The Faraway Paladin

word image 131610 6

The series that most merits an anime adaptation is certainly this one. The Faraway Paladin is a popular favourite because of its fantastic world-building and well-written characters. Faraway Paladin provides an entirely new religion, unlike many Isekai series that focus on establishing new “rules” of the world or Gods/deities.

Furthermore, it is distinct in that it approaches religion, righteousness, faith, and the church largely favourably as opposed to practically everything else, which tends to portray them as stereotyped bad guys.

It’s merely a fresh approach to many overused ideas.


7.) I Was A Sword When I Reincarnated

word image 131610 7

I Was A Sword When I Reincarnated is the least objectionable Isekai in the genre in terms of employing fanservice with its youthful protagonists. The plot centers on Fran, a Black Cat Demi-Human who discovers a strange, amazing weapon.

This sword was a human from Earth who had reincarnated as a weapon, not a person.

Although the structure is peculiar, the method for levelling up, the skill combinations, and the nuanced nature of Fran’s relationship with her “Master” makes it well worth reading.


8.) Welcome To Japan, Ms. Elf

word image 131610 8

If Sword Reincarnation took a slightly different approach to Isekai tropes, Welcome to Japan Elf-San attempts a stronger takedown.

The narrative centers on the adventures of everyday office worker Kitase Kazuhiro in a fantasy realm. However, Kazuhiro enters through his dreams instead of being summoned or passing away to go there.

But as his party member, a Spirit Magician elf, gets sent back to Japan with him due to a chain of circumstances, it turns out that this is not a dream world. Ms.

Elf is a hybrid of the traditional Isekai and a fantasy elf being introduced to the marvels of contemporary invention.


9.) The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic

word image 131610 9

One of the best pieces on this list is The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic. It boasts an original idea, some laugh-out-loud funny comedy, and a likeable ensemble. Three children are “turned” into heroes after being taken to a fantastical world.

One of the kids was simply a regular person, while the other two were high school athletes. The stars have heroic numbers, whereas the average person weirdly has a healing magic speciality. But he has been taught healing magic in a very special way.

These healers tear their muscles to pieces before instantly healing themselves like a Pokemon, turning into animals with superhuman power and speed instead of frail old healers stuck at the back of a team.

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10.) The Misfortunes Of Local Knight Hans

word image 131610 10

Fans of The Misfortunes of Local Knight Hans, which just concluded, are still very miffed about it. The environment was just very enjoyable!

In essence, Japanese citizens are dumped at random times and locations into a village in a fantasy world on the country’s fringes governed by a retired knight named Hans.

The Isekai-standard abilities that each of these Japanese children has, such as healing, monster taming, dungeon control, or super strength, make them a handful on their own.

Additionally, Hans is given more tasks as the cast of superheroes continues to grow with unnatural strength and inadequate equipment.


11.) The Berserker Rises To Greatness

word image 131610 11

This manga, sometimes known as The Black Summoner, adheres to the mold. A character is resurrected in a fantastical universe that is “game-like,” has ludicrous stats, and develops extremely quickly.

The plot contains subtle turns here and there that add to the overall enjoyment of the experience.

The man is a fight junkie, but he refuses to acknowledge it.

Second, he allegedly fell in love with the summoning goddess at first sight and needed the godlike stats to summon her, so he exchanged all of his memories for them.

Thirdly, he is not a “hero” but an independent contractor who, at one point, trained the heroes. In conclusion, it’s not particularly novel, but it does what it does quite effectively.

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12.) A Veterinarian In Another World

word image 131610 12

Back to the eccentrics now. An Isekai in another world is a veterinarian, but instead of being a powerful hero, they practice a supercharged version of a regular job.

It’s a concept that has surfaced frequently enough to have its subgenre. Veterinarian in Another World is the clear favourite among them all. Out of all, it strikes the best balance between competent writing, job inclusion, and narrative development.


13.) Different World Wandering With A Ridiculous Skill

word image 131610 13

Here’s another Isekai with a ridiculously long name to add to the long list: Different World Wandering With A Ridiculous Skill is the basic translation, and it’s a relatively short name compared to some others. A regular individual is dropped into a fantasy world with typical stats and an item box.

Still, he also has access to an internet marketplace where he may purchase contemporary Japanese goods.

Due to this and his culinary prowess, he manages to enter into a legally binding agreement with the Wolf God Fenrir, who goes around with him in exchange for free meals while gradually becoming more attached to him.


14.) Moon-Led Journey Across Another World

word image 131610 14

Moon-Led Journey Across Another World is what would happen if Reincarnated As A Slime and a lesser Konosuba merged. A child is sent to a different realm once more, but the Goddess deems the child ridiculously unattractive.

She exiles him along with the demi-humans to the far reaches of the planet because of this. He becomes extremely powerful, gains the support of an Immortal Dragon and a Spider Calamity, and establishes his nation unwittingly.


15.) Silver Diamond

word image 131610 15

How about we begin our long list with an adventure series? A 27-volume manga series called Silver Diamond first appeared in 2003.

Sugiura Shiho is the author and illustrator of it. This comic portrays the tale of Rakan, a man who takes full advantage of nature. As a result, he couldn’t help but accept the chance to travel to another planet and aid its inhabitants.

Now that little greenery is left on the planet. Our boy goes on an expedition to restore it. A manga that explores the beauty of nature. A strong beginning like this is fortunate for our isekai list.


16.) World Customize Creator

word image 131610 16

Having black hair is a bad omen in this world. Additionally, our MC must be unlucky because he is Japanese. Even worse, he leaves the temple of the God of Calamity and is mistaken for that deity.

The main character isn’t a horrible guy, even though he is known as the God of Calamity and has complete freedom to design everything in that universe.

He does what he pleases while using his knowledge and abilities to assist others. Each character in this series has a distinct personality. They act differently based on their differing viewpoints.

While some want to utilize the protagonist, others want to befriend him. There are, of course, people who are afraid of him.


17.) Konjiki no Moji Tsukai: Yuusha Yonin ni Makikomareta Unique Cheat

word image 131610 17

Our MC enters the room just as four heroes are being pulled into a new realm, and he joins them. Our MC in this story truly uses his intellect to analyze the circumstance, unlike other isekai heroes.

He exclusively trusts his observations and information from things he has personally witnessed. In light of this, the series does a good job of gradually introducing its readers to its world. Thus, it has a similar feel to beginning a complex RPG.


18.) Jigokuren: Love in Hell

word image 131610 18

Isekai, by its meaning, refers to being taken to another world. Jigokuren: Love in Hell can therefore blend in nicely. We discover that our MC was sent to hell when he passed away. He also encounters a young, inexperienced devil who will serve as his guide.

It’s uncommon to find an isekai manga focusing more on humour than anything else. It’s crucial to remember that the scene is in hell, though. In other words, the series has comedy, gore, and some shmexy scenes.


19.) Spirit Migration

word image 131610 19

Our main character (MC) wanders through a dungeon as a spirit with no memory, yet he nonetheless picks up the skill of possessing creatures. He can escape the dungeon and begin a new life by accomplishing this.

The characters are given good interaction and character development since the story cares about them. A great plot that moves along neatly is also there.

The series was cancelled before it was finished. Therefore the conclusion is disappointing.


20.) Otome Game no Hametsu Flag Shika Nai Akuyaku Reijou ni Tensei shiteshimatta… Zettai Zetsumei! Hametsu Sunzen-hen

word image 131610 20

The protagonist of this series is not immediately aware that she has been reincarnated on a new planet, unlike other isekai manga. She doesn’t understand it till she is a young child.

She then tries to recall as much of the game as she can. Because of that, she is reminded that the game always results in her defeat, regardless of her decisions.

To put it mildly, this series has a unique plot that explores how the protagonist forges new paths to avoid disappointing conclusions. There is humour in the narration without the need for crude humour.

Additionally, the plot moves along smoothly from beginning to end. If you have the time, this is worth reading.


21.) The Dungeon Seeker

The Dungeon Seeker isekai manga

Enter our main character (MC), who was bullied in his home world before being taken to another. However, he also travels with his bullies. At first glance, his bullies appear to have matured. Up until they lined him up for the worst betrayal, that is.

The lone girl in their group, who initially supported the protagonist, believes it will be clever to fool the MC into becoming a pointless sacrifice to prove she is superior to him.

The tale doesn’t waste time trying to conceal how sinister its storyline is from the outset.

Only the MC being betrayed serves as evidence of such. On the other hand, it’s gratifying to watch the MC get more powerful and move closer to getting his retribution.


22.) Re: ZERO – Starting Life in Another World

word image 131610 22

Time loops and Isekai are two motifs that Re: Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu plays with. This manga adaptation of a light book series gives the author more time to concentrate on the narrative.

As usual, the protagonist mistakenly believes he is the main character after being thrust into a fantastical setting. But only a few chapters in, he passes away, and everything changes drastically.

Then he understands he has a special talent. He can keep his memories while looping back to a specific period. And as you can expect, he continues to be slain repeatedly.



23.) Re: Monster

word image 131610 23

Imagine placing a lowlife creature in a fantastical environment with the intelligence of an adult human, then bestowing upon it an evolutionarily powerful evolutionary tree. That sums up Re: Monster.

He uses his intelligence to become a far greater predator, emulating the tale of a man who was transformed into a goblin and reincarnated into a magical world.

He’s just too strong of a predator, and every fight frequently results in a lopsided victory. The plot of this series isn’t particularly intricate. However, the evolution system is fun.


24.) Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest

word image 131610 24

A regular class of students has suddenly whisked away to a fantastical world. Bullies regularly target our protagonist, who is picked on and betrayed. He is abandoned to perish in a hellish fantasy world, yet he manages to live in return for his sanity.

The gloomy and psychological themes of the show aren’t overdone. After all of this, our MC is no longer a pushover. He has been through hell and no longer has any remorse about taking human lives if necessary.

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25.) So I’m a Spider, So What?

word image 131610 25

Do you want something a little creepier? The series’ main character has been reborn as a giant spider. Our MC changes throughout time, much like Re: Monster again.

She may select the species she will evolve into, which is an intriguing aspect of her growth. Despite acquiring an absurd amount of skills, the protagonist is only just overpowered.

She continues to fight many more conflicts, some of which she barely survives.


26.) Lv2 Kara Cheat Datta

word image 131610 26

Let’s look at some action-packed and dramatic manga right now. Lv2 Kara Cheat Datta is this. The currently available manga series Lv2 Kara Cheat Datta debuted in 2019. It was written by Kinojou Miya, while Itomachi Akine did the illustrations.

The protagonist of the tale is a trader by trade named Banaza. And when the new world’s inhabitants summoned my man, he was transferred there. Why did they call him in? That’s because they needed his assistance to battle the demon army. But it turned out he had no superhuman abilities.

He should be back in his world, but what’s happening? He is unable to return. He must now fend for himself in this unfamiliar environment. But in all honesty, our boy might be stronger than we first believed—a straightforward and endearing isekai with a fantastic lead character and an engaging plot.

You already recognize the high calibre of this manga.


27.) Kyou No Cerberus

word image 131610 27

The following item on our list combines Isekai with harem and romance. It is, therefore, a fantastic option for any manga fan. A 12-volume manga series called Kyou no Cerberus began in 2013. Sakurai Ato is the author and illustrator of it.

The manga follows Chiaki Mikado, a young man going about his daily life until fate intervenes one day. A three-headed dog bit him, so he lost a portion of his soul. And this aspect of him is what resembles “happy.”

Our son is unable to enjoy anything as a result. However, after years of disappointment, the three-headed dog returns. And it takes on a human shape this time.


28.) Akuyaku Reijou Level 99

word image 131610 28

It feels like a dream come true to be Isekai‘d in a video game. But occasionally, things don’t go as expected. Akuyaku Reijou Level 99 is a manga series that was first released in 2020 and is still strong today. Tanabata Satori wrote the story, while Nokomi did the illustrations.

In the series, a girl is described as being teleported into an Otome game as a supporting character. However, she becomes a secret boss in the narrative once the game is finished.

Knowing this, the girl trains relentlessly to get stronger and beat the main character.


29.) Kamitachi Ni Hirowareta Otoko

word image 131610 29

This Isekai manga is a lot more subdued than others. Although there is little action, it is nonetheless adventurous. The manga series Kamitachi ni Hirowareta Otoko is currently being published, which first appeared in 2017.

Roy is the author, and Ranran is the illustrator. The protagonist of the manga, Ryoma Takabayashi, leads an average life. Unfortunately, he passed away due to an accident, which might have been the end of his tale.

On the other hand, God chose to be kind to him and reincarnated him as a youngster in a different realm.

The Gods also gave him weapons and magic here. These Gods were living their most contented lives possible. Our boy, though, went a different way.


30.) The Saviours Book Cafe In Another World

word image 131610 30

Currently available manga series Isekai ni Kyuuseishu Toshite debuted in 2019. Sakurada Reiko created the illustrations, and Izumi Kyouka wrote the book. The novel’s protagonist, Tsukina, is granted the chance to teleport to a new planet by God.

She declines the offer because she has no interest in this concept. However, things are not going in her favor when she is teleported to a new realm. But rather than wasting time, she begins constructing a library.

She loved books more than life in her past life, and now she uses her abilities to construct a casual library.

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