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11 Ways To Support The Anime Industry Without Going Bankrupt

You don’t have to spend millions to show your support. Or splurge to prove you’re a fan of anime.

Though of course, if you do? You’re doing the anime industry a huge favour. Which is cool.

But there are other simple, easy, convenient ways to support the industry.

Lets explore 11 simple ways you can contribute to help the industry grow and prosper.


1. Start an anime blog

Assuming you know how to run a blog or a website, start your own Anime blog.

If you don’t know how and would like to, learning is the first step. And trust me it’s simple stuff.


Fans will learn things, be inspired, and go on to share your content across their social networks. Which then spreads and contributes to the anime industry in an indirect way.

The key here is exposure. More exposure for anime = more growth in the long-term.

Call it good karma. It really works.


2. Kick-start your own YouTube channel

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Like the #1 example, starting your own YouTube channel will indirectly help the anime industry.

Especially if you talk about and share meaningful content that tackles the industry.

Or you build up your channel to the point where you’re gaining massive amounts of attention from anime fans.

Somewhere down the line that has a real impact on the industry. It’s the reason anime like Fairy Tail are so big in the west.


3. Run your own Anime business

how to support the anime industry

You don’t have to take things this far, but it’s an optional way to support the industry.

Whether that’s starting your own anime shop, streaming service, client service, or something else.

When you have your own anime business, you’ll do business with anime companies and support them.

Or you’ll sell products you buy from manufacturers and distributors. Which encourages distributors to buy more. And that in return encourages licensors to sell and create more products.

It’s a virtuous cycle.


4. Share the anime blogs and articles you read online

Like I mentioned in point #1, sharing promotes the anime industry in the long-term.

The more you share and promote what you read, the more it spreads and reaches new people.

Obviously that doesn’t mean sharing just for the sake of sharing. But if an article grabs your interest, do a good deed by sharing it.


5. Don’t forget to share each anime series you watch as well

It’s easy to do this without infringing on copyright. Anime images, screenshots, etc are free to redistribute.

It’s the same thing you see on social media, but I’m sure you know that already.

That being said, it’s the gesture that counts. It’s probably 1 of the reasons Sword Art Online is so damn successful.


6. Become a part of the industry by doing work you’re good at

Are you a musician? An artist? Illustrator? Business manager?

Whatever your skills and talents, if you love anime enough then consider working in the industry.

It’s not the most pleasant industry (especially not in Japan), but being a part of it makes a difference.

Even if that difference is only small.


7. Buy anime merchandise, figurines and T Shirts

how to support the anime industry

Wherever you buy anime merchandise, prices start anywhere from £5-10 up to £4000.

So you have a lot of price ranges to choose from, depending on what you want.


8. Pay for an anime streaming service

If you’d rather contribute a small amount on a monthly basis, consider paying for a streaming service.

Netflix is nice, but a dedicated anime streaming service would be better. As it goes directly to the industry.


9. Be an active member of the anime community

how to support the anime industry

Similar to other points already made, being an active member of the anime community is a big contribution. Even if you don’t realize it.

Communities on Reddit, MyAnimeList, and other forums across the internet make a difference.

And that’s not the only way to be a part of and share anime within the community either.


10. Attend Anime-Cons and events offline

Events are one of the biggest types of drivers for profit in the industry.

When an anime event is held, money accumulates through advertising, partnerships, merchandise and even more.

So while your money goes to the events business, it also goes to other key industry players.

And somewhere along the line that ends up in the pockets of Anime publishers and licensors.


11. Become a “part time” anime Cosplayer

how to support the anime industry

Being an anime cosplayer indirectly grows the anime industry, too.

How? Because you’re investing in the anime shows you love by cosplaying.

And those Instagram photos you upload? People in the industry notice that, see that, share that, and may even end up working with you.

Plus buying cosplay encourages licensors to create more cosplay uniforms, pumping money back into the industry.


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