My Hero Academia Is PERFECT The Way It Is (And Why SJW’S Need To Shut The F*ck Up)

bakugo mean face mha

I don’t usually rant about too much here. Or create “rant” posts in the first place… Except when it’s about piracy or something urgent.

But I’m getting tired of seeing these social justice warriors (SJW’S) crawl out of their caves and b*tch about one anime or another.

Then complain about “female fan service” while conveniently turning a blind eye to “male” fan service and supposed sexualization.

It’s so hypocritical and toxic that I’ve ran out of vomit at this point. Despite how sickening it is.

Anime is great the way it is because creativity is NOT restricted in any way, shape or form.

Can you imagine Death Note succeeding if it was “watered down”. Or shows like DBZ, Psycho Pass, Black Lagoon or 100’s of others?

Creativity in general should NEVER be restricted or “watered down” unless that’s the intention of the message being portrayed (like Tom & Jerry).

Otherwise – political correctness can only do more HARM than is necessary. I won’t give examples because there’s enough out there for you to “Google”.


The problem with SJW’S and their IRRELEVANT accusations for MHA:

mt lady ass

midnight sexy mha

momo and kyoka jiro

See these images above? They’re of the 3 female heroes from My Hero Academia:

  • MT Lady (Yu Takeyama).
  • Midnight (Nemuri Kayama).
  • Momo Yaoyorozu.

They’re hot, sexy, good looking… Call em whatever you wanna call em. Either way – they’re clearly designed for eye candy.

Now – this is the crux of these stupid accusations and politically correct B.S on the internet.

Like THIS:

mha criticism

These idiots who claim the characters are “over sexualized” will scream at the top of their lungs that it’s “not right”, as if it needs to be regulated.

Or as if it creates some false perception that will influence people in the wrong way.


But at the heart of these criticisms is HYPOCRISY

kirishima mha angry

You’re not blind – the image above is Kirishima. He’s one of the main heroes from My Hero Academia.

He’s funny, energetic, and always smiling. People love this guy for his similarities to Natsu Dragneel (or whichever comparison).

Small talk aside – let’s share some images that destroy these dumbfounded accusations of female MHA characters…

kirishima mha

kirishima smiling mha 1

You can see one thing about these pictures:

  • They “expose” Kirishima’s body (muscles, chest, etc).
  • He’s drawn for “eye candy” while wearing his hero outfit.

Female anime fans (or feminists in general) will even go as far as saying Kirishima is HOT.

Why? Because of his outfit, of course. And his “design” in general.


What’s the difference here? There IS no difference.

  • Both characters are appealing to the opposite gender.
  • And both characters are designed to look “hot” in their outfits.

Even other characters in MHA are “hot” or whatever word you wanna use that implies “gender inequality”.

my hero academia quirks screenshot boys e1556292317657

To “call out” the designs of a few female characters and claim it’s “sexist” or “wrong”, while ignoring the same thing that’s happening with MALE characters… Well, it just shows how hypocritical, sensitive and socialized we’ve become as a society.

Or I should say – as a society in the WESTERN part of the world. Predominantly.

With that said – let’s talk about why My Hero Academia is FINE as it is, and a few more things.


Why My Hero Academia Is PERFECT Without The SJW B.S:


1. Each character is distinctive for their designs

boku no hero academia female characters e1556292504355

boku no hero academia e1556292474273

You almost can’t name a My Hero Academia character who doesn’t look unique, different, cool or otherwise.

You can see the creators and Studio Bones went “all in” with the characters. And they put in a lot of effort to make the characters feel special.

Izuku Midoriya (Deku) is a unique character. Without the effort put into his design, would we even be having this conversation?

The same is true for Bakugo, Kirishima, All Might, Shigaraki Tomura, and too many others to name.

momo waifu mha

And if we’re talking about female characters -I love Momo’s design. And what’s even more clever is – like many other characters, her design is relevant to her abilities and HOW they’re used.

And THAT leads me to my next point…


2. My Hero Academia’s “hero outfits” are relevant to many QUIRKS

That’s right – the #1 factor that most of these F’in idiots forgot about… Which is:

  • Many OUTFITS are built around some characters QUIRKS, to maximize their strength and abilities.

Momo Yaoyorozu is the perfect example of this fact. Because of how she “pulls out” a weapon with her creation quirk.

An ability by the way, which is produced from fat (“meaning her “flesh”)

momo yaoyorozu screenshot

But no! We don’t care about those facts. Only that Momo is a terrible example of a “strong” female character who’s dressed like a REAL lady!

This isn’t female empowerment at all! Sexualization of women (but not men) is a bad influence!


3. Creativity should NEVER be watered down or restricted

What would happen if My Hero Academia became so watered down and so called “P.G”, that the SJW’S had nothing to complain about?

The truth is – they’d still complain anyway.

Some people are too petty and give a F about what others think too much. That’s why they push that onto others to feel a sense of “control”.

But I digress.

  • My Hero Academia wouldn’t even succeed or be famous today if the creativity was watered down.
  • Anime in general would LACK tons of the creativity and interesting stories it has today.
  • And well – “anime” as we know it would no longer exist. Because it would lose its identity in an attempt to “please” a few simpletons.

Is that what we want to happen? Of course not. My Hero Academia is fine.

Wanting to change that because you’re “offended” is childish.


4. The Japanese creators of My Hero Academia don’t give a F

The creators aren’t obligated to care. And he’s even come out as saying he doesn’t “care” anyway, pretty much.

And he’s not wrong either.

  • No harm is being done.
  • Nobody’s dying.
  • The world isn’t coming to an end.
  • It’s NOT a bad influence.
  • There are bigger, more important problems to focus on (in the world).

The fact that people use their energy and time b*tching about problems that aren’t really problems, and then refuse to focus on bigger problems happening in society…

Well, I don’t even have words for it.

Thankfully not everybody is so brainless, or else the world would really come to an end.


Seriously, ladies AND gentlemen. This shouldn’t even be an issue

my hero academia smug character
Smug face.

You’ve been socialized. Stop conforming to bullsh*t ideologies that don’t exist.

Or better yet – ideologies designed to fit insecure people’s agenda’s. In an attempt to feel “superior” or “important” to the opposite sex (men).

Female characters in anime, or My Hero Academia were never a problem.

Let’s put these myths to rest and stop making something big out of nothing.


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