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Did You Know About These Top 10 Anime Companies In Europe?

Outside of the USA, the next best places for anime companies are the UK and Europe. With Germany and France being one of the main bases for a lot of European anime businesses.

We won’t be focusing on UK companies. This post is about European companies you likely don’t know of, to educate you on anime businesses making a difference.

Let’s get started.


Top 10 European Anime Companies:


1. Animaze

animaze - ionne w media

Animaze, now known as  Ionne W Media, is an animation company based in Germany. They also distribute and sell films too, even more so than anime these days.

I’m not sure who founded the company, or when it began (there’s no info) but it’s worth checking out if you’re based in Europe. Or are interested  in checking them out.


2. All The Anime (Anime Limited)

all the anime uk |

All The Anime is known as a UK company to locals here. But it’s also an anime company based in France and Ireland.

It started in 2013 out of Glasgow, Scotland, with Andrew Partridge being one of the key people behind the company.

They’re in partnership with Funimation for distributing dozens of anime DVD’s across England in particular.


3. BlackBox Editions

BlackBox editions - french company

BlackBox is a French anime company who’s also based in Belgium and Switzerland.

Not much is known about when the company started or who founded it, but they distribute and have been involved with anime like:

  • Angel Beats.
  • Black Bullet.
  • Baccano.
  • Blood+.
  • Btoom!
  • Hayate The Combat Butler.
  • Detective Loki.

And plenty of other anime shows that are in their catalogue.


4. Dybex

dybex french anime company

Dybex is an anime company based in France. They’re also have offices within Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany.

The company began earlier than most, in 1996, founded by Jacques Levy,.

Dybex has been involved with anime shows like Jormungand, Fullmetal Alchemist, Bakemonogatari, and other series you’ll know of.


5. Dynit

dynit italy anime company

Founded in 1995 by Francesco Di Sanzo and a few others, Dynit is an Italian anime company. Publishing all kinds of anime and Manga translated to Italian.

Some of the anime they’ve published were broadcasted on the Italian versions of MTV, the Disney channel and other TV channels.


6. FilmConfect

FilmConfect european company

FilmConfect is a German anime company, distributing shows like Clannad, Sankarea: Undying Love, Samurai Girls and other Japanese anime shows.

I couldn’t find any info on when they were founded, or who founded it, but they seem like they’ve been in business for a long time.


7. Japan Weekend

Japan weekend anime company spain

Japan Weekend is a Spanish anime company, committed to Japanese events all over Spain. Whether that be video game tournaments, workshops and courses on Japanese arts, or promoting anime in particular. The company’s founding date (or founders) is unknown.

Unlike most anime companies, Japan Weekend is all about conventions and events as opposed to distributing DVD’s.


8. Kana Home Video

kana home video company

Founded in 2006, Kana Home Video is based in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Netherlands. Distributing some of the most famous anime and manga.

Anime like:

  • Black Butler.
  • Fairy Tail.
  • D. Gray Man.
  • Death Note.
  • Hunter X Hunter.
  • Naruto.

And other successful shows are under Kana Home Video’s belt.


9. Kazé

Kaze anime company Europe

Kazé, owned by Viz Media, is a successful anime company based in France, Germany, Switzerland and the UK. Founded in 1994.

It’s been involved with anime movies like The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, and other shows + manga in the Seinen/Josei genres.


10. Lucky Red

Lucky Red Italy anime company

Lucky Red is an Italian anime company, also based in Switzerland (like many on this list). They distribute anime shows like Doraemon, which has been controversial in countries like Pakistan.

Lucky Red was Founded as early as 1987, lead by Andrea Occhipinti.


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