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8 Of The Greatest Anime Shows In 2019 Worth Watching

If you’re looking for a cliche, politically correct list that panders to people’s feelings.

Or a list by a shill website that’s too afraid to share their GENUINE opinions, this isn’t for you.

We keep it real over here.

2019 is coming to an end in a few days so I’ll share the anime I loved most in 2019.

I didn’t get to watch all the most important anime (who did), but this is my breakdown regardless.

Let’s get to it.


The Best Anime Of 2019:


1. The Rising Of The Shield Hero

Shield hero naofumi raphtalia

The Rising Of The Shield Hero is one of the BEST Isekai I’ve watched in a long time.

Most Isekai’s feel to corny, rushed, average and pander to so many cliches that they become carbon copies.

How Not To Summon A Demon Lord from 2018 turned out the same way in the end (as much as I enjoyed it).

I feel Shied Hero was different because of the direction it takes, and the main characters as well.

shield hero nafoumi accused

Naofumi is wrongly accused of rape (by an insecure woman) and the story follows the unfairness of being branded a “rapist” as a man. In a world where the woman’s word is final.

Without question, without doubt, and without proof or solid evidence.

This realism ironically reflects the state of America’s #metoo movement, and how Men are being wrongly accused.

Or even jailed for crimes they never committed. Because of the strong bias and how women are treated like innocent children who can’t do any wrong.

naofumi and raphtalia together

Aside from this strong theme in Shield Hero, the main characters play a meaningful role. And Naofumi + Raphtalia are some of the best duos I’ve seen.

They need each other in their own ways for emotional support. Both of them have a painful past they’d rather forget.

This makes their bond stronger and more powerful as the episodes fly by.

I can only imagine what season 2 and 3 will bring, assuming it’s as good or better than season 1.

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2. No Guns Life

YouTube video

No Guns Life is produced by Madhouse. That by itself made me wanna get into this anime and give it a chance.

After all – Madhouse is known fro Death Note, A Place Further Than The Universe, and plenty of other anime.

No Guns Life is about Juzo Inui, an ex soldier from a past war.

Juzo, just like a lot of other characters like him, are called “extendeds”. Modified human beings with mechanical bodies.

no guns life characters

In this post-war world, Juzo makes a living to help extendeds in the city that are in trouble.

And Mary – an extensions engineer acts as a “partner in crime” and adds to the comedy in this anime.

I love the laid back, but sometimes serious vibes of this anime. Juzo is like a different version of Goblin Slayer but better.

The pacing isn’t too fast either so you always know what’s going on without feeling behind or out of the loop.

Looking forward to seeing what season 2 brings.


3. Hitoribocchi

hitori bocchi scared episode 1 e1577551831986

Hitoribocchi is about Hitori, an introverted girl with social anxiety.

One of her best friends gives her a strange task to cut ties with her and make friends by herself without any help.

That’s the main focus of this series.

hitoribocchi funny e1577551811263

Whether you’re in school or not, it’s easy to relate to Hitori’s social anxiety and struggles with making friends.

Approaching someone is awkward enough, and asking someone to be your friend is one of the hardest things you can do as a person with little self confidence.

On the flip side you get to see why it’s important to take that step, and what it does for your personal development.

The anime does all this through pure comedy and that’s what makes it funny as F.

hitori and nako chan e1577551791369

You’re unlikely to see an anime like THIS on a similar list because everyone kisses the rear end of Shounen anime too damn much.

Hitoribocchi ended up on my radar because of the memes I started seeing by accident.

I’m glad I found it since few people talk about it.


4. Fire Force 

fire force series

Fire Force is a politically incorrect series for its fan service and constant abuse of it. That’s why shill websites and culture vultures won’t mention it because it’s “below them”.

Aside from the fan service that focuses on Tamaki, I fell in love with Fire Force from the 1st episode.

I KNEW the anime had potential based on the animation AND the gorgeous designs of each character.

shinra kusakabe fire force

The author of Fire Force is known for Soul Eater, so it’s unsurprising when you see the similarities.

If we’re talking about battle scenes, Fire Force has some of the best 2019 has to offer.

Maki Oze’s fight scenes are personally the best the anime’s done. And she doesn’t get enough credit.

YouTube video

Now that the anime’s come to an end and season 2’s been announced, I’m glad there’s more to it because I wouldn’t have been satisfied with the way season 1 went.

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5. Demon Slayer

tanjiro kamado sword

Demon Slayer – the most HYPED anime of the year without a doubt.

When it comes to hyped up series, I turn the other way because it leads to disappointment a lot of the time.

In the end though – I gave it a try and surprisingly it turned out better than I thought it would.

Episode 2 is the one that got me officially hooked after seeing Nezuko KICK a demon’s head clean off (out of the blue).

YouTube video

The main selling point for this anime (for me) is the relationship between Nezuko and Tanjiro.

They both have a brother-sister relationship unique to anything I’ve seen in a Shounen series.

Their bond and relationship is so important to Demon Slayer the anime would fall apart without it.

nezuko kamado muzzle

Depending on how “SJW” you are, you might say “but Nezuko can’t even talk! It’s so misogynist” – a common buzzword screamed by American feminists on Twitter.

But the reality is – that’s exactly why Demon Slayer is so successful and appealing.

Nezuko has a muzzle for a good reason: to stop her from attacking humans. We seen this play out in the first episode or so.

Tanjiro got off lucky because Tomioka jumps in.

To ignore this means you’re cherry picking and probably aren’t a fan to begin with.

nezuko and tanjiro together

In spite of this – Nezuko expresses her “voice” in different ways.

  • Hugging Tanjiro when he’s in distress.
  • Fighting beside him to the death.

Nezuko being unable to talk gives her an element of surprise (because you don’t know what she’s thinking).

And besides that – the animation style, battle scenes,and the emotional appeal is what wins people over.

It’s NOT my favorite anime of all time, but I give credit where credit’s due.

It needs a new season.

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6. If It’s For My Daughter, I’d Even Defeat A Demon Lord

YouTube video

I’m tired of seeing anime shows with stupidly long titles. I’ve noticed a LOT of them are sh*t.

If It’s For My Daughter is the exception.

I don’t know if it’s the slice of life in me, but the heartwarming episodes hooked me right from the start.

dale and latina if its for my daughter

Latina is the main character besides Dale. She’s a demon child who’s found in a forest by herself, and adopted by Dale.

That’s where the “If It’s For My Daughter” title comes from.

Latina and Dale develop a father-child relationship. And each episode has some element of this.

If you’re a parent yourself you’ll be able to appreciate the themes in this series.

And even if you’re not – the strong bond between the main characters, and the cute episodes is enough to wash all your stresses away. And put you at ease.

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7. Sword Art Online: Alicization

sao alicization animation 1

SAO Alicization is the latest season for the SAO series.

Sword Art Online gets a lot of hate as it is, and Alicization (even though it did well) got the harsh end of the stick.

I watched it later in the year after hearing good things about it and I don’t regret it.

kirito alicization

It’s so refreshing to watch Alicization.

The animation is the most stunning SAO has ever produced. The lighting and the characters designs look gorgeous.

And unlike other SAO series, Alicization feels more complete.

With season 2 for example – Yuuki Konno’s arc was my favorite. Mothers Rosario I guess it’s called.

kirito sao alicization

Alicization on the other hand – the entire season was great. None of it seemed lackluster or mediocre, though the battle with Quinella wasn’t my favorite.

I can’t comment on the latest War Of The Underworld because I haven’t watched it, but I can only imagine how much better it is.

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8. Tensei Slime

YouTube video

That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime, or Isekai, but it’s worth mentioning.

For a 2019 anime series it’s done a lot better than most anime can vouch for this year I feel.

At first I couldn’t take the anime seriously, or understand the hype.

The first few episodes is of Rimuru Tempest as a slime. It’s pretty basic until episode 5-6 falls into the picture.

shizu tensei slime

Around this point the anime gradually gets better and better. Leaving you more curious after every episode.

It starts to get into themes like:

  • building your own society.
  • building an army.
  • negotiating with other countries and cities.
  • Maintaining peace.
  • Relevant characters with tragic pasts (Shizu).

And similar themes.

It did a decent job of it and this is what makes it different to other Isekai. But more important than that – Isekai that came before it.


Other Anime:

  • Quintessential Quintuplets
  • Mob Psycho 100 S2.
  • Fate/Grand Order: Absolute Demonic Front – Babylonia.
  • Didn’t I Say To Make My Abilities Average?
  • My Hero Academia S4.
  • Carole & Tuesday.



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