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Your Ultimate Guide To Buying Official Anime Merchandise Online

Anime merchandise comes with lots of choices and product types.

Let’s break them down for you:

  • Action Figures.
  • Accessories.
  • PVC Statues.
  • Nendoroid Figures.
  • Mini Figures.
  • Clothing.

Now let’s dive into each product type and describe the differences. As well as what you can expect from each one…


1. Anime Action Figures

gojo action figure |

Anime action figures come with a range of action poses and facial expressions.

Many also come with different body parts that you can attach and re-attach. Giving you control and flexibility over each unique Anime character.

In a way, Anime action figures help you bring each character to life through their facial expressions and parts.

If you’re the type of Anime fan who:

  • Wants full control over your figurine.
  • Wants an Anime figure with customization options.
  • Prefers a “realistic” looking figurine that matches its original Anime character. 100%.

Then you’re better off buying action figures when shopping online, as they’re the most flexible type of figurine. And one of the largest.


2. Anime Accessories

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Accessories include:

  • Charms.
  • Necklaces.
  • Notebooks.
  • Key-rings.
  • Plushies/dolls.

And anything else similar to Anime Accessories.

If price is your concern, this will do the job for you. Allowing you to support your favourite Anime shows on a budget.


3. Anime PVC Statues

Raphtalia Hot Spring Figurine

PVC Statues, or PVC Figures, are stationery Anime figures.

They have no additional facial expressions, body parts, or customization options. And aren’t able to move their body parts (except in rare cases). Unlike action figures.

While that’s true, there’s a benefit to buying PVC Statues…

  • A very high quality made with different materials.
  • The largest type of Anime figures you can buy. Some are as large as 16 inches. That’s about the same size as a standard laptop computer screen.

If you’re the type of Anime fan who:

  • Wants something simple.
  • Would love a figurine with its own stand/base.
  • Prefers larger Anime figurines.
  • Doesn’t mind spending more money (higher price range).

Then Anime PVC Statues is your best bet. They’re the largest of their type. And they’re made with different materials compared to action figures, Nendoroid and so on.

You may prefer how a PVC figure feels compared to an action figure, for example.


4. Nendoroid Figures

4580590124936 figure nadia nadia the secret of blue water nendoroid primary |

Nendoroid figures are action figures crunched down into mini toys. Usually with large heads and child-like designs.

Here are the benefits of buying Nendoroid action figures…

  • Small size. Convenient if you’re running out of shelf space. Or you don’t have much space to fit figurines.
  • Kawaii. 😉
  • Comes with unique designs, accessories, action poses and body parts.
  • Cheaper than Anime action figures and PVC Statues.

Because these figures are crunched down in size, they look and feel different to usual action figures. But they’re also made well enough to resemble your favourite Anime characters.

They’re great if you’re on a budget, or want something more adorable-looking.


5. Mini Figures

4570001950179 Figure Cells At Work Ohiruneko Mini Prize Blind Box Primary

Mini figures are different to action figures, PVC Statues and even Nendoroid figures.

Mini figures are designed differently, and are the smallest type of Anime figures you can buy.

Also, they may or may not have additional facial expressions, accessories or customization options.

Here are the benefits of buying mini Anime figures…

  • The smallest of their kind. That means you’ll have plenty of shelf space for them.
  • Bundles. Some mini figures come bundled with other figures that are related.
  • Cheap! Along with Nendoroid figures, they’re the cheapest figures you’ll find. Both online and offline.
  • Simple. There’s no extra parts or accessories to mess with usually. So what you see is what you get.


6. Clothing

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The main benefit of Anime clothing is price.

If you’re on a budget, Anime clothing will almost always satisfy your desires. And it’s an economical way of supporting your favorite Anime shows.

As well as Anime retailers who contribute to the Anime industry as a whole.


How to spot fake Anime Merchandise Online:


  • Always look at the package your merchandise comes in if you purchase it. It should have an official logo from it’s distributor. Eg – “Max Factory”.
  • Take a look at the official manufacturers website before purchasing (if you’re concerned). The original manufacturer will list everything the action figure includes. Such as parts, accessories, etc.
  • Also look at the original images provided by the manufacturer. And compare it to the website you’re buying from.
  • Avoid online marketplaces. eBay and Amazon are swimming with fake sellers selling fake Anime merchandise. Especially when those sellers are located in places like China.
  • If it looks to good to be true, then it probably is. Meaning – if the price of A T Shirt is around £30, and you find it for £3, it’s most definitely a scam. And you should avoid it.
  • Look at the product description. What does it say? How is the product described? What information is shared? More information is more likely to be genuine. Especially if it’s detailed and useful.


Other Things To Consider When Buying Anime Merchandise Online


1. Manufacturers

  • Does the retailer make it clear who manufacturers their products?
  • If they do, is it easy to confirm?

The reason this is important is because – if you can’t find out, it’s hard to tell if you’re buying official Anime merchandise or not.

Official anime Merchandise always comes from official manufacturers, businesses and creators. Usually from Japan or the USA.


Here’s a sample of the official Anime manufacturers.


2. Website Design And Features

  • Is it easy to make a purchase?
  • Is the website secure? (SSL Encryption)
  • Does the website protect your credit card and personal information?
  • Does the design of the website look modern or up to date?

Why is this information important?

Because if an Anime store can’t take care of their website design or security, then how are they going to take care of you as a customer?

That kind of thing is important when shopping online. Especially when buying merchandise.

If you have a request for something to make things more convenient for you, please share your thoughts with me!


How To Protect Your Anime Figures


1. Avoid too much sunlight

If your Anime figures take in too much sunlight, they’ll wear out and damage your toys.

It’s true most figures today, especially new figures are well-made compared to older figurines. But even so it’s best to avoid too much direct sunlight shining on your figures.


2. Room Temperature

Where you place your figures will determine how long they’ll last. Too much heat (a hot room) will damage your Anime statues and action figures eventually.

The damage might not be “terrible” in so many words, but it won’t be as beautiful or impressive if exposed to so much heat. So always keep your figures in a cool part of your room. Or a “cool” room all together.


3. Use a microfiber cloth, or something similar.

These cloths are great for cleaning your figurines and mini figures. They’ll get rid of any dust, grime, or moisture attached to your Anime figures. Keeping your figurines fresh and spotless.

Here’s an example of a microfiber cloth.

A general brush might also help as well.


4. Avoid dusty environments

This sometimes can’t be helped. If you keep your figures on a book shelf for example, it may accumulate dust over time. But do your best to avoid dusty environments with lots of moisture.

By following the information above, you’ll have no problem shopping online for Anime merchandise.

Stay tuned for more Anime related content soon to come!

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
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