10 Anime Shows That Were So Awful I Had To “Drop” It

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Written by Theo J Ellis

What defines a GREAT anime series?

You might say:

  • The storytelling.
  • Beautiful animation.
  • Emotional appeal.
  • Memorable characters.
  • Interesting plot.
  • GREAT music.

But the truth is – even though all of these things are important, some anime just “rub you” the wrong way.

And no matter how “good” some of these things seem, it doesn’t change your opinion of how AWFUL it is. In your eyes.

So awful that you’re forced to drop it, abandon it, and give up hope.

I’ll share some anime shows that did that to me…


Anime Shows I Dropped:


1. Sword Art Online: Alternative Gungale Online

sao gungale online

Let me start by saying – I’m a BIG fan of the SAO series. 

I don’t understand the abuse, the hate and the “trolling” when it comes to SAO In general.

But this? It’s an “alternative” released back in 2018, with its own side story and characters.

llenn sao gungale

Llenn is one of the “main” characters in the SAO series. In fact she may as well be the only protagonist of the story.

The first episode starts out decent, and what you get is an introduction into the kind of “shoot em up” style the anime is going for. Which is expected of the GGO universe.

llenn sao cute

Llenn’s cute-sized character, and her “real life” character have a lot of contrast. That’s one aspect I liked.

But the anime starts to go downhill when it tries to “recreate SAO” in a desperate attempt to make it dark and edgy.

This is where it fails miserably. And starts to become “just” another SAO series that’s not worth remembering or thinking about.

sao alternative gun gale online protagonist

It was rushed and feels more like a “stand in” series, designed to “please” fans while they were waiting for SAO season 3.

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2. The Familiar Of Zero

the familiar of zero main character

The main character’s transported to another world, with some pink-haired Tsundere who whips and abuses him.

Over and over again.

The way I think about it is: Imagine ending up in a country that speaks a different language.

And then some weird pink haired girl starts whipping and abusing you for her own pleasure. Because she’s jealous of other girls who “like” you.

And you, like a helpless child, “accept” this form of abuse and end up falling in love with this crazy girl.

tsundere abuse familiar of zero 2

the familiar of zero romance

That’s what “The Familiar Of Zero” is in a nutshell.

It goes from “physical abuse” to “oh I love you” from 0 to 60 seconds.

Worst example of a “Tsundere” anime, ever.


3. Dog & Scissors

dog and scissors weird

A disturbed girl who’s sexually attracted to a talking dog? I bet you’ve never heard of a plot like THAT before.

Until now… And it’s the truth.

The main character has a “thing” for the other protagonist who goes from a human to a “dog”. And she develops a fetish for it.

dog and scissors subtitles

The comedy is centered around her weird, perverted and “strange” sexual desire for torturing dogs.

I don’t know who created this series, but it’s one of the worst anime I’ve ever seen that I had the pleasure of dropping like a hot cup of tea.


4. Heavens Memo Pad

heavens memopad anime girl otaku

As curious as the anime is, the sheer boredom would have gave me a slow death.

It’s about an Otaku girl who does nothing but barricade herself in a room… Surfing the internet and solving mysteries (like murder cases).

yuuko heavens memopad

I usually love mystery series. I like the “atmosphere” in a lot of these types of anime. But Heavens Memopad, as interesting as it seems, is painfully slow and “lacks” something.

It’s like eating rice plain without curry, seasoning, or a special something that makes the meal “complete”.

Heavens Memopad is the rice without any curry. It has potential, but it fails to reach it because it’s not appealing enough to blow you away or make you curious to bear with it.


5. Magical Shopping Arcade

magical shopping arcade anime e1555767646484

This anime looks like so much fun on the surface. And I’m sure it is.

In fact – I watched a lot of it and found that out for myself. I guess this anime is an Isekai of sorts.

magical shopping arcade crazy

They end up in another wacky world. Far from their original surroundings. And even though the anime characters designs are different, and the backgrounds in general, it feels too bland.

I don’t know what the anime was trying to tell me, so I dropped it before it had the chance.

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6. B: The Beginning

b the beginning anime series

Except for the main characters cool hair style and “seemingly interesting” personality, I can’t say this anime was too spectacular.

I love the Afro and his distinctive style in general (protagonist), but what the F is style without purpose or a good story to tell?

b the beginning anime

It’s a lot like Psycho Pass for its attempt at “depth”, action and overall atmosphere. But like many anime that take cues from OG’s in the game, it didn’t quite cut it for me.

A little too bland. It needed more seasoning for my tastes.


7. Btooom!

himiko btooom

Btooom! has a lot of promise in the beginning. It’s like its own version of SAO, without the obvious “gaming” atmosphere, characteristics and elements.

But the main downfall of this anime is the overuse of violence “just” to make a point.

The rape scene in the first few episodes, and the badly done action. Plus the bloody battles that follow is one of many examples.

himiko btooom screencap

This anime is a jumbled mess thrown together, with nothing unique that makes it stand out.

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8. Campione

campione anime characters

Even though this isn’t as bad as others on this list (or other Ecchi I’ve watched), there’s still nothing great about it.

Campione starts out with the main protagonist “suddenly” getting supernatural powers… Equal to a king. Or a God.

Which is then followed by a “kiss” and all the other cliches you’d expect from this type of Ecchi.

campione anime kiss

It feels like another “Isekai” that seems interesting, but doesn’t give you anything in return to keep you curious.

Just another bland “Ecchi” to watch when you wanna kill some time, or watch anime for anime‘s sake.


9. Fate Extra: Last Encore

fate extra last encore anime e1555770367672

As someone who loves the Fate Series, I hope future shows don’t follow the pattern of Fate Extra.

I don’t know what I got into after I hit PLAY. All I know is I was hoping for more than the anime delivered to me.

If you’ve ever watched an anime where the plot, story, and characters don’t seem to “fit” or make any real sense, you’ll know how I felt watching Fate Extra.

fate extra last encore saber nero

It’s a jigsaw with only half the pieces put together. Or even less. And even though it tried its best to “make something” of the missing jigsaw pieces, it was doomed to fail from the beginning.

This is the worst Fate Series I’ve ever seen. Let’s hope this trend doesn’t continue.


10. Is this A Zombie?

is this a zombie magical girl boy

Think of this as “a zombie guy dressed as a magical girl with special powers”.

The main character is dressed up like Madoka Kaname from Madoka Magica… Except he’s a zombie and looks like an idiot.

is this a zombie anime screencap

That’s a part of the anime‘s selling point. It’s supposed to be stupid, dumb, daft and nonsensical.

Some anime fans love it for those reasons. But as for me – it’s the reason I dropped it.

I felt like it was trying too hard to stand out and do something crazy. And all I ended up with is a “crazy” disappointment.


Honorable Mentions (Other Anime I Dropped):

  • Trinity Seven.
  • Date A Live.
  • March Comes In Like A Lion.
  • Chio’s School Road.
  • High Score Girl.
  • Happy Sugar Life.
  • The Seven Deadly Sins.



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Because you’re a shounen lover. Anime is made for different kinds of people. Some even hate Naruto or Dragon Ball for some reasons. But an anime or anything, being good, is subjected anyway. So, those shows in the list is not really as bad as you think. You just don’t like it, and it’s okay. Everyone has their own preference.


My favorite anime era was the 90s since there were games and shows with amazing character designs plus it was an era of Pizza Hut arcade games

Luck & Magic
Luck & Magic

“Anime Motivation” is supposed to make all people in the world love anime, it ought not to used to broadcast anime hate.
Dropped anime present very subjective opinions and you will be surprised to know how many anime fans will feel offended/disheartened by your list. So care about your readers’ feelings and do not make your information harsh or extreme.
My comment is an expendable one, but please consider my humble advice in order to make this place safer for anime fans all over the world. Thanks.

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