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10+ Anime Shows Like The Simpsons You Want To See!

anime like the simpsons
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Anime like The Simpsons? 

It might not even sound possible. But it is, and there are anime that fit the bill.

I grew up watching Simpsons and no one can deny it’s a funny series. It dominated TV more than it does today in 2021.

The family vibes, the slice of life setting (in a way), and the dumb comedy is legendary.

Aside from the differences in animation compared to anime, there are anime that are comparable.

Let’s talk about it.


1. Castle Town Dandelion

Castle Town Dandelion family

Castle Town Dandelion is a slice of life/comedy series with Seinen elements baked into it.

The father of the MC: Akane is a king. But he insists his daughters and sons should live like normal people.

Despite being royalty.

It’s a family oriented anime with 9 people living in the house. And it’s an important part of the series.

With only 12 episodes you’ll get through it fast, and there are similarities to The Simpsons here.


2. Minami-Ke

Minami Ke sisters kawaii

Minami-Ke is about the Minami household and the three sisters: Haruka, Kana, and Chiaki.

Haruka is the oldest and the one the other sisters look up to and treat like an “angel”.

All of the comedy is centered around Kana and Chiaki’s arguments, fights, and everything outside of the house, like school and life in general.

Underrated for how funny the series is, given that it’s not as known as more popular anime out there.

3 Seasons in total, and OVA’S.


3. Hinamatsuri

YouTube video

HInamatsuri is a mixed bag. It’s family-focused between Hina and Niita, a member of Yakuza. And the unlikely wholesome relationship they end up forming.

There are episodes, though, where things get emotional, like the mini-arc involving homeless men and a teenager.

Everything in between is pure laughs, comedy gold, and stupidity you can’t help but get a kick out of.

It’s partly a supernatural series, but it doesn’t rely heavily on this aspect at all.

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4. Crayon Shin-Chan

crayon shin chan series

Crayon Shin-Chan has been airing since 1992 and is still ongoing. The anime has caused controversy on different occasions. The anime is about Shinnosuke Nohara, or Shin-Chan for short.

He’s a kid but is perverted, naughty, and shameless to an extreme.

The family and slice of life setting make this similar to The Simpsons, especially for the extreme comedy at times and “inappropriate” moments.

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5. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Miss Kobayashis Dragon Maid moments

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is all in the title. Kobayashi allows a dragon girl to live with her, and she ends up helping Kobayashi around the house and with chores.

Soon enough, Kobayashi’s dragon friends are invited over, and it starts to feel like a family.

There’s obvious fan service in this series, but it’s the type I’d call relevant. And the anime is one of the funniest of any slice of life/comedy series in the last decade.

Think of it like a female lead version of The Simpsons.


6. Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket s2

Fruits Basket is about Tohru Honda, a girl who’s homeless and taken in by a family representing the Chinese zodiac.

She becomes part of the family but becomes interested in one guy in particular romantically. And vice versa.

A lot of episodes focus on the family aspects and the comedy that stems from the diverse personalities.

There are some serious moments in Fruits Basket as well.


7. The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K

The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K series green outfits

The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K is one of the cleanest comedy series on the planet.

Never mind, in the anime industry.

It manages to be funny without profanity, F-bombs, so-called naughty words or even fan service.

The anime’s strength is in making fun of cliches and making Kusuo Saiki relatable despite the guy being an OP psychic.

Easily one of the the best anime of all time, all in a slice of life setting with creative writing.

It’s refreshing and should be even or Simpsons fans (watch the Dub).

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8. Osomatsu-san

Osomatsu san characters

Believe it or not, Osomatsu-san originally started around 1962 in Shounen Jump. Years later, it became the anime we know today.

It’s about identical twins. 6, to be exact. All of them have their own wildly unique personalities.

They’re NEETS with the motivation of a rock.

That’s where the stupid comedy comes into the picture. A snapshot of their daily lives, struggles, and attempts to live it the best way they know how.


9. Engaged To The Unidentified

Engaged To The Unidentified headpat

Engaged To The Unidentified is an anime by Doga Kobo. A studio responsible for Umaru Chan.

You have Kobeni, the main character, who’s an introvert and a little self-conscious.

There’s Hakuya, the guy she’s expected to get engaged with. He’s an introvert as well and awkward.

And then there’s Benio, Kobeni’s older sister, who’s questionable on so many levels and an absolute weirdo.

Lastly, there’s Mashiro, Hakuya’s younger sister, who’s mature for her age and is tormented by Benio.

It’s an odd family relationship, and the driving force of this anime’s humour.


10. Barakamon

Barakamon funny moments naru hina

Barakamon is probably the tamest show on this list, as far as how far it goes with the comedy. That makes Barakamon nice and clean while still being a funny series.

It’s about Seishu Handa, a calligrapher. He goes through some personal changes while living on an island far away from home.

He builds a bond with locals and unlikely friendships. And grows as a person with a new outlook on life.

In between, though, there are a lot of light-hearted moments with comedy sprinkled on top.

Are there more anime like The Simpsons?

Gintama is another one.



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